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I hope y'all are ready for some boobs that defy all logic and reason.

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I smell harem

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I think this is going to be my guilty pleasure.

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Hey, it's Horitomo! That monstergirl exclusive guy.

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heh. whoever was in charge of the page at the end has the right idea

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Demi chan wa kataritai?

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I got...

<flips through folded up money, counting bills>

...five bucks says she turns out to really be a succubus.

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XD I bet this Manga going to be a blast

Marion Diabolito
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Rei, when someone asks you if you are a succubus .. SAY YES!

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Harpy girl is already the greatest

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Generally I don't like monster girls much unless they are mostly human like, like in demi-chan - but there have been some exceptions so I will give it a chance :)

Best Mangaka Rohan
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Those breasts though.......>.>

Love it!

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I like the girls and all but when she said "Yes, I am a succubus" I almost wanted to drop it... The Doctor notices this right? you can't lie to her. I just really hate plots based on lies/misunderstandings. What's she's going to do when the real one shows up?

But I will use my golden rule for these cases, or my baseball rule of 3 strikes! I'll read 3 chapters and if I can't find 2 more flaws (Strikes) then it's safe to continue.

Credit page is like an eroge XP

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Hrm. Something about the helter-skelter figure drawing combined with aggressively shameless fanservice is rubbing me the wrong way.

That said, there's a part of me that's shameless enough to want to see where the series goes.

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Marion Diabolito
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If she weren't so aggressively straight I would call this Agent Smith's origin story. Maybe this is her gay sister. I do love these sort of stories. They'll probably put off her coming clean about her human status forever, too.

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Feels like someone read Monster Musume no Nichijo, decided that Papi was best girl, and then went "Hmmmm....not gay enough!" and decided to make their own story. I approve!

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Welp I kinda hate lame liars, I wish she would have just said the truth.

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The plant is obviously best girl!

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First day and she already ate the harpy out....

I like misunderstanding plot, but I don't like how she was lying about it, regardless if she is a real succubus or not.

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The plant is obviously best girl!

Anyone noticed how in Sakura's imaginary gloomy scenario, Kaoru looked just as disappointed as the rest haha

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The first chapter reminded me of Rasario x Vampire. I really don't like big breast and harem, and mostly when the protagonist is not even worth to fall in love with. This manga seems to sway in the typical anime where it's a harem around an unlucky male MC and it ends with an open-ending or no resolve. The only difference is it's a girl. And the fan services... I love it when there's not much, but when it's kept up to point of getting the MC into troubles, it gets old. To be honest, the lie was kind of pointless since it seemed that one or a few of them had already thought that she was human, but wasn't disappointed in that fact. It doesn't have a good start IMO, but I'll give it a try since it's only the first chapter.

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She's definitely a succubus. The foreshadowing is all there!

Alice Cheshire
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Symphogeah posted:

Welp I kinda hate lame liars, I wish she would have just said the truth.

You might want to consider context though. It's kinda hard to blame her since she apparently had no idea what the nature of the school was and came here specifically to try and fit in. Even more so after the bit where the others were talking about how being around humans previously was stifling.

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She's definitely a succubus. The foreshadowing is all there!

Was just thinking the same thing.

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