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Fuck everything

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Seriously arranged marriage is horrid

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This was certainly a flavor from the past, as nostalgic as it is bitter.

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I saw the tags and I knew what was going to happen. Why do I do this to myself?

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I fell like we see these personality types so much that it gets hard to think of them as people after a while I guess. And the whole "fangirl/boy" after your classmates thing has always struck me as weird. But I accept it as a culture difference and it's not essentially bad. Just odd to me. At least the part where the girls call to the idol in unison was silly funny.

and an ending I can't say I've see that much but already feel like I have seen a million times. Still. I'm still open to these kinds of stories. They can't help that this probably happened alot in the time this story was told. Or that the pressure must have been enormous.

Hey. Maybe their husbands both end up being gay, disinterested Asexual etc and the four conspire to make . . . arrangements. Happy ending. You're all welcome.

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Although I have seen these kinds of scenarios and characters before, I thought this was really beautiful and heartfelt.

Also, does anyone know who the girls are on the very last page, the ones on the magazine cover? They are so cute...

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Also, does anyone know who the girls are on the very last page, the ones on the magazine cover? They are so cute...

That's by Fujieda Miyabi. The characters are from his Chatting at the Amber Teahouse series. (Two of them are from a special drama CD that came with that issue of Yuri Hime magazine.)

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yeah I hated the betrothed endings. and lol btw im engaged endings. noooooo

I have no idea about what you just said.

ha ha ha, all right my bad. Sometimes I'm pretty lazy with my grammar online. Basically, I hate it whenever I see any yuris that end with one of the girls confessing that theyre already engaged or that they've accepted a marriage proposal.

Especially the ones that seem to have chosen for themselves to get married, even though theyre clearly not interested in the guy.

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Also, aren't Shinto, Confucianism and Buddhism not particularly fussy over how the world was created, but rather how we live day-to-day in the current time?

Congrats to me being way late on this but I can't resist after briefing back over some previous posts to make sure I didn't unintentionally ignore anyone.

Shinto is a bit more spiritual than it is religious, but the buddhism and the three great philosophies (taoism, confucianism, and legalism) are...well more philosophical than religious. Christianity has a moderate hold in Japan, especially when compared to other 'Eastern' countries, but it's in the overall minority.

Shinto and Buddhism both have creation stories, but they are no more vital to their frameworks than the story of Elijah is to Christianity's.

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Why does everyone hate bad endings? I mean, I like good endings too, but I LOVE bad endings. Especially when they don't go out of their way to end badly, like with this. I mean, just glance over at the historical tag. You really thought it would end on a happy note? (XD sides hurt from laughing) If something as calm as this makes you cry, stick to fluff.
Edit: This isn't even close to the saddest, or original thing I've read. This was barely depressing, or an exactly bad ending. This was...meh.

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I won' allow this.
Fucking ending. Ugh.

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Classic old-school angsty marriage shit end.

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That was sad af. The ending didn't feel out of place though.

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Why? A love so beautiful like this cannot live and will only wither in our society.

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Ah, I know why I put this back many times but it was worth it, in the end. Bittersweet little story lost in time!

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Classic S class. Ah well, I'm okay with it. It's sweet and the setting was made for it.

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Newly promoted lieutenants tend to get fragged when a decision goes wrong. Even if that doesn't happen, he's still a low ranked officer heading for the front. He's pushing up the wedding because he doesn't want to die a virgin. Sachiko will spend a short time with her husband then see him off to war. After collecting her widow's inheritance she'll hire Suzuno as a servant & they'll end up like A Cat Maid and Her Mistress.

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