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I prefer incest only if it's mutual and there's no better and hotter third party around. So I'll be rooting for Kiku if she truly cares for Yuna and not taking her out of pity. But I hate rebounds, so if Yuna will use Kiku as a rebound then I'm out. But I'm so interested with the story so I guess, I'll just postponed my seppuku again just to read this one!

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johnb posted:

That's all well and good. However I've seen message boards go pretty toxic because people complained that a story had a potentially offensive element that was clearly tagged.

Yep yep. I'll continue to repeat that Rule 10 was instituted for this exact purpose. Will do our best to make sure this one doesn't get away from us, as many others have in the past.

(snapping a salute) Please keep up the good work.

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Dating your sis's ex, when you are in love with your sis. This can't be good, well yes, it could be super aangsty and dramatic and then turn sweet. Or the total opposite. Let's see.

I hope Kiku doesn't want to date the younger sister just cos she reminds her of Yuuna

well that will make it even more angsty

She better not be marrying a man, this mess is great and I want 4 girls dealing with it.

that's what I'm hoping for, the more the better

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The art is gorgeous. Been watching out for this one ever since I saw it on Twitter. But geez, the author really dropped a few bombs during the pilot chapter huh. From a perspective with no tags, they’re all gay, they all have some sort of romantic tie-in with each other, Yuuna is getting married and the incest. Oh the incest…

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Ahh yes, longer chapters, that’s what we need. (But of course, with longer chapters comes slower release schedule... it’s ok, one can wait ╥﹏╥)

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Jeeeeeeesus... Well, that didn't take long. One chapter in and I'm already completely invested.

Goddamn it... Why couldn't I have found this after it had been out for a good while? I don't have anything more of it to read yet... :(

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what a mess, sign me up for more

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Another messy yuri to keep up on, let’s do this, im ready for the pain.

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I wonder what Yuna response will be on a question that Kiku asked her.
1. She can hesitate with response cuz it's her only family and can wonder what Kiku mean by having her.
2. If she hesitate with the response, and if she will or not agree to that, but her voice give that unsure responed vibe, it could mean that Yuna may or not has same feelings as Sena or it maybe like I said above its her only family after all so feelings can be deep but not necessary romantic.
(But since it's incest and love triangle than it possible that Yuna mey have those feelings for Sena as well)
3. Let's say Yuna agree but why she would do that? A) she and kiku broke up but Kiku still has feelings for her so in Yuna replace Sena comes in ( they're sisters so they can look similar), B) Yuna knows that Kiku has feelings for Sena, but if so when did she start liking her, before they broke up and it was the cause of it, or after break up and Yuna leaving abroad.

Well i wouldn't like if it turns out 3a, wlthere was a lot manga like that already so it would be kind of boring.
This manga is kind of like that one that has completed recently(forgot the title) it Teacher, student and teacher ex where the student was like a substitution for teacher ex, of course at the end tbe feeling were mutual. Or like that manga with twins also incest tag, the younger sis with longer hair was imitating her older sis for that they could look alike in everything, and then this teacher comes in which older sis falls in love, also the sisters best friend I think she also did had feelings for one of those sis.

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I can smell the potent angst, this ones gonna be wild.

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Mei Fujimatsu’s art has definitely changed since her Uni-girl manga (still sad it got axed). I liked the cute style on that one, but this more mature, gloomy look is really nice too.

I have a feeling this manga is going to be far less messy than people are expecting (I really hope I’m not wrong).

Any chances of incest are next to nil considering Yuna seems to be completely blind toward Sena’s feelings. Along with that, the love triangle seems to be more of an obstacle our main pair has to work through rather than a question of who’s gonna end up with who (unless there’s a new character involved).

I like Kiku so far, she’s very perceptive toward Sena’s emotions and I’m almost certain it’s out of genuine love rather than an creepy obsession or rebound off of Yuna. Though the latter two things might factor into their relationship together in some way, I suspect it’ll be more like Sena projecting her fears—that aren’t completely unwarranted—onto Kiku, a product of her general insecurity and not being in a great place mentally. As for Yuna, she’s a tone deaf but well meaning enigma right now. I think she’ll say ‘yes’ to Kiku’s proposal carelessly then spend the time from and in Japan mulling over it. I mean, it’s your ex asking if she could date your little sister. Then potential drama will spring up when she tries to interfere and—

Yeah, I dunno. But high hopes for this one, I like Mei Fujimatsu so I hope they can pull this off. Regardless of what happens though, Sena better end up happy. That girl is hurting.

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So Kiku actually did wanna fuck Sena, this is gonna be interesting

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Hmmm... I wonder why Kiku and Yuuna broke up... Does it have something to do with what seems to be a flashback of Kiku running into a teary eyed Sena? Or did Yuuna just want to experiment? She seems like the impulsive go with the flow type. Are Kiku's feelings for Sena genuine? Or does she just want someone who can understand what it feels like to be in love with Yuuna and not have her? And what's up with Yuuna and her fiance? Already loving this recipe for drama and disaster.

Thank the Universe for this blessing. This might just fill the hole that the end of It's A Detached Relationship has caused in my manga life....

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So blondie and brunette's older sister used to date, but brunette wants to fuck her sister and blondie is interested in brunette?

EDIT: It's a disoster. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion, they've just hit the car and the airbag malfunctioned.

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I like how the protagonist is aware that incest is wrong... Like I think I have never seen that before in a anime or manga, usually the characters don't doubt about their feelings and go straight to fuck their relative lol

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not incest dropped

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Aaaaaangst, my old frenemy, we meet again.

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Well enough Alabama for me today...

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Batten down the hatches. Gonna be a tempestuous night.

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Wow, the sister is an asshole.

"I have a lover in university, I leave them, and my sister, to make merry in a foreign country, meet some stud there and decide to marry him"

Talk about being selfish and insensitive.

Eh... well don't wanna make a point of invalidating your views or anything, but pretty sure that isn't how it went down, unless the author has other intentions which would be clarified later? She just gotta move due to work, and since from her pov, her sister wanted to gain independence so she left home, that wouldn't be her abandoning anyone. Then she met someone she can love.

Like, idk. Hope whoever hurt you gets their karma I guess?

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This is part 1 of chapter 2

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This chapter was a whole lot of nothing...

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This is part 1 of chapter 2

Oh, it makes sense now.

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Needs Depression tag...

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