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right up my alley :)))

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Ladies is it gay to be assassins and roommates

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"They'll make a great team", you mean great girlfriends right?

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strong and cute girls are indeed the best
do we have more of this? i damn love me some lesbian assassins

You're much lighter than a car.

well that's very.. reassuring

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I love this so much.
Assasins and cute girls, what more do you need?

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That was alright, but the action scenes are incomprehensibly drawn. No idea how the car scene actually played out :P

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Pretty wholesome considering their line of work.

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Surprisingly cute actually

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This grew on me a little bit by the end.

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So they have superpowers? Strength and speed huh. Also, love the design on their ties at the end of ch3. It's really beautiful.

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The worst part of this is that there are only three chapters.

I would love a long running yuri series like this.

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This would be an amazing series if it could get serialized

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this is SO COOL!!!!! even wholesome too!! wish there would be an anime adap. of this even if it's pretty short lol

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3 pages in, and oof, we're really rushing through the exposition huh. A tip for aspiring writers: If your characters are telling each other things they should already be very familiar with solely for the purpose of informing the audience, scrap the scene and start over. Any info that the characters should already know should be removed from the scene and put somewhere else. You can do this through narration, through the action being shown, or by having them inform someone who is unfamiliar. Show-don't-tell is ideal, though.

That was alright, but the action scenes are incomprehensibly drawn. No idea how the car scene actually played out :P

I can't figure it out either.

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Woo-hoo assassin yuri! Too bad it was so short though.

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The unlikely but pleasing combination of the Assassin and Cute Girls Doing Cute Things genres.

I almost commented “I can’t wait for chapter 4” until I seen that it’s completed. Damn you. This was a right amount a fluff considering I’ve been reading Junji Ito’s work all day.

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oh it's over? lol that didn't feel like an ending at all

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Only 3 chapters. T^T

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aw completed, that was nice.

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This is the shortest "be gay, do crime" series I've read. Though I guess it's not crime if the government orders you to do it?

Ladies is it gay to be roommates

Fixed it in accordance with the most recent Dynasty trends.

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IT'S OVER? Man but that was some noice stuff I must admit

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