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So she murdered her friend just because of her interested in shoujo manga? My day is ruined lol, create and account just to comment this

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Can someone explain what the hell happened for my dumb self? I thought she killed her crush for a second, but they're both alive at the end?

The girl who was killed was Miki's actual childhood friend. The dark-haired girl straight up murdered her to take her place.

Man that was daaaark, but at the same time I still like it somehow... Murasakino's art really is to die for, and they have a way of getting under your skin with their writing.

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This was so.....sweet?
I suggest a wholesome tag.

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Waste of time. I think this kind of twist is just bullshit writing. The sad part is that with the way tags work here I can't just avoid these stories (and if I were the kind of person that like them, I wouldn't be able to find them through the tags either, so it's a lose-lose tagging practice)

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Well that was dark. Didn't see that twist coming at all..

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I really like the story.

We all know that there are people like this, people who are willing to do everything to have what they want, this is a story like that, something based on facts that can happen to anyone, not exactly related to a childhood friend but it could be related in other personal aspects of your life.

You could be dating a murderer and you wouldn't even know it.

You should always keep in mind the saying "you will never fully know a person, not even the one you married." I think this story itself gives that message, out there there are very, very crazy people willing to do everything to get what they want

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What the fuck. I need a You might not wanna read this tag

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Et tu brute? Goddamn that got dark quick. Where's the yandere tag?

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Frankly, I think Yandere and Death tags would've sufficed. Hang the spoilers, I'd rather have a hint going in than jump in blind and get punched in the temple.

Other suitable tags would've included Unexpected BASE Jump, You Wanna See a Dead Body?, Whatever the Opposite of Feel-Good Is, and This Childhood Friend Empty - YEET!

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Things should be properly tagged regardless of "spoilers". Drama and Romance are some of my favorite tags, but this is most certainly not something I ever wanted to read.

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Excellent writing, beautiful art, interesting mc and a dark plot; there's nothing more I would want from a manga. chef's kiss Murasaakino is a genius. This is definitely one of the best things I've read this year, one that will be stuck in my mind for a long long time. (Also, I think I might have an unhealthy obsession with fucked-up, yandere characters, the ones who would go to any extent to get the one they love.)

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Man, when I saw that this was from the same author as You Are my Angela I hesitated to read it.

I hate that something like this really can't be tagged appropriately because of those tags being a major spoiler.

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Holyshit the way I gasped

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ahh holy shit what the fuck thats fucked up

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Why should she insist on trying to find the old photos? It would be obvious there's someone else on them and that would blew her cover...

...honestly that story screams "forced twist" more than anything else, it's not even very probable even if that girl was as ruthless as portrayed

Well she was her friend before she killed her, so maybe she wants to see more than just the one photo of her she has?

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maybe "violence" as a tag? that way it's not too spoilery. I didn't didn't see that coming and didn't particularly want to read that

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Came in expecting a feel good romance story, came out with death and despair
Was not expecting that at all! Man, that poor friend

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Thankfully I saw this before on twitter (don't even have to understand to know it was twisted), it's pretty fucked up but the art is gorgeous like always.

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da hell was that twist... o__O

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damn i was hoping for sweet vanilla :) nvm imma sleep to forget this memory

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Y’know, half way thru I kinda got that she was going to replace the childhood friend, but I thought she was going to do it because the childhood friend passed away in an accident or something. The art style was way too bright and fluffy for me to predict that it’d go down the dark route, but it did.

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What a fcking btch! i mean damn!....thats fcked up!

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Stories like this that make you feel gross and icky inside are really the best! Thank you murasakino!

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I need a sequel where the girlfriend had found the photos, noticed it wasn't her friend, but threw them away on purpose to stay with the crazy bitch.

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Yeah there really needs to be some sort of tag other than Drama to tell people who don't like this kind of shit to stay away. Maybe something like Dark that isn't too descriptive but gets the point across.

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