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That feeling when you clean up your room and change your image for your crush, and then it turns out she’s an even bigger, more shameless slob than you ever were.

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i love

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Top 10 anime betrayals

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lol,, a neet meet a neet,, what a nice coincidence....but they giving their best appearance while meeting for the first time,, because first impression is very important

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Made for each other.

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Or was it the gradual changes in the room of a lousy neet who fell in love for the first time/the gradual changes of a girl to a lousy neet?

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Made for each other.

You love to see it.

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Hahaha I love this, so sweet and funny at the same time

Edit: Hang that...Cartman from South Park on the top shelf near the window on the first page?

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Lots of references~

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That's just how it is.

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Is- is that a mini maki on the background or am I going insane

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Not in Education, Employment, or Training
NEET is an acronym that stands for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". It refers to a person who is unemployed, not receiving an education or in vocational training.

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Ah Graduate from being a neet, only to start taking care of another neet.

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I love it ....Melts my heart :•)

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Well, we don't know for sure that that the gf is a NEET. She could just be a secret slob/k-pop stan who passes as normal at school or work.

I won't forgive giving up your hobbies or passion for a girl though. That's not winning at life! That's not the Chad way!

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Is- is that a mini maki on the background or am I going insane

thats what i thought and i think it is

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Nerd goes normie.

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Bravo! More please. Next time show what happens in a break-up.

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Ah Graduate from being a neet, only to start taking care of another neet.

Hey, it’s just training for being married with children... only with more NEETs around. Thank God for video games!

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From otaku to kpop stan... At least stan girl groups miss girlfriend...

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Visual storytelling is great. And this is indeed great. 100/10

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The artist forgot to update the time on the clock!

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Kind of peeved the NEET removed her nerd posters as part of the cleanup

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