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Okay, read through a bit of the novel. ...I don't really like it? It's very dialogue-heavy, and paced pretty slowly. Our main couple doesn't have much in the way of chemistry, unless that's coming later

I think that's part of what makes it great. This isn't a "these two girls immediately fell in love and start making out/fucking like rabbits" kind of story. This is a story about two girls exploring magical science and navigating some thorny political and interpersonal issues, and slowly growing closer together as they do so. This isn't a story about yuri romance, it's a story that happens to include yuri romance in it.

That'd be fine if the magic science and politics were handled engagingly, but I've found most of it fairly tedious. Every scene feels at least twice as long as it needs to be

Well I suspect a manga adaptation will abridge a fair amount of that just due to the limitations of the medium in terms of word count.

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I’m getting “My next life as a Villainess” vibes. But I love it

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I'm liking this one already. Honestly I think I have a weak spot for relationships like this one, between a bit of a genius airhead that's also kind and the composed one whose true self is only really seen by said airhead. I very much look forward to the rest of this story

That reminded me of Mouretsu Pirates somehow, heh.

A pretty good start. Obviously many of the elements here are very familiar and often used, but well tropes are not inherently bad (at least, not all off them) so I am hopeful this is a winner. I like the sound of story about magical tech and politics with incidental yuri.

Sakura Cartelet
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I can't wait to see how this story develops. I hope the protagonist gets herself a harem. The dark haired girl looks like she might be a gay option too. Same with the maid.

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I remember starting reading the novel but I dropped it for some reasons (Albeit, I have good memories of the two MC). Let's hope the manga will be more engaging, so far, so good.

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Ohhhhhh gay princess right off the bat

noice very noice need more of this

Sakura Cartelet
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Yep there's never enough of yuri princesses out there so this is a welcome story.

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The novel was really good y'all

Well then, I’ll check the novel for more.

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More yuri isekai plz XD

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ISEKAI? heck yea

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Off to a great start, seems like it'll be fun, can't wait for more,

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I read ch. 2 of the novel. I can't wait bc it's so hilarious

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I actually did laugh out loud at the ending. Waste not, want not.

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It got interesting at the end. I like how forward she it xD

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that ryen- something girl seems suspicious, wonder if she's an evil villain in the making

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Hey bro, you do really love that commoner girl to the point you blindly believes everything without prove, aint your. Let me save you the troubles and married your ex-fiance so that all of us can be a big happy family.

Honestly this is the story I was waiting for so long. When it didn't follow your typical scenarios and even make fun and break them. I would love to see how this story unfolds.

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Chapter 2 is out and I loved everything about it.

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Do I smell a future Civil war? Oh boy this is gonna be great.

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I just looooooooooooove the protagonist so much

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I love this series. I'm looking forward to Anne-Sophia's reaction when they tell her they want her to reassert her claim to the throne.

Do I smell a future Civil war? Oh boy this is gonna be great.

Actually they're trying to prevent one. The prince breaking his engagement with Euphilia as well as falsely accusing her of capital crimes, now that could have very easily started a civil war.

That's not to say there's no risk of one if Algard continues to fuck up yet still tries to hang on to his claim while his father and the duke back Anne-Sophia's, but that really depends on how much backing he has.

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My god.. I loooooooooooooove this so much! The protag, Euphilia, Anne's relationship with her dad, so much good stuff. The fact that she's unashamedly gay(?) is great too.

Though now I'm curious: Is Algard conspiring with the other's to try and undermine the nobility and what not? Or is it the commoner girl sowing seeds of discord to worm her way into power? I'm genuinely curious to see how this all plays out. Definitely one of my favorites in recent memory thus far.

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I don't know why I love this series as much as I do, but it really works for me. At this rate this may be the first time I seek out and read a light novel.

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I don't know why I love this series as much as I do, but it really works for me. At this rate this may be the first time I seek out and read a light novel.

Yes open your eyes to the gay words.

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I get why manga like Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Oji-san lean so heavily into the genre-cliches but with these it just drives me into despair. Not a shred of originality. Not even a single moment in those first two chapters is anything you can't find elsewhere. Sure, it's puzzled together slightly different each time, but that's about the level of originality and creativity LN authors and mangaka bring these days?!

Bleh. Unworthy.

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The book is interesting... But sooooooooo redundant.

To make things simple, this chapter condensed in one what the WN did in about 10. So, I will be looking forward for this manga rather than the WN.

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