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joined Nov 24, 2017

Needless drama, classic component of a rushed ending to a cancelled series. If the author's intent was to piss off the readers, they did a great job.

joined May 19, 2018

Such a plain ending honestly

joined Nov 25, 2018

Well, I don't understand why there had to be drama in the first place, just do the final two chapters normally.

It doesn't even make sense! Emi was able to see ayakashi as "fog" without Mahoro, so she would know that they were still there.

Overall this Manga was good, but I will just ignore the last 3 chapters on the next read through.

joined Aug 15, 2020

I mean....I'm happy it turned out this way but uhm, as mentioned by everybody before...why exactly did this have happen? they could have gone for the exact same ending without any of the pages that added the drama and the ending would have been the same, but without having a slightly tainted(?) taste to it :\
this is the second series I read that ended in such an annoying way...everything is perfect until really the final two/three chapters :\

joined Feb 19, 2016

All these people complaining, but I think the ending was fine. Author played into the expectation that Mahoro would lose her ability to see the spirit realm in the end, like every peaceful ghost story ever written, but did a last minute switch because happy endings are always better than depressing endings.

I like it, will probably reread it again in the future

joined Jul 9, 2020

Well, I've been thoroughly disappointed.

joined Jul 26, 2016

That finale felt terribly unnecessary and pointless.

joined Nov 21, 2019

It was an alright ending, but I feel like there's a lot that hasn't been resolved yet.

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Owari ;_;

joined Sep 19, 2014

Oh, it was a correct ending but i had wish that she couldn`t see them forever for a certain tragedy ending.
Now La Pucelle will sleep with a lot of this girls

joined Mar 6, 2016

I ending was alright, just a bit rushed. If anything, the author should had started this drama a bit early and give it a little more time to ‘explain’ the situation of the drama in a few more pages.

(I would get into detail of what I would explain, but I don’t know how to cover up spoiler on phone

joined Feb 16, 2013

Makes me wish I could see how they reacted when they realized Mahiro couldn't see them...and what they had been doing while waiting for her to recover.

Especially Nene, she must have been a wreck.

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I feel like the author was asked to end the series much more quickly than was proper for a series like this. Hate it when that happens. Ah well, it was a fun ride

joined Apr 20, 2013

My ending will be when I see an extra chapter with Emi giving her promised birthday gift

joined Dec 27, 2015

Oh god, I am crying so much. I love these characters. I love the soft easy whimsical ride we have been on. Thank you for the translations.

joined Apr 1, 2015

Aww, I liked the drama happy ending, made me tear up.
Thanks for scanalating!

joined Jan 6, 2015

This really feels like an "I have no idea how to end this, so I'll write whatever" situation . So disappointing...

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My ending will be when I see an extra chapter with Emi giving her promised birthday gift

Oh yeah, I was looking forward to it a little while ago too

joined Jul 10, 2018

It was a fine ending, not awful by any means but nothing all that great either. Obviously didn't feel like it was completely planned, just your typical "well looks like I've got to end this now" sort of thing.

joined Aug 16, 2014

I think the ending would have been a bit better if the concept of Maharo being stuck in this middle ground between life and death had been explored a little earlier, get a few chapters of Maharo exploring the strange land she's entered and then her having to decide between life with the Ayakashiko or death with her Grandmother and father.

joined Jun 30, 2016

While it felt that somethings were left off and that it was kinda rushed, i still enjoyed very much, a happy ending its always well received, especially with lovely characters as the ones we have here, i really hope there will be some extras to show us a little the continuation of what happened after this aftermath or just how this lovely family keep on with their happy lifes.

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Normally I'd cut the author some slack when their series gets axed and they have to hurry up and finish everything they started prematurely, but in this case the entire drama was literally started in the last two chapters after the end date was set in stone.

Like, I totally get having to abruptly cut off something that you don't get the time to do properly (Bleach REPRESENT!), but why on earth start something when you know you only have 1 more chapter to wrap it up and it won't mean anything? There wasn't even a journey in there to experience the characters going through it, it was just panel after panel of "what's going on?" and then it ends and that just happened.

...At least it ended happily.

joined Oct 23, 2018

sigh Another slice-of-life series cut short I'm guessing. It was a nice relaxing read. I'll miss this one. The ending felt pretty abrupt. I'm fine with it; just felt like it came out of nowhere.

joined Jan 4, 2014

Honestly like the ending, would even go so far to say it makes sense and is not too badly rushed (well, a bit, but still). Maharo’s mother just returned a few chapters ago, essentially turning her life upside down, and pulling her back into the time before she was “allowed” to see and play with spirits. Her phasing between the worlds was necessary for her to have that permission formally granted again. After that she needed time to adjust to now properly living in both worlds – the world of her grandmother and the world of her mother. Once she realised the joy that existing in both gave her, she finally re-found her ability and reunited with all of her friends.

Then again, I might just be massively overinterpreting it to compensate for the shock of it having ended.

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A slice of life series ends like that normally, without happening anything because that's how it goes. I liked it the last two chapters they showed how much Mahoro cares about Ayakashi sou and ayakashis . Author planned it a bit more I think but ended it in -2-3 chapters. Still I really liked it I can't understand how it didn't got an anime adaption because it really needs it and probably would have contiuned more. I loved yuki onna fox couple it was very cute and romantic so I'm gonna miss this series a lot

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