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ch 2 is so funny lmao like wtf is happening

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Sigh. Another love triangle crap.

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Well... that chapter was a thing that happened. Better luck next time, series.

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Oh my, "ikenai otona" indeed

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I hadn't expected this to turn into an "old lady collects a harem by random acts of being motherly" story o_O

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Aaaaand just like that! I lost interest in this

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Lol; JKs are multiplying.

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While is true that there are more earthquakes lately, chapter 2 really pushed the limits hahaha, it would've been better with a rainy season and using thunders.

Usually with Earthquakes, especially big ones, there are aftershocks that can happen over the course of hours or even days.

Also this chapter is still better than bad melodrama stories on here where this would be stretched out to cause drama in 15 chapters after the characters finally start going out. Also this could always lead to the rare poly relationship.

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I’m not even mad at this development.

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Gave me a chuckle, I hope every new chapter introduces a girl who falls in love with MC after they get absolutely hugged by her

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Yo I’m calling it this will become a really dramatic battle royale with all of the youngsters fighting it out with drama and angst to see who gets to call her “mommy”.

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The quality dropped from ch1 to ch2 was quite immense, we probably gonna see a trend where the quality drops in every chapter from now on. So many things in ch2 feels forced. I probably won't read further if the next 1-2 chapters are bad.

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I don’t see what’s so bad about this.

I guess we could have had it strung out over 5 or 6 chapters, and everyone could complain about how there’s no progress . . .

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^ like everyone's complaining about Nettaigyo and such?

Inai hou ga ii ningen
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I really enjoyed this

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This was a change in tone from the previous chapter.

However, it was still entertaining to read, and I can't wait for more.

Kitsune Inari
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Aaaaand we have a Type 3 love triangle now, b->a, c->a with the nice old lady on the A.

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Can't complain tbh. It just gets better and better.

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Agreeing with some of the folks here. Why are people hating on it so much!? All the people who hate age gap left in the first chapter, and I've seen a lot of people on Dynasty that love the "girl who unwittingly draws in all the ladies" trope. Personally, I found this really funny and sweet at the same time. Also, I know what it's like to become heavily drawn to someone in a short time, and considering what happened in that short time, it's not contrived at all to think that a hormonally-driven teenager would fall for this angel of a woman in such a limited time span.

I think this series has great art, cute characters, and a plot that lends itself well to conflict. The only character that really bothers me is Shion. Just because you like a person doesn't mean they belong to you. But she's 15 so it makes sense she would be so possessive. The biggest problem I have writing-wise is that Akemi is letting these teenagers fall in love with her when she should really put her foot down, but that's drama and it's fiction. There are definitely worse series on this site and I don't think Ikenai Otona deserves half the flack it's getting. Guys, Netsuzou Trap exists. And that shit was LICENSED. I don't understand some people.

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Just because you like a person doesn’t mean they belong to you.

Ah, the peace in the world there would be if everyone always knew and acted on this truth.

Unfortunately, “liking someone” often entails rejecting this truth out of hand. . .

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that Akemi is letting these teenagers fall in love with her when she should really put her foot down

I don't think it's intentional. Like Akemi said, it's her maternal instinct. She seem eager to help young girls in trouble. The JK falling in love with her is just an unfortunate (or fortunate) consequence.

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Those earthquakes sure come with optional plot-convenient timing! Still in the camp that enjoys this though, it's fun and entertaining.

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It looks quite stupid with those earthquakes.

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