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This series didn't go where I thought it was at all. I still love it.

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Expectations = shattered

Is that good?

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Can't wait to see the BDSM tag when it will be time

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I can relate, I respect my mother but I can’t bring myself to like her.

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I can relate, I respect my mother but I can’t bring myself to like her.

I don't think that's the case here since the MC mom is kinda abusive and judgemental

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The initial concept reminded me so much of the video game Life is Strange. I know that sounds weird, but one of the most popular ships is the protag Max, and her bitchy classmate, Victoria. I've read some rather steamy fanfics where Max is the innocent masochist, while Victoria is the experience, yet doting sadist.

The recent chapter seems to be subverting that, with Tong Tong being rather unpopular and actually quite innocent despite a bitchy exterior (the opposite of Victoria). But like everyone else said, can't wait to see more "power bottoming".

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Spare tyre is a chinese slang for backup boyfriend/girlfriends basically. The MC was saying that she thought the pink girl was dating a lot of ppl because of the rumours, and was wondering why pink girl wasn’t calling one of them to come comfort her.

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I came here for the fun/funny dynamic and to fill the void of one of the other manhua's I'm reading in which they also have a pink/black hair pairing. But to also got hit in the feels with the parent stuff? Gahhh. Stay strong girls.

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I love this story

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dang this is cute as hell. subscribed!

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You know, I feel sad for Green Tea ex-boyfriend, cause he's a real asshole and gonna die soon :D

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Her friends iced her out lol.

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seeing the cover again at the end of this reminded me of how cute these two are and will be.

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Her consoling her by reading a guide is cereal one of the funniest things I've read on this site. Their interactions are a riot.

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Not a mommy's girl... sure bro, keep telling yourself that :')

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TongTong is far too young to be a 綠茶婊 (lucha biao), I think. She's more like a Chinese equivalent of a gyaru. With some of the same issues rosa foetida Torii Eriko had for a while. And unlike Eriko - she doesn't even have the image it requires - she's accusing Lin Luxi of being a GTB in that sense. I think it's interesting how use of this has mutated. But I don't know much about Cantonese culture or slang because my education was Mandarin all the way, FWIW. Still, the usage I saw before this involves women out of secondary school, and with a pure, even good facade. Also, is this a Reversal?

On further reading, it's the ex-boyfriend who labelled her. Now it all makes sense.

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I like this so far, I think it's got a lot of potential. I suppose the only issue I really have with it is that I'm just not a fan of the manwa/manhua layout.

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Cute! Looking forward to more!!

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Seriously though, I really feel for MC with the family issues, I hope we can go more into depth about it later as the story goes on. This series is actually pretty cute,

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well that was kinda depressing

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Wow, that’s the best mom I’ve ever seen in a manga.

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I think a lot of people can relate with the Mc family, sometimes it’s not about parents being absent, is the fact that because they give you a roof, food and education they think is enough to manipulate their child, my mom used to do a lot of that until I call her out. I think is the first MC I can relate so much with.

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Having learned about MC's relationship with her mom, I now see those panels of her laughing with her dad in chapter 1 in a new light.

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I wasn't here to get my childhood called out like this dammit

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