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This was great. Makes me wish the actual mango was about them instead.

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Yuu and Sayaka have some suprisingly good chemistry

When ? Beside the relay training chapter ? Cause the rest if the time,it's just them not being agree on how to handle Touko. I never feel real chemistry between them.

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What is this crack ship?

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This was pretty nice. I guess I really like rare pairs.

Also I definitely got the feeling reading canon that Yuu and Sayaka were pretty compatible. They're really amicable for two people at odds in a love triangle, at least. Maybe I just have an active imagination.

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Not that active though LMAO

Honestly, I've been waiting to see an OT3 / polyamory doujin (or at least fanfic) for these three. I definitely feel like it could work.

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I do love rival/enemy to lover pairings.

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lol that surprise touko page at the end "bet you thought you'd seen the last of me"

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There are so many different opinions in this thread. Personally, Touko's always kinda bothered me. The first time I saw Yuu and Sayaka interact, I was really taken aback by how compatible they were. Not because of their attraction to each other, but because of their clashing personalities. This pairing is very not love at first sight so imagining them getting closer after high school is really appealing to me. Idk what else there is to read that could give me a dynamic like this. It's such a tease!

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small error in pg 9 was fixed

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I just gonna erase from my memory the end of the original series and replace it with this one.

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The number one reason I heavily dislike this ship (or any non canon ship in this series) is that most people who actively ship them do so by stomping all over the established characters, their growth and their emotions, just to see their fantasies fullfilled.

This one wasn't too bad, but it still completely sidelined Touko, took a huge shit on Yuu and her feelings and denied Sayaka the happiness and closure she achieved in the novels.

It's by no means a bad piece by itself, some emotional bits were quite poignant and the interaction between these two felt nice and natural, but it did so by disregarding almost everything the characters stand for and achieved while dropping them into a situation where everyone came out worse than before.

As an original story with original characters, I'd even be quite the fan. But as something that's supposed to be a "fan" work of Bloom Into You, I really don't like it.

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Honestly, I've been waiting to see an OT3 / polyamory doujin (or at least fanfic) for these three. I definitely feel like it could work.

No doujins here though, just a couple fanarts.

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