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Awkward? Maybe her ex is going to the college she wants to go to? Either she asked for a tour/run through or her ex offered and that’s why it’s awkward?

Or! She wants to go visit another college and wants to take Nanoha on an over night trip by themselves?!?!

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Oh no! Don't get discouraged Nagisa! Senpai is obviously projecting. Mashiro! She's in love with you too... They might take a step back because of misunderstanding feelings. If that happens, hopefully it'll be just one or two chapters. Hoping they'll kiss soon though! Maybe by next chapter?

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Reply dump...

Idk if someone write it her, but atfer this chapter and when Fuuko said "im not their number one"... So she found out that Yuni is dating Nanase and decided to Yuni become her number one and steal her from Nanase.

That would be a good twist.

Idk I just kinda appreciate the reality of this writing. The girls are having a troubling relationship, and it’s really easy to be manipulated or exploited when you’re vulnerable and just want someone to appreciate you.

Totally agree. Well written because of how real the situation is and how the characters are acting. At this age, every thing feels extreme because you're experiencing things for the first time. You make mistakes along the way but hopefully they learn something from this.

Nanase is clearly more in love with volleyball than her girlfriend and there's a cultural reason...If she ultimately can't make time for her girlfriend such that they're both happy, they should break up and that's okay.

I don't know if it's the model per se. I don't exactly remember if she's doing this for college or hoping to get a career out of this? Right now it seems like it's fun for her and she's really good so she's getting proper recognition for her efforts so she's really happy and dedicated. And I get that it isn't healthy to center your world on your lover, but I think Yuni would be happy if she's thrown a bone here and there but as of now, it seems Nanase forgets about Yuni when volleyball and other people are around.

Yuni just wants to be with her girlfriend.... If she can't do that or if Nanase doesn't compromise after being told, they should break up and that's okay.

She loves her though so it's hard to let go for her. Right now, that one good thing her love does matters more than all the negative during the honeymoon phase. It's been six months so now things are starting to boil over and that good deed chip is starting to weigh less and less.

Fuuko is definitely the creepy one with her stalker tendencies, Even then, while she needs behavior correction, she's just a kid and can hopefully grow from here.

I see her more as an opportunist. Fuuko wants the girl she likes to feel loved and wanted and I'm all for it. She likes Yuni and sees an opening so she takes it. Right now she seems to be the one who can provide Yuni what she wants/needs so she feels like the better match and she knows it so she wants to prove it to Yuni. Of course I wouldn't be surprised if there's a twist about why she set her sights on Yuni.

spicy drama
i like Fuuko's angle, she's both manipulative and candid about the whole situation, interesting compared to the other two who can't be honest about their intentions or priorities.

Fuuko's making a point to be at the right place at the right time for Yuni. So far, she is the one who is most honest about what she wants. She's certainly brave. First outing herself at those boys and then now, throwing herself at a taken girl hoping what she does will land her the coveted number one spot.

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Nanase is going to make it up to Yuni. Yuni will forgive Nanase because she loves her and she'll break things off with Fuuko. Yuni will be neglected by Nanase again and Fuuko will undoubtedly use the opportunity to cement her side piece status.

The question is will the cycle break? Will Yuni get sick of the back and forth with Nanase and choose Fuuko? Unlikely but you never know. Will Nanase discover and break things off? I feel like she'll find out but maybe be okay with sharing? I mean, she gets to focus on volleyball and doesn't have to worry about fulfilling girlfriend duties all the time since someone else is picking up her slack. Basically sex without responsibilities... And I'm pretty sure Fuuko can mindf*ck Nanase into feeling guilty and blaming herself.

Fuuko and Yuni are two mistresses that are hanging on in hopes of being updated to wife status. They are perfect for each other. Granted we don't know much about them but, from a logical standpoint, they'd fit each other better. They'd understand the other more and certainly would have time to devote to one another.

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Hmmm... New girl definitely seems like she's a rival. Maybe new girl had the same sensei as Sakurako and wants to prove she's the better fighter now. Wonder if she'll turn into a romantic rival? Or maybe she'll be goth author's romantic interest.

