ForumNews SSamba, author of Fluttering Feelings, has passed away.

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Rest in Peace Ssamba. You and your work has given so much, to us your fans and the people that your characters represent. Hope you stay safe up there. Thank you so much for everything. We'll miss you

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I'll keep my profile like that for a little while longer. Just to pay my respects to the amazing person that gave life to these two's story. Love you Ssamba

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Rest in peace SSamba you will be missed.

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She tried her hardest but the illness is stronger than her. She is now going off to a faraway place further than outer space where we can't touch or letter can't reach. But there is one thing that can reach that place: our voice. Rest in peace Ssamba

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Respect. Peace.

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Rest in peace, hope she went knowing shes loved by many.

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Rest in peace a very kind and talented being

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Thank you for giving me the best first Manhwa experience for me, Ssamba. I really love your work and thanks to that I started reading Manhwa on daily basis. may you rest in peace.

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Rest in peace SSamba

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Never forget. Never.

We love you, Ssamba. We will always do. From your works, we had a great time. From your works, it draws a smile on our faces. You'll be missed. Forever. Goodbye, thank you for your hardwork..

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Rest in piece Ssamba, and condolence for the family, allot if people gonna mis Her!

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Rest in peace SSamba i'll miss your beautiful writing and manga

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Rest in Peace SSamba.

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Really, really sad. Rest in peace, dear. Condolences for the family.

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R.I.P. Ssamba I only read the announcement just now, it broke my heart when I read it

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RIP SSamba and thank you for everything especially for creating Norae and Seol-a. Fluttering Feelings is one of my top favorites to read.

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Thank you for all your hard work. It was deeply appreciated by all of us. I'm sadden by your departure and that I only now heard of this. To the family, I realize this comes from hundreds but, my condolences. We have lost a truly great person, artist, and loved one. You will be missed by many more than you knew.

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Ozzy Man Reviews: Destination Fa*ked

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Rest in Peace, Ssamba. She was such a humble, cheerful soul who really appreciated her work's fanbase and was very invested in LGBTQ rights in Korea and all. Fuck cancer. I hope she is resting peacefully in heaven.

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Fuck fuuuckk noo, my gosh Ssamba was such a talented artist there was so much left in her. Rest in peace you will be greatly missed. My condolences to her family and friends such devasting news. Ugh I knew about her condition but aah....fuck cancer man.

joined Feb 23, 2017

I just saw this and I'm so sad I'm about to cry right now. I have read your manwha since the beginning and I have been expecting you to get well for two years, reading you blog in expectation.
All I have to say is thank you so much for making my life better all these months with you work. Thank you for making me discover the manwha universe.
Just thank you. I won't forget you.
RIP SSamba

joined Sep 27, 2017

Very unfortunate and sad news, may she rest in peace.

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i feel ssamba's death has stolen a peace of my heart. I like manwa, but they are still missng something, I've read a lot of them, but still, they made me feel incomplete. Fluttering Feeling was the first korean work worth of a yuri manga. It warmed my heart. It ws sometimes frustrating with its low pace, but it was Ssamba sensei will, so i accepted. Every week i was waiting for those beautiful charachters The strong seol-a, the cool Norae. In the past two years i was waiting for them and for Ssamba. She gave us beautiful arts, hoping she can gave us the rest of Fluttering Feeeling. For the past 2 years i've followed halmony blog hoping for better news. I've read the tanslated posts of Ssamba sensei, always cheerful, always full of life. She warmed my hearts, and she was so ill. She always warmed my heart, from the time i started reading her masterpieces, to the time i checked her blog. And if you checked it you know the beautiful woman Ssamba was.
Scrivo in italiano. Non parlerò del vuoto che hai lasciato Ssamba, ma del cuore che hai riempito con la tua arte, con la delicatezza dei tuoi personaggi, con il sentimento che hai saputo trasmettere in ogni tua tavola. Non so avrò la forza di rileggere le tua pagine, rilette in questi anni fino allo sfinimento, attendendo e sperando. Ma non ne ho bisogno. La conclusione della storia ce l'hai data con i tuoi disegni. Grazia Samba.


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My heart aches knowing that SSamba is no longer here,but I hope she is able to rest in peace. Like others, I truly enjoyed her work on Fluttering Feelings and it will stay as one of my favorites.

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You will always be remembered. Thank you for sharing your work to us.

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