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I love this story already (≧∀≦)

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The novel was really good y'all

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Yes please. More please. <3

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Oh it’s this one! I thought I read that the novel was discontinued tho? Or am I mixing up stories again?

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Keep the novel based mangas coming!

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I am getting very strong Astolfo vibes from this MC.

The path created by Bakarina keeps being abused (like SAO was for the Isekai genre), but this time around I actually like the possibility of this particular story.

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Oh man another isekai. I don't think the concept of isekai is inherently bad but every single one that I've read so far has been full of trope-y writing and shallow, annoying characters but I'll cautiously follow this one for now.

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I'm liking this one already. Honestly I think I have a weak spot for relationships like this one, between a bit of a genius airhead that's also kind and the composed one whose true self is only really seen by said airhead. I very much look forward to the rest of this story

^^And yeah I'm getting Astolfo vibes too. Hell, she kinda even looks like him, albeit not a trap anymore

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Oh man another isekai. I don't think the concept of isekai is inherently bad but every single one that I've read so far has been full of trope-y writing and shallow, annoying characters but I'll cautiously follow this one for now.

The far east is a place where trends Dorminstes, there are so many mehh isekais because there are a ton of Isekais, there are plenty good ones as well like 'So im a spider', 'didnt i tell you to Make me average' or 'The saga of Tanya the evil'

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I loved this novel. I'm really happy it's getting a manga, and I hope it gets an anime in the future, but i'm eternalkly disappointed the illustrator discarded the 'leather jacket and trousers' look described in the wn for the - kinda generic these days - 'dress and thigh high' combo

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So far, I'm really liking the story and the protagonist. Although, I have to wait and see Euphilia in casual situation to form an opinion.

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Ok, I'm interested. Seems like some really solid light novels are getting adapted lately.

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Keeping my eye on this one 0w0

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Wow... NICE!!! somehow I missed this in MD xD so glad it's coming here! and what a great start, the setting really looks like an otome game but the protagonist is someone else entirely who doesn't seem to give a damn about all that xD and I just love it! a protagonist who does what she loves like that, she might be awkward but she's clever too.

There's a lot of things we can assume based on previous works with similar otome game model, but I'll just sit back and enjoy, feels like, if I try to assume too much I'll get assaulted by spoilers from novel readers lo/ no, thank you!

Magic, Yuri, Fantasy... This is already a 10/10 for me

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Looks good!

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Yay! More yuri LN to Manga are getting translated and posted here!

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Do we need an isekai tag?

So, looks like it might have promise. I'm not super fond of the whole villainess thing, but at least there's another main character

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I really love the WN for this series, or at least the part of it that's been tanslated so far. Anne-Sophia is a great lead, and a real breath of fresh air.

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LOOOOL, I want more!

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I like it!

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Always nice to see yuri being combined with genre fiction. It's not done nearly enough.

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I think I’m going to very much enjoy this.

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I know it's too soon, but I can't wait for an anime adaptation of this-

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RIP her little bro

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