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^ man I really hope it doesn't go that way because then it'd just end up being like every other incest story. It would pretty much destroy every bit of meaning and character development these 4 chapters gave.

Not necessarily. Sena admitted her deepest secret and Kiku proves her love by accepting her. And that might be the kick in the pants Sena needs to move on.

As for Yuuna, if the incest be requited, a confession could just be cathartic because they both know how doomed a relationship between them would be. A sort of “I love you but we shouldn’t cuz how would we explain our relationship to our parents and we both found other people we can be happy with.” Doesn’t mean they’d end up together.

Who knows, maybe Kiku confessing to her sis triggers Yuuna’s old feelings for Kiku and that’s why she looks distraught in that one panel. Or this has a poly ending. Still lots of ways this can still go.

I’m rooting mostly for Kiku’s happiness tho! Everyone else’s top of course. But mostly Kiku so Sena, get over your sis and let Kiku love you.

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The Love Triangle and Incest tags feel like they’re going to be used thoroughly… what if Yuuna started going out with Kiku to get over Sena? And then when her sister started withdrawing from her, Yuuna thought Sena figured her out so she randomly moved? I want to see Yuuna’s POV….

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Kaori's probably going to ask Shizuku to live in her stead on her deathbed. It's the only way to avoid that suicide tag....

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She isn't afraid of her gf finding out anything. She's afraid of the whole school finding out that she's dating another girl.

I think Yuni is afraid of her gf finding out too? Nanase’s backstory basically indicated that she and her former flame were ostracized when rumors popped up in her old school? Hence why Nanase isn’t as touchy with Yuni in public.

Yuni is probably afraid that Nanase will leave her if anyone else finds out or will leave because she’s been putting their stuff on blast on social media.

On a side note, totally agree with people. If you’re too busy and have goals/dreams that you know will take most of your time it’s probably not a good idea to have a girlfriend who doesn’t have the same mindset. But they are teenagers so I get there’s a lot of error by to be made by all parties. They wanna push certain limits and think “love will conquer all”…

Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Nanase is just a really good manipulator? Telling Yuni stuff to placate her and keep her so she’ll have someone to booty call. Don’t know how despicable things are going to get but fun ride so far.

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LOL. That would mean that Mei is half-yokai, which certainly would explain a great deal . . .

Apologies. I thought you were writing metaphorically. Like calling her mother an “icy b*tch” for ignoring her daughter this whole time. Sarcasm doesn’t read well for me because of lack of intonation.

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To me this has precisely the same status as saying, “It’s years of that coupled with the fact that Mei’s mother was an ice demon that did nothing but mold her into Turtle Mei.”

Nothing in the text contradicts my statement, it is congruent with Mei’s behavior in the story, and there’s no less evidence in the text for my statement than there is for yours.

Lack of maternal affection during formative years can certainly cause someone one to be emotionally stunted so it could definitely be a contributing factor to what makes Mei who she is.

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Thanks for clarifying the issue here. I would submit that making up a character motivation very nearly out of whole cloth absolutely is simply rewriting the story in order to suit a reader’s personal preference or to fit their preconceived notions. It involves conjuring up past events for which there is no evidence in the text (that Asshole Fiancé repeatedly molested Mei, that multiple adults raped her, etc.). It also entails ignoring or downplaying the in-text explanations for the character’s behavior (Mei’s rigid traditional upbringing, her disproportionate sense of responsibility because of the trauma of her father’s leaving the family, etc.).

Can’t speak for all but explaining Mei as a sexual assault victim does not diminish from her textual experiences. I certainly have not discounted or forgotten what she’s gone through with her family. The assault thing is additive for sure but not subtractive.

Her experiences with her family make her an easy prey for a sexual predator. Assault does not explain everything.

This conversation has probably dragged on long enough, sparked as it was by readers arguing “You all are too hard on poor Mei, since she’s a rape survivor.” Until the author supplies material to support that reading (as potentially could happen), I continue to assert: “Assumes facts not in evidence.”

