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drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

Well.....that was really weird.

I mean, it's a fairly simple premise and story, so it wasn't really confusing at all but....the presentation was super bizarre. Squid's? Rabbits? What is going on??

Ah well, I like the retro style of the art. It really look's like something from the 60's or 70's.

joined Feb 18, 2013

I thought the story was almost painfully blunt but maybe it was just me.
I enjoyed it.

joined Feb 3, 2013

And there was I wondering why Sana didn't end Kyouko's introduction with "I love her".

joined Nov 11, 2010

Read this again 'cause I was looking through stuff with the "idol" tag...have to say I found it brilliant. The dry, understated narration and parodic artstyle are just too much fun.

Anyway, something caught my eye...does the story's summary, as well as the fact that story has its own 'series' page instead of just being shown as a oneshot imply that there is/will be a continuation? That really brings a completely new perspective to the first chapter of the story...I'd totally love it if that were true. It still works pretty great as a oneshot, though, so I'll live with it if it isn't.

Phyis Moderator
Yuri Project
joined Dec 12, 2012
joined Nov 11, 2010

Ooh, brilliant. In that case, I'm really looking forward to more. While ch.1 did provide a balanced perspective in some senses, I'm really dying at the prospect of Maru's character development. Good luck/a lot of thanks to the Lililicious team that picked this up!

joined Nov 11, 2013

There's chapter 1... The series hasn't been abandoned so I'm sitting here for chapter 2.

joined Jul 1, 2014

Here's chapter 2

I'm so confused.

joined Mar 12, 2014

I like their different approaches to what they do. It's an interesting concept so far! And I'm loving all the little wacky side characters

joined Jan 30, 2013

Suddenly, update?!

joined Jan 30, 2013

This is pretty cute. Although I would've expected Maru to be the aloof, evil one, what with the dark hair yaddayaddayadda

joined Aug 29, 2013

Thanks for the update! Been waiting awhile for this one. :)

joined Sep 10, 2014

See you in 2017 for next chapter ?

joined Apr 8, 2013

This was cute and funny

joined Apr 6, 2014

Sana's character feels different.

joined Jan 8, 2014

Lol this might have potential ...

joined Apr 13, 2012

See you in 2017 for next chapter ?

Whatevs. I'll still be over here so, i'm waiting.

Also, good chapter.

joined Oct 16, 2013

The 2nd chapter had a way different feel than the first one, but I'm always up for more idol yuri even if it takes another 2 years to scanlate the next chapter :D. I'll be waiting patiently~

joined Jul 26, 2013

See you in 2017 for next chapter ?

joined Apr 19, 2012

See you in 2017 for next chapter ?

Hahaha. Well, at least it's short so I can re-read anytime to catch up.

It felt super brash and brazen haha. Like a whirlwind of information and emotions.
I'm really liking the dynamic between the two though---it's super cute. The stylistic choice of the animalistic portrayals of some of the characters is pretty fun too.

joined Sep 19, 2014

I....I....I wanna see more of this..... ;.;

joined Aug 22, 2014

See you in 2017 for next chapter ?


OMG, pleaseeee, I CAN'T WAIT THAT MUCH!!!

joined Apr 27, 2013

Huh, and I was thinking I'd like to see this continue only a few days ago

joined Sep 24, 2013

The animal representations are cute. ^^
Art style wasn't what I was expecting from something about idols either, which is nice.

Sana's character feels different.

I get that feeling Maru's character is more different, actually... Like in the second chapter she's much more timid and kind, while in the first she feels more confident and superior. Maybe it's because they're focusing on different parts, though.

How many chapters are there of this? I'd like to see more of their interaction so hopefully there's more than only one left...

Purple Library Guy
joined Mar 3, 2013

Toono!!!!! Well, I never wondered but now I know--Toono can be weird even when she's writing a non-bizarre setting. Go figure.
Stuff I've seen by Toono before has been really strange, but oddly upbeat. Like this one where a gift of fish to eat turns out to be a mermaid; it eats earthworms and doesn't talk, but is so beautiful they can't kill it . . . and then the next gift is ordinary looking little fish that all start saying "Don't eat me!" Or another one where Rapunzel, instead of a prince, gets visited by a couple of kids, and then once she gets an interest in the outside world and puts out a ladder, gets calls from a small witch, a yakult salesman, a newspaper salesman, an insurance guy, a bible thumper . . . (those are stories from "Kaoru-san no Kikyou"). You never know what you're going to get from Toono-sensei, but it's usually well worth finding out.

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