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Holy shit, I'm actually crying
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That was a beautiful story and art, but goddamit girls, there is a cool invention called A PHONE NUMBER, EXCHANGE IT!!!!!

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repeatedly taps page WHERE'S THE PART WHERE THEY MEET AGAIN. She didn't even tell her name...

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Well that hurts. Hurry up and get married please.

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that's just not fair...

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It​'s​ 2021​ now.​ With​ all​ information, I​ am​ pretty​ sure​ that​ they​ can​ find​ each​ other​ on​ social​ media.​ But​ for​ the​ sake of​ drama, just​ keep​ a​ sad​ ending.

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I was hoping the other girl was going to be in the crowd while the previously mute girl was performing. Well, I’m going to mentally make it canon that they met again (,:

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I love stories like these. How can it be so emotional and powerful with like 20 pages hopefully we get more from this artist.

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It’s kinda fitting how this mangaka’s only other work on this site is tagged No text

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Why :'c

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Sequel, please.

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I'm not crying, you're crying!

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I remember reading this one on mangadex. Really great oneshot.

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Bullshit now I'm crying.. fck this is the reason why I don't like oneshots that much

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Sequel... SEQUEEEEELLL NOW!!! Why it's a ones not? Whyyyy!?!? She didn't even told he name and phone number (´。_。`)

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Aww that was well done, hope we get a sequel.

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shoots das so fine

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sooo... is her name Kotoha, or Konoha?

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Is psychosomatic muteness due to overstressing oneself from anxiety really a thing?

I've heard of people who are so anxious they can't get words out at times, people who lose their voice from stress for a bit, and people who choose not to speak (for many reasons), but her case seems like none of those situations. Even when she's by herself in her own room she can't speak. That seems odd.

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So damn beautiful.

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This was really good.

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Very good.

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Is psychosomatic muteness due to overstressing oneself from anxiety really a thing?

I believe it is, you can lose your voice due to trauma and I guess to her that was a form of trauma.

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But we need at least 10 volumes of this.

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Ow, my heart. T_T

It's not a sad ending, just a bittersweet ending. Their both moving forward, but why couldn't it be they do it together.... :(

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