The assault background is not my means to explain her slow pace progress. I’m on the boat where her upbringing and lack of parental guidance and affection coupled with her heiress duties made her detached, cold, and passive. It’s years of that coupled with sexual assault that did nothing but mold her into Turtle Mei. Not just whether or not she was repeatedly assaulted by her first fiancé.

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We're talking past each other at this point--I'm saying that people are making up a different story based on the barest shreds of evidence in the text, and in contradiction of the evidence of the overall text as a whole. As I've said again and again, if people want to use a story as the basis to conjure up further fantasies of their own, they're certainly welcome to do that.

But as I previously stated, seeing Mei as a sexual assault victim does not actually change any thing in the text? It's merely explaining her behavior. It doesn't change what or who she is (a deeply troubled individual who repressed her feelings to the point that they are disjointed for her and she does not know how to process them) which essentially does not take away from the story. Sure it adds something but it does not detract from the coming of age love story that Citrus is supposed to be.

Mistaking those imaginative rewritings of the text for the actual text is, of course, a mistake, albeit, as several people have pointed out, a relatively harmless one, until others pick up that mistake and start passing it off as a widely accepted reading of the text.

It's an explanation of character motivation not a rewrite of the story. What people are doing here is not a rewrite. Mei is still the stoic individual she has been written (regardless of whether or not people believe she is a victim of sexual assault) and she is still going to end up with Yuzu.

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This is fiction. A work of fantasy. A lot of absurd things happen in Citrus and + but it was entertaining because while the plot certainly was not rooted in reality, the characters (or rather their emotions) were. The confusion of a first love, first kiss, a sexual awakening, those were all rooted to reality that was heightened due to character's circumstances. Projection is unavoidable and should not be unwelcome as long as it's healthily discussed.

I know there's another discussion where headcanon completely took over but in the case of Citrus and Citrus+ people are not re-writing or purposely omitting the actual text to fit their desired outcome. They are merely reading the text in a way that helps them understand character motivations. If it helps them love the story and the characters more, then what's the actual harm? Does it damage the text if people find a way to further explain Mei's behavior? Does seeing Mei as a victim of sexual assault lessen the story which is essentially about two very different step sisters who are in love with each other?

It's completely human to want to connect and if that's the way a person reads, then why the need to condemn them for how they enjoy the works just because it's not a method some might prefer?

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There are some readers that believe if it isn’t stated then it isn’t real. While others believe in the power in insinuation.

Literary analysis sometimes means you have to read between the lines. Discussions can be filled with people trying to figure out character motivation based on how they read the character is written even when nothing is explicitly said.

The beauty of writing is that people can have different interpretations of a text. When something isn’t stated explicitly then we really on subtext.

I do think repeated sexual assault may be more appropriate to describe Mei’s situation. Rape would have been too unforgivable for it to go unpunished and unaddressed.

And yes, Mei’s upbringing caused her to develop this way but how she is made her perfect prey to a predator like her first fiancé.

We are free to read things how we want so I don’t think people should be condemned for seeing Mei as a survivor.

Citrus isn’t a literary masterpiece but I do appreciate what it’s been trying to do.

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Mei’s progress is undeniably slow but she has been repressed since childhood so I get it. I personally like that they’re trying to reach a new level of intimacy.

Their relationship before was sexual, lust driven, filled with doubt and secrecy. Every minute was stolen between them so steps were rushed…. Now they can take their time. And as we see with Mei, she needs it. But we’re seeing maybe Yuzu needs it as well. I mean, being patient with your lover is all well and good but she has to assert her needs some times as well.

The balance still hasn’t been reached. It’s still Yuzu giving and Mei receiving. The difference now is that Mei is aware that Yuzu is sacrificing for her and seems to be appreciative but is unaccustomed to such emotions so she doesn’t know how to respond let alone reciprocate.

I mean, she doesn’t really have any good role models so she’s pretty much gotta figure everything out her self while balancing all her responsibilities and expectations.

Mei has to learn how to love before she and Yuzu can take the next step in their relationship.

