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Alextasha Uploader
Three Musqueerteers
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If someone would be interested, there is nice manga on pixiv :) I don't think it was already translated in English

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Alextasha posted:

If someone would be interested, there is nice manga on pixiv :) I don't think it was already translated in English


Stan Miller Uploader
Stan Miller
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Our team is looking for redrawers and typesetters who are free enough to work on a variety of projects.
Send me a friend request on Discord Stan Miller#3598 or email me at

You can view a list of our current projects here and here

joined Nov 30, 2016

Hello! First, help Stan. He has so many great yuri projects underway!

I'm looking for a lead translator to take on translating all of the remaining stories in the out-of-print anthology Tsubomi ( The ideal candidate would be a decently competent translator and would recognize that translating fiction is an act of creative writing and representing an author's text in English as if they were a native speaker themselves. Would this author demand a direct, stiff, and awkward translation? Does the dialogue sound like something someone would say?* We prefer to translate meaning and intent rather than text.**

On the flip side, we're looking for any and all translators passionate about the project. This is a big undertaking, first approached by Phyis, and we'll mainly be copying her methods, so we're looking for anyone that may want to help out. We have a project board, workflow, and progress tracking spreadsheet (maybe eventually with charts?!) Also, if you're looking for a place to level up your skills and become a more formidable translator, that option is available with us as well.

We see ourselves as something of cultural yuri archivers, and our purpose is to see all of Tsubomi localized as part of an effort to preserve it from being lost to the halls of yuri past. Pedantry be damned.

Ideally, we'll take on Hirari and Comic Rakuen at some point as well, though for now we are acquiring and scanning in new versions of the missing/old Tsubomi raws.

*Unless the work is Touhou fanfiction. Then (unless it was Rireba) you BETTER BELIEVE it was written stiffly and awkwardly, and we'd be doing the work a disservice by introducing well-formed and distinct dialogue.

**I for one love Roland Barthes and Stanley Fish and would be very down to discuss the particulars of the death of the author, authorial intent, and what makes a postmodern, late-capital text. Come at me Blastaar.

Contact me at Altair#5203 on Discord

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schuyguy Uploader
Yuri Project
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A while ago I translated a two chapter series by Aoko: Nakayoku ne and Motto! Nakayoku ne. Someone has offered to clean the first chapter, and someone else has offered to typeset, but I need a cleaner for the second chapter. It's only 16 pages long, but looks like kind of a pain in the ass because lots of text and writing is printed directly over the images (plus there are lots of sex noises). I translated this a long time ago, and I'd be very happy to finally get it released.

If anyone is interested contact me by email at
or on discord at

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Hi, I’m a translator who is fluent in Korean. Taking gigs. Email:

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Hello, I'm currently looking for a translator for the Fuyu Master 3-part doujinshi series (#2 and #3, respectively. #2 needs a quick proofread from another translator, fyi, while #3 needs a full on translation). Here's the first one if you need reference for it:

It's literally just goofy yuri groping though, lol. If you're interested, you can contact me at discord Exorcist Joker#6871, reddit /u/Titan0fPower, or

joined Mar 28, 2019

Anyone looking for South Korean translators? I am available to translate webtoons or Korean manhwas. Shoot me a reply right away

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If anyone is looking for one y'all can contact me on discord: Okemia#0052 and we can talk more here.

joined May 18, 2019

Hi everyone! Phoenix no Fansub is recruiting a Chinese/English or Chinese/Spanish translator for a new Shonen Ai project. (o_ _)o

If you are interested please send us a message! We need your help! (oT-T)尸

OrangePekoe Staff
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Hikikomori Honyaku is looking for typesetters/cleaners/editors to help out with L-size Little Sister. Offers of assistance can be directed to GumiisLife at

A little more information can be found here.

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Hello, looking for a translator for Ch. 2 of [Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat The Demon King] manga. If you are interested, please contact me through discord: Exorcist Joker#6871.

OrangePekoe Staff
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SomeTrash is looking for an editor/typesetter for Teiji ni Agareta. Free time required, experience not necessary. We can teach you everything you need to know! Interested parties can e-mail me, thank you!

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If anyone is interested in translating the manga Tsuki to sekai to Etowaru please contact me at my discord: chillypie10#1263
I have already got the raws and already started cleaning. Many thanks :))

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From Zero is looking for a Japanese Translator for Tamayomi!

Here's the synopsis:
In her Junior High years, the pitcher Yomi Takeda was not able to get very far in a cross-school baseball tournament. Since the catcher on her team wasn't at her level, she couldn't use her signature move, the "Magic Throw," and eventually regretted not being able to use it. After Junior High, she decided to stop playing baseball and went to Shin Koshigaya High School, a school without a baseball club.
There, she found her long lost childhood friend, Tamaki Yamazaki, who used to play catchball with her when they were kids. Tamaki also played baseball during her Junior High years as a catcher, and could even catch Yomi's "Magic Throw!"
Their promise with each other during their childhood could now be fulfilled! Walking together on the road of baseball once again...
The story of the girls who love baseball will begin!

We're currently looking for someone who is able to translate chapters weekly!

If you're interested, please send a message on our discord server, or send us an email at

joined Apr 10, 2020

Anyone looking for a japanese translator? I can translate just message me: uutan#4649

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Hello, there was a group that was recently started this year, and we're looking for a QC with some experience. It doesn't need to be a year's worth, but basically I'm saying we're not accepting newbies.

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[NicoMaki] NicoMaki Instant Ecchi - Ooshima Tomo*
[UmiEri] Aoku Mizuiro na Watashi - tMnR*

[RinMaki] Oikakete / Tsukamaete - Ushiki Yoshitaka*

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If anybody needs help with cleaning, hit me up! I've got some free time lately. Discord is pomelo#5197

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Can anyone translate this manga to English
Message me on discord azazel#7007
I can pay but i need cheap price

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OrangePekoe Staff
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Looking for a translator to help me finish Sugar wa Otoshigoro. I am exceptionally slow, but I can do everything besides translation. Please review some of my past work here. Thank you!

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WSDHANS ( ) is currently down two typesetters and we urgently need an experienced one.
Discord: anya#9356

Thank you.

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I love anime and sometimes I like to draw, but it's probably easiest for me to draw on paper, and then on a tablet.

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I've been working for the past couple days trying to help bring back interest in Succubus ja nai mon. I downloaded the torrent from nyaa that had the raws of chapter 5 to 8 and created an entry for the series on loveheaven raws to make them easier to access for people interested in scanlating it. Someone has graciously decided to donate volumes 2 and 3 to me (for certain reasons I can't purchase them myself although I would if I could) So anyways I'm hoping a group can come along and resume work on it. Unfortunately I have no experience in scanlation, which is why I'm asking for help. With this we could be caught up. I won't be able to pay but I would provide the raws for all the available chapters from vol 2 and 3 for any group willing to work on it. Here's the manga on lh:

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