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I have no idea why I didn't expect the beasts to combine the moment I saw them, that was such a sometime thing to do... :D

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Utaho is proving once again she's my spirit animal.

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In case anyone didn't notice, I was finally able to settle on a consistent phrasing for that one part of the legend that finally gets revealed here (ie. keeper of beasts/formally "beast and its watchman"), and chapters 9 and 10 have been updated to reflect this. (Refresh your cache if you're still getting the old versions). It was just one of those annoyingly vague phrases that just couldn't be translated into English well without knowing the full mystery and all the ways it could be misinterpreted.

edit: Also the typesetter says they'll be skipping the chapter preview pages included with extras going forward since they're getting a bit redundant.

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what a safe comic i'm reading. i used to enjoy it more than now, and by that i mean the last chapter of it that i read was very satisfying.

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