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Oh well, that was deep

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This is why I love two-shots. Increased depth in comparison to a oneshot, but not as drawn out as a series would be.

Depends on how long the oneshot is. This two shot has like 70 pages, and .. lets say For you my beloved has ~65, so even if walk wit me is split onto 2 parts, it isnt deeper than it.

But you're right, I prefer 2 shot over oneshot too because they are usually longer and deeper.

I'll say it one more time, but I really liked this one. We need moarr.

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Deeeeeeeepppp..... I love it. I remember when I'd spend all my time reading classical literature... Hahaha... Better review a couple.

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Everything went better than expected.
That art was simply gorgeous, I gotta say.

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The atmosphere is real heavy. The narration, art and facial expressions. I like it! This is manga is quite dang original, I must say.

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I do feel sadness for Wendy's mother, but I am able to see some sense of justification for Wendy. I mean, she was a kid who had this precious family that meant the world for her that was filled with warmth until her dad had left off. Of course this was going to impact her, and even Wendy's mother had cheated on her father that Wendy probably really respected. Being this, Wendy must have been neglected all the time because of her mother being with other men rather her daughter and without her father, well it all just equals to problems. This stuff can pretty much take a huge toll on a child to develop all sorts of issues, especially knowing that her two parents were being split apart. She even had another child in her bearing that was created from her "betrayal." Wendy therefore just threw tantrums from her issues that were created. I can't find any real person to blame for any of this, since all people were the source of the problem.

I don't think there's much to justify. What she did was horrible and abusive, but she was a child. There's a reason why in many civilized countries a child is not prosecutable until they are 14, they often don't know what they are doing and they can't estimate the consequences of their actions. Did you ever saw an angry children? Even older children often start to punch and to kick when they are angry and if the parent is pregnant, something like that can happen. It was an accident and her mother understood that.

I really liked the fact that this one got a happy ending. I would like to see a sequel, but I also don't think it would be happy at all. Wendy has serious problems with her anger management.

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Should this be labeled as completed since the second chapter's title is "Last Part"?

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Geez. The darkness.

Vivid, fitting imagery for the time and place, of dust and coal, swallowed, choking in tar.

Wendy's echo, of what Marly said of adults being like scrap metal, was quite ironic. That moment of trying to be like her savior. You know, she might not have needed saving in the same way as her mother, but she was just as lost and in pain. That's never a valid excuse in real life, but for the story, I'm glad she got a second chance. These children taking on the burden of their parents' failures and their parents' weaknesses, the rich bitterness of being trapped and unable to leave, because regardless, you are still bound to these hateful humans through blood or otherwise.

On the other hand, the image of the mother crying also strikes me. It really is enraging seeing someone you love and trusted betray another person you love and thought they loved too, which is what led to Wendy's fury streaks, likely breaking and throwing things, threatening to hurt her mother (ugh describing it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth, when my friend went through the same thing), and being unpredictably violent. And for the mother, those are the reminders of her weakness and fear from not being able to stop her daughter, because she's right. The fear of having to bear this unpredictability and danger, because she is helpless, because she doesn't know what else to do. Her, cowering against the wall.


Maybe you could say Marly isn't a saint, for having accepted Wendy so easily. If she had sworn to protect Wendy because she heard her crying all the time, then the revelation it was Wendy's mother crying should have inspired in her the same urge to protect. But she had wanted Wendy for Wendy. And so that was how it was. Love for love.

They should know that the lies they detest won't disappear outside their dying coal town. But I suppose that is their childishness, their hope. What a melancholy piece of art. Impressed with the pencil sketch, charcoal look.

Pg 35 of the last part shows what appear to be blood stains on Wendy's dress, the placement and appearance indicating they flew out from an impact. I don't like to consider what that means, but I suppose she did hurt something or somebody at some point. Or it could be symbolic of her dirtied heart.

I like beautiful stories.

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ah a classic masterpiece

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Idk how to feel. Especially about Wendy and marly’s relationship but I fr thought one of them was gonna die in the end omg

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I must say, this story is so American it's pretty incredible a Japanese mangaka can depict it so powerfully. Haven't seen anything like that since Stone Ocean...

I'll be honest it comes off as more British to me. Lot of coal-mining there in the post-war period, and they'd be more likely to call Russia "easterners" than Americans would.

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Coal mining was big in America though as well, excpecially from the 1900 to the end of the great deppression, though the biggest evidence for this is the final page, which shows a road and a sign reading "Route 66" a famous highway connecting Chicago and LA.

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Coal mining was big everywhere there was coal to be found those days mind you, as society rather literally ran on that shit. These days it's just mostly moved to developing countries for the lower wages (and way the fuck sloppier enforcement of safety standards).

While "route 66" isn't a big deal in itself as those are common enough all over I'll give you that marking looks an awful lot like the US one.

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Everyone: They'll die. They always die in such stories.

But on a real note, a touching and mature story. I like me a good non-moe art.

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suprised none of them died lol

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oh my twist!

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This is so good. Instant favorite

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omf omfg omfkog ive been looking for this for so long AAAAAAAAA wow thanks to whoever put it on featured

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I'm really glad this was on featured, I had missed this
Great story. I'm weary of a sequel because I feel it would only end in hurt and I want to preserve the image of them finding happiness together.

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Is the title typo intentional? "WITH"

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