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Masks do make everthing more interesting for sure.

Especially Bionicles.

joined Sep 10, 2022

This was lovely. Wonder if they'll serialize it eventually.

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This one needs a follow up story.

joined Dec 23, 2017

So cute omg. Hope for a sequel

joined Apr 5, 2023

Very cute! I hope that more is made.

joined Mar 21, 2019

Honestly, I still wear a mask when I go out. It helps with easing my anxiety with being in public.

joined Jan 10, 2022

I wouldn't mind seeing "more" of this, but if it did got serialize it would need to expand on things that could turn this into a less fun story.

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Hot OL onee-san. And that glasses is the real killer.

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Needs a Covid tag. Or at least Masks...

Also, the credits page is great as ever. :)

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That was delightful, thanks knight heron

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Covid romance

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Love starts at 6:15.

joined Apr 28, 2022

Honestly I don't think this is subtext this would just a be a slowburn romance starting at the very end of this. I do hope we get some kind of follow up to see if these two continue to get closer. Both of them are beautiful without their masks that was a fun reveal at the end. Though part of my honestly wanted Mizuno to have like meth mouth with no teeth or something just for a silly ending haha.

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yo this shit cute asf

joined Dec 1, 2022

It was awfully cute.

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If only writing actually got you a cute girlfriend, I'd dedicate a lot more time to my hobby lol.

Seriously though, this is super cute! Fav'd.

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Dude.... this story is so beautiful. Directly to favorites.
¡Thanks, Heron-chan!

joined Apr 24, 2020

Setting up a prayer circle to get a serialisation for this one, who's joining me?

(Thank you for translating this gem!)

sikachu Uploader
joined Aug 12, 2022

One reason I really liked that KH picked this up is that the story is very timely. It's such a clever and cute plot point.

As KH mentioned in the credit page, the mask requirement before March 13, 2023 was "mask required indoor, mask not required outdoor" ( Hence, they wanted to meet outside so they can take off their masks.

I can't imagine reading this story a year later and getting the same impact as reading it today, as we're still fresh from the "mask required indoor" era. So, it's such a timely story that released at (almost) the right time, and getting scanlated while it's still relevant.

Thank you KH for (agreeing that we should) picking this up :D

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This was such a lovely story. Thanks so much for translating it!

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Needs follow up.
Thank you for translating this oneshot.
I will check out the mangaka's other works.

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loved this!

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that was so cute

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