While it isn’t explicitly stated that her first Ex Fiancé raped her I think people have a right to assume that it wasn’t the first time he’s assaulted her. He was a predator with the intention for marrying her for money and prestige all while keeping a mistress on the side. To top it off, he was a teacher who molested a student on school grounds. That means he was confident that she won’t say any thing which can lead one to believe he’s conditioned her into accepting what he wants because he is to be her future husband. He certainly treated her like an object and was a scumbag so I understand why people believe he assaulted her repeatedly… It’s not been addressed explicitly and some need more than inferences in order to form a concrete conclusion.

Mei’s detached passive behavior reads very much like that of a trauma survivor so it’s understandable that people assume she’s a victim of sexual assault.

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It's beyond me how people can defend Hima, i get she wants her friends to get along but that's just intrusive, even shiho is mad. I can't stand people that believe they're above all conflict and can solve everyones problems , like dude just let them figure out their problems by themselves . It's fine to give advice but it's annoying when You start meddling in people's problems

Some people don't learn that lesson until they're older. Some times they don't learn at all. Keep in mind these are high school girls dealing with overwhelming sensations and a series of firsts. They are inexperienced. It's a period of time that's usually a hot mess of rampant emotions and illogical/impulsive decision making.

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Yeah I don't think the middle school crush is the stalker chick since she obviously doesn't mind showing affection to another girl in public heck she was formal with the main character since the first chapter and didn't care people found her weird, I don't think she gonna blackmail her but I think the main character is going to get paranode to a breaking point, looking forward to next chapter

If that's the case, then that means Fuuko might have a completely separate yet still compelling backstory in her future. But if Fuuko was the girl it doesn't mean she'd react the same way from whatever the experience from middle school was. Just because Nanase was afraid of the stigma doesn't mean that it would be the same for Fuuko... honestly the way Nanase is behaving I wouldn't be surprised if, out of fear, she threw her previous crush under the bus.

Of course I'm just thinking Nanase might have done something bad because in these types of mangas, usually authors try to make all the characters relatable/sympathetic so the audience will understand why they do what they do.

Nanase in the earlier chapter felt like she was maybe using Yuni. We're given a reason to why she's cold to Yuni later on so I'm guessing we'll see similar insights to the others to explain their actions/character motivation. I could be wrong and the author is convinced that Nanase's story as is enough. It feels like if this is the route they go, it would just make Yuni despicable for not breaking up with Nananse and cheating. If she's blackmailed into it, then Fuuko is the devil incarnate. Of course, Fuuko being an asshole with no explanation is another route they could go.

I don't know how dark this manga will go... I wouldn't be surprised if Fuuko knew the girl from middle school and is just getting revenge on Nanase. Also would not be surprised if Fuuko has nothing to do with middle school drama and has her own completely separate stuff she has to deal with.

I love the juicy dramatic possibilities...

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Wakana definitely needed closure. As for Sara maybe the confession confirmed her feelings for her boyfriend? Now she knows he isn't a rebound. Sure she has has lingering feelings but she feels stronger for her boyfriend. I hope Wakana learns her lesson though. Don't wait around and just go for it with Yuina!

I wonder what sort of "Training" will our mains be up to...

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Just Opinions Btw dont read if you dont want to

All I'm gonna say is that hima is at fault here
I'm sorry if I offended anyone but C'MON MAN she is clearly doing something stupid

It's kinda overreacting. EVeryone know the plan was bound to fail but you can't say Hima was doing it for herself. She wantedto help two friends to talk over a problem they had, nothing else. The plan had a lot of flaws yes but it's not like it wans't worth trying.
You made it sound like Hima should have just watch 2 friends of her just being mad at each other and never talk about it without doing anything ? You're not a friend if you don't help your friends making up.At least she try something, it's not her fault one of the two party is too stubborn to talk.

It's within her personality to try to help. Sure some of it is because she doesn't like conflict between her friends but I think most of it is because she believes her two kind and talented friends, Aki and Shiho, will be happier if they reconciled. It's not like she's setting them up to feel less guilty for "stealing" Yori away from Aki.

As for Shiho not wanting to talk, well I guess she figures if she does it would be an outright confession? Which is even more embarrassing for her to do now because she'll still get rejected even if Yori's already taken. Or maybe it's because she wants Aki to actually think about why she left. We just know that they fought and Shiho left but I wonder if we'll get a build up to her leaving? I feel like it could add to the narrative... like if Aki unknowingly did something wrong in Shiho's eyes? Maybe that's why she's extra pissed.

