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joined Sep 27, 2017

Seems harmless enough so far. I also bet the Student President is a pervert of some kind as well, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest to see her join in on the absurdity.

joined Mar 25, 2021

i already want more, MOREEE

joined Mar 12, 2014

Oooo this looks fun

joined Sep 21, 2014

What's the other series they've worked on with dog collars? Can't seem to recall

joined Jan 3, 2020

I've read four dog collar Yuri stories now. Two of them were pretty decent and relatively wholesome.

The other two were Her Pet and Bondage Play. I feel like reading those two scarred me.

joined May 28, 2018

Ooh this looks so good

joined Sep 13, 2018

last page would be awesome for the "structure and interpretation of computer programs" book meme.

Seems like this series is gonna be good.

joined Feb 15, 2021

"another dog collar yuri", is there anymore????? besides from her pet

joined Feb 1, 2021

"another dog collar yuri", is there anymore????? besides from her pet

I recall another one on Mangadex... so basically it's gone forever lol

Besides that... Inugami and Nekoyama?

joined Feb 24, 2015

Yuri, kawaii, blackmail? I'm in! Thank you!

joined Apr 27, 2014

This is an instant classic for me. pervert and blackmail yes please.

joined Aug 4, 2018

Wow this is made by the same person who made "About a College Girl Who Gets Picked Up at a Mixer by an Older Girl"?

The premise is.... slightly less fluffy than that.

JQ disagrees with you and swears this is cute and wholesome.

I'm the trusting kind. I say let's believe for now.

joined Dec 4, 2019

I normally don’t read Blackmail but the summary got me interested and I’m glad I gave it a try. I love it! It’s hilarious and I can’t wait to see what wild shenanigans Koiko gets into!

joined Jan 23, 2016

I am so ready for this

joined Apr 13, 2018

The "BELIEVE ME!" broke me

joined Aug 25, 2018

Blessed art. Looks very interesting

Thanks for the tl.

Also, mc writing her urges to relieve herself reminded me of that manga with the clones. She even looks like one of the mc’s of that manga.

joined Feb 21, 2019

Bobs Burgers should have taught her the perils of erotic friend fiction smh

joined May 1, 2018

honestly this sounds weird but I've been waiting a long time for this to get adapted. It's nice to see a translation team pick up old works.

joined Aug 4, 2018

I need links for the other dog collar yuri if anyone is willing to :eyes: this is good stuff

joined Nov 21, 2020

"Dog collar yuri" sounds like it should be some kind of Vicar of Dibley fan fiction.

joined Nov 8, 2017

What (or who) is JQ?

joined Jul 21, 2020

I need links for the other dog collar yuri if anyone is willing to :eyes: this is good stuff

Other dog collar yuri?

Well there's "That Time I Was Blackmailed By the Class's Green Tea Bitch" but the dog collar moments are mostly delusions of the leading girl (a baby lesbian who really puts the M in MC). But there are hints that in the future she will really get a dog collar from her gf.

Then there's "Her Pet" which most people think is an icky story.

Then there are stories where someone is put in a dog collar for a page or two, usually as a joke, but that's not what you're looking for, right?
Like Maid wo Nerae:

This happens once, and never again, so I guess it's not what you want, hm?

joined Aug 4, 2018

What (or who) is JQ?

JQ is the translator. Take a look at the credits to learn more.

Takasaki Reika
joined Mar 30, 2021

Sadist imouto huh....i'm in!!

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I hate this twin tail girl so much, just let her do her things she enjoys- now she gonna be a hella pervert, stalker, ridiculously embarass herself, and get blackmailed because of you stupid twintail

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