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Oh that's fucked up

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Bruh. .__.

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that was confusing, then it all made sense, then it was wow that's fucked up lol

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Did she just straight up murder that girl???

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"Jeesus fuck that... oh my god" - me after reading this

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that's so fucked up sis, what the hell

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yo what the hell???

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That girl better not try to break up with her

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Excellent scheming with a juicy reward. The dark-haired girl sure is a go-getter.

I'd call this a cuckoo romance, with an egg literally pushed off the nest to make some room for the brood parasite.

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She murdered her friend so she could get together with a girl she never meet just because it sounded romantic ?
Imagine if they never ended up together, that would've been awful with no pay off, instead of, awful with an awful pay off.

I do wonder if she actually forgot about her or if she didn't remembered cuz she's not the same girl at all.

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i wish i was just misinterpreting this but ig not

oh no

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I know it was a twist but stuff like this needs better tagging. I did not want to read this.

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wait wait wait,did she kill her friend and take her role as the childhood friend or something???

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It's all fun and games until gurl just decides to create her own fucking fate

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man, I was almost about to download this, then I read that fucked up page and now my day is ruined
Why don't the author go back to create wholesome works like the previous ones, ffs

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Oh wow...

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I like the Romance tag, how "appropriate". I was expecting her to have pretended to be the childhood friend around halfway through, but I definitely wasn't expecting that twist.

wait wait wait,did she kill her friend and take her role as the childhood friend or something???

Yup, that's exactly what she did.

I know it was a twist but stuff like this needs better tagging. I did not want to read this.

Yandere would probably fit but it'd also be a bit of a spoiler.

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murder tag for stuff like this please, I don't want to read something like this anymore

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Well, as an upside, she couldn't be further from the dreaded useless lesbian.
At any rate this author is quickly becoming one of my favorite ones here. The stories are good (Angela especially being top tier), the art's great, it's cute. I'll only be too happy to see more from them in the future.

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Come to think of it, the fact that there's no Childhood Friends tag is also a bit of a hint that there's something not right with this set-up, huh.

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had to reread to made I sure it understood. Man that's dark

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WOW, I thought this was going to be all sweet, clichéd, but sweet, but this is SO SO fucked up I did not need this today....I mean don't get me wrong it's amazingly well written, I love this author's stuff, but it seriously needs better tags

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Fuuuuuuuudge I did not need to read that, though I appreciate that it's very well written.

Just... Damn that hurt. Holy fuck that was dark. I need something sweet to clean this outta my head :-(

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