Yes they're all a bit immature and this is a romance but they are high schoolers so I expect there may be elements of coming age emotional growth aspects added in.

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I can imagine Shiho's shock that someone else captivated Aki romantically but that her new love is also musically inclined? Well that's devastating for Shiho... And Aki didn't even end up dating the girl she was cast aside for? To top it off, Yori is oblivious to Aki's feelings, still ignorant to the fact that she played a role in the dissolution of her friendship with Aki, and is happily in a relationship with a cute sweet freshie? It's like pouring acid on an open wound.

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I think some of the stigma may come from the “I would never do that” mentality. Some readers are unable to separate their actions from characters actions, believing characters are unrealistic or terrible because the reader feels they would behave differently when faced with a similar situation.

I understand the impulse but it creates unnecessary frustration because the reader starts to feel everything about the story is wrong.

I know characters are meant to relate to every day life people but relating does not mean the character is you. But some readers are inclined to force their own ideals with fictional characters.

Of course there are also some that are unable to pick up on subtext so they miss insinuations and foreshadowing.

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Yuni has no self esteem, Nanase is a manipulator, and Fuuko rocks. I am sure Yuni cannot break up with Nanase because Nanase is good in bed. Anybody who has any self esteem would dump Nanase right there and then. Obviously Nanase actually does not mind being seen as a lesbian, because she is close to other girls, including holding hands. Somehow she does not want to associate with Yuni. At the end of the day. Yuni is just a fu**buddy of Nanase.

It could be that but right now it feels legitimate that Nanase is traumatized from whatever went on in middle school.…

It’s an acceptable response. She thinks by pushing Yuni away in front of others, by treating her as if they’re not close, then people won’t have a clue that they’re together.

It’s the complete opposite of what she did with her middle school crush so she probably thinks this will really help them not get outed.

Yuni spoke up when she was at the brink so I wouldn’t say she totally has no self esteem. She’s just in love, putting Nanase’s needs before her own, and is making irrational choices. Happens to the best of us.

Hmm… what if the twist is Nanase’s old crush was actually Fuuko? And now Fuuko’s out for revenge? We all think the Caterpillar is Yuni but what if it’s actually Nanase who is the Fungi’s real target? We all know Nanase’s default is to ignore people close to her so I wouldn’t be surprised.

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OooO. Hope they don’t go the blackmail route…. Really curious how this is going to go because the obvi choice is blackmail but I don’t want to expect the obvi…

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I don't get it. Why bother making her ability disappear at all? What value does that add to the narrative? Considering it's the only really unique aspect of the story (which is printed in three colours just to support that aspect!), I don't see why the author would make overtures of removing it.

Because she doesn’t really need that kind of power, in the first place the power was used as a catalyst for why she mistrusts love in the first place, her being overtly aware of people’s feeling towards others and especially towards her put her in a bad position since she doesn’t know what do in those situations nor does she actually know if it’s even right at all. And even if she did grow to up to use it properly, no one really needs that kind of power in their life because people shouldn’t need to rely on a crutch like that if they want to function as normal person, lest they become someone who is incapable of making decisions or pursuing relationships with people unless they find that reciprocation of their feelings are guaranteed.

And if speculation is right, and her powers disappear when she genuinely starts to fall in love with someone, it shows she’s grown in the right direction since she doesn’t rely on the arrows to continuing pursuing a relationship with others

It could prolong the love story/stories by providing more conflict. Like when she figures out why her powers disappear, maybe her fear of the unknown will make her turn away from her romantic prospects. She could question what matters more to her, the uncertainty of love or the comfort of her powers?

Plus, the translated title is "If you could see love" so it doesn't necessarily mean it ends when she loses her powers. We can also see how her love life functions without her powers. Will she be constantly questioning her partners feelings now that she can't see them? Especially since she knows how fickle feelings can be at times. Will she still be able to help her friends if she can't see their emotions for each other? Will she try to get her powers back?