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this is so sad... alexa play hectopascal
well i´m really gonna miss them, i really wasn´t expecting a lot from this series since mangas with this kind of premise tend to either fall apart really quick or just repeat the same old cliches over and over. GOATED Based and Redpilled manga straight to favs

PD definitely my favorite part was when ayaka says "it seems like i can´t defy the lonely girl"

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The characters in this manga were very endearing and I'm sad it's over.

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I really enjoyed this series. I remember reading the first few chapters when they came out, but then I lost track of it and said to myself I will read it when it is finished. I'm glad I made this decision, because now I could binge through the whole series and it was a blast from start to the end.

I really loved the fact, that this series covered every aspect from getting to know each other, not knowing how to define their relationship, slowly falling in love, dating, being lovey-dovey, having conflicts and lastly, moving in together and looking forward to a bright future. In most yuri works, the story ends when the main characters end up together, but I really enjoy it, when some series go beyond that concept and show us what happens after the main couple starts dating.

I additionally really enjoyed the pacing in this series. The transition from the first arc where their relationship was based on making request to getting together was pretty smooth in my opinion. Especially when I was binging the whole series, it did not felt too fast paced. Also the introduction of the side couple was well placed and gave a nice additional touch to the story. However, I would have liked to see more of them. Hopefully we will get blessed with some bonus content soon.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this series very much and hope this series gets a serialization, so that I can read the story again but in physical form :)

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Can't believe it's over, everything about that last page was perfect! More high-school series should seal their final panel with a domestic fluff plus semi-title drop combo, it's just very nice.

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Man i didn't expect this to be over so soon

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Finished it. That was sweet. It hurts to read it and think about how that could've been how things played out with my best friend in Jr high...but that'll always hurt.

Agreed second half wasn't as interesting as the first half. Also I do get, but also don't get why Sora became so submissive. Missed seeing flustered, off-balanced Ayaka.

Still what a nice escape and fantasy. But also hurts like hell. Oh Yuri... You always do this to me. There is no pleasure without pain.

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The end is kinda rush IMO.

And I wish Kashikaze will make another sequel starting with the secondary couple: Wakana and Yuina. I think they have more depth of complexity in dealing with girls’ love dilemma (especially with Wakana’s unrequited first love, and how Yuina is head over heel to Wakana in the first place, etc.). I’m pretty sure their story will be much more interesting than the main couple :(….

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Still hoping for more lovey dovey extras

Marion Diabolito
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Sora is so weird! She blushes when she says she wants Sora to cook for her every day forever. Then the other day she just said the moon looked pretty and Sora gave her a big smile for no reason.

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I'll take that as the proposal it is.

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Still what a nice escape and fantasy. But also hurts like hell. Oh Yuri... You always do this to me. There is no pleasure without pain.

I get how you feel. It is so tempting to escape real life and diving into the world of yuri, but when reality hits you and you realize that you are still trapped in a non-fictional unpleasant world, it can get really painful.

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If we get extras, I hope to see the sensei end up with someone, preferably a gf but at least someone.

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main character gets blackmailed by teacher
Oh, is that where the blackmail comes from?

main character also gets blackmailed by other student

Is it really blackmail?
The teacher offers her a deal, get the girl to school / get a recommendation.
And Sora never said (chapter 01) that she will expose her if she doesn't make what she wants.

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So far, I can only see that every single person in this story is an asshole (except perhaps the parents).

Whole humanity are as*holes then.
It's in the human nature that everyone wants the best for themself.

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Well, neither case is actual blackmail. Blackmail is "do X or I'll do Y!" (ie out you as gay, not write a recommendation for you, give a crappy grades, ...). Both are cases of bribery. "Do X and I'll do Y for you!" (get her to come to school and you get a recommendation; get yuri with me and I'll come to school for you).

I think you missed the part where Honda implies she will tell everyone that she has a shady deal with the teacher.
"Don't worry I won't tell anyone and even come to school, but in exchange let me kiss you." The first half is blackmail.

Is it? She never said that there are repercussions if she don't does that.

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Ah yes, another appearance of the "you will definitely get sick from walking in the rain" syndrome that all manga/anime characters seem to share. Well at least it was not just that but also--

Sudden thunderstorm is always the best kind of wingman.

Yeah, exactly.

Yeah because you won't sick when you are wet in the cold for over 20min ~ how we humans become sick then!?

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I want to know who Kashikaze's mentor is................

Maybe Morinaga Akiko, that's why the character Morinaga was Intruduced.

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Eughhhhhh, I never liked the premise of this manga where the kissing is only happening for other motives but it kinda makes it worse that loner liked girl the whole time and saw her chance to strike by blackmail to force intimacy. If this wasn't mangaland there definitely would be some psycho vibes.

Kinda feeling like this, the blackmail is already bad enough as is, the stalker-ish years long crush wasn't really needed.

Stalker-ish!? Okayyy.

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“Benign blackmail” in fluffy stories where the MCs get together via some initial supposed “coercion” only for everyone to eventually forget about that whole part has been a yuri trope for many years. (I think of Morinaga Milk’s “Secret of the Princess” as the earliest one I can recall, but there have been lots of others.)

Be horrified if that’s how you feel about it, but it’s a pretty tame and long-established trope.

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Wow I'm not sure if everybody acting like their all ticked off are just trolling or being serious. Frankly so far so good, and where it is written that a story has to end with romance in order to be good?

The story is still going to end with romance, though? This was simply done to artifically draw the resolution out for longer, not to get to a different ending.

I'm very serious about it ruining the manga for me - this trope, along with misunderstood confessions ("I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you!" "Wow, she really loves me as a friend, huh"), interrupted confessions (phone calls, people barging in), etc. - all of these plot devices have been used a thousand times by yuri mangaka and I'm absolutely sick of seeing them.

That's not to say that all tropes are inherently bad (this manga was very heavy on them in all regards, but I didn't mind). But this particular trope serves no positive value to the story. It's just a hacky way of delaying the climax when the author is too bad at writing to think of a legitimate way to extend the story that feels natural. And that's really the problem - it's very, very unnatural. It breaks suspension of disbelief and just feels so fake.

I've read some 2000 pages of the Adachi and Shimamura light novel, and it took a very, very long time to get to a confession. But I was fine with that because the story felt real the entire time. The author handled the long build-up to a confession in a very relateable way that felt like it could happen in real life the entire time. But this trope of girls blurting out "I have something important to tell you... I really want to be friends!!!" in a romantic atmosphere doesn't have one iota of believability to it. You can tell the author chose to write this dialogue because they didn't have any ideas for how to continue, not because it was the natural way for dialogue to flow, not because it was the best way to continue the narrative.

Nah, it was clear even before the chapter that she won't confess because she wasn't aware of her feelings. And also the important thing to tell her was the apologize, and not the friend thing.

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Chapter 14 - Sora & Haena flashbacks intensifies~

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These questions need to be asked.
Top or bottom?

I could see this one go either way, but I think Sora may want Ayaka to take the initiative.

Anyway, I think they're forgetting two very important things that come after kissing:

Lots of cuddling and (spoiler because it's just so lewd) unprotected handholding.

But they did that already even interlocked in Public!

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