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I felt it was kinda...rushed at the very end, but ok, it was an ending.

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Cleavage-san MVP to the end!!! Congrats to her and Risa-chan.

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Risa-chan is the real winner. Hiroko was so difficult, Ayaka went through a lot of hardship, and Risa-chan had to deal with it... but Risa gets the boobs in the end. >:)

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Agreeeed, manga was a whole ass W all around. Progress is steady. If anyone read this and got the idea that things are going to stay the same for Japanese society, the workplace they're at, or even just for Hiroko and Ayaka themselves, they completely lack critical thinking skills. Life is not utopian, relationships aren't perfect, and people are messy. Sal Jiang made a fantastic piece.

Glad to see someone else as excited by the conclusion with Risa, what a cute couple x.x

I also appreciate how when the bar patrons found out that the biggest player in the bar was dating Risa their collective reaction was "IF YOU HURT HER SO HELP US..."

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Risa got tenderly loved. That's all I wanted out of this.

Now let's please get back to Black and White.

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Classic Risa W

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Dps de serem tão pisadas, fudidas completamente lascadas nesse mangá essas beesha merece isso pq vije maria de DEUS hein.

Anyway, really loved this manga from beginning to end for sure, it was a big roller coaster and I'm really happy that these girls could just... finally relax lmao, they absolutely deserve it. I'll be happily waiting for what Sal Jiang is prepping up next, it'll surely be a blast.

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Well, sal jiang has done it, they made me root for Hiroko. I started hating this series and ended up loving it, it became just such a complex showcase of emotions with so many social implications and character growth.. I love it and I think everyone should check it out, alright goodbye

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Great story and had a very enjoyable read! Hiroko was probably my favorite the entire way through. Wish we got a better look into their life together outside of work but, oh well! Great ending.

(P.S. We all know Ayaka got Hiroko that night)

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Finally caught up with this! And I really love it. Beautiful ending to a surprisingly emotional ride. I'm also glad that we at least got some sort of closure on Chinatsu-senpai as well.

Definitely one of my favorites!

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Rereading this, and I spotted some familiar faces:

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I refuse to believe Hiroka was a successful womanizer even I’m better than this

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:) Sal Jiang's works are nice.

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feels good to see my stupid dum-dum lesbians together <3

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