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Am I the only one imagining a paizuri with gundam hammer boobs Ouch

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The moral of the story is regardless of how weird you are, you will finally be able to find some one as weird as you, or find your weirdness compatible to them

No, clearly the moral of the story is don't make fun of people just because their boobs are gundam hammers.

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Not exactly what I had imagined for a mecha tag

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What a touching metaphor for accepting yourself and your body. This says so much in so few pages. I was especially moved by the part where her boobies punched a hole in the ceiling.

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Brilliant. Bravo.

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Someone drew that.

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getting hedgehogs dilemma vibes from this

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I know the tag is already there but, what the actual f?

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Is this what doing peyote is like?

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Yo creator-san, WHAT THE FUCK???

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A true masterpiece.
Where's the third girl with heat hawk hips, though?

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it was unironically great.

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Edit: Also, the title confuses me. Who's the rage of justice and who's the girl?

The Rage of Justice is a line from the original Gundam theme song, so I guess the girl is Chizu and the Rage of Justice is her boobs, since the Hyper Hammer was one of the original Gundam's weapons.

Oh ok, thank u. Kinda outed myself as a non-Gundam fan, huh? Oh well

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Don't worry, I had to Google it too.

And welcome to the world of weaponized mecha breasts. Yes, it's been a thing since at least the seventies. Because Japan.

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Cintaï posted:

I can't believe people still mock others for having gundam hammers as boobs in 2020.

We live in a society...

I'm sad but honestly happy that it's just a one shot... it could've been worse, soooooo much worse

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Is there any good explanation as to just... why... I wonder?

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Ah, to be the hammers boobs of someone.

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Since Koineko, I'm scared of reading works with the What the fuck am I reading? tag, but this one was surprisingly cute
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I clearly underestimated the tags. This will be the last time I make that kind of mistake.

Same here....

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This is weird but i like it

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Can we talk about how strong Chizu's legs must be? In the beginning, we see that their school group is running on the track - Chizu literally made it to the last lap of the race before giving out, despite having two giant balls of metal on her chest. She's probably able to crush watermelons between her thighs with ease.

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