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joined Mar 22, 2018

I'm a sucker for stories where an adolescent helps a struggling adult grow as a person. The interactions between these two were really touching so far, regardless of romance being a thing that happens here or not.

From what I can tell looking around, this first volume is 5 chapters long. Anyone happen to know if this is ongoing past that?

joined Sep 14, 2014

and so another one begins. looks like a promising start with airy art as well

joined Mar 11, 2019

Seriously i fall in love with this manga

joined Oct 16, 2013

Loving the premise so far. This kinda gave me "Living with my Brother's Wife" feels. If this author properly explores the characters and their relationship with each other like Kuzushiro does, we'll have another winner whether or not it becomes platonic or age gap yuri.

Looking East
joined Jul 19, 2018

As many others have already attested, this is a very solid start to a the series.

joined Sep 6, 2018

Promising... Although a closeted introvert meets up with a mentally mature 14 y.o. could lead to some interesting dynamics (abusive relationship). I'm surprised the aunt didn't hold up the offer, there might be some baggage the adult will have to deal with later on.

joined Apr 16, 2014

Mother's daughter x mother's friend reminds me of "Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested". Love this alot more tho.

joined Mar 18, 2018

This actually have a nice promise to it. I'll have to keep an eye out for more~

joined Feb 15, 2019

I also thought this was a one shot until I got to the comments and realized it's a series. Strong first chapter and I'm loving it so far, I just hope it doesn't get too dramatic.

Amazing Despair
joined May 12, 2019

This already looks so good I'm excited to read more . I love Haru's smile in the end, it's so warm

joined Apr 16, 2012

Wauw wat a good start.
Im not so into age gap but this storry starts really strong
I wonder why she got pregnant with 16 trough.
Maybe that was forced?
I hope we Will get 2 know more!
Im hooked!

joined Nov 13, 2018

I'm slightly disturbed but intrigued, guess this will join my subscriptions, hope it gets good.

joined Dec 19, 2016

Seems very legit. Very interested to see how the story develops.

Alright Fukaumi, lay it on me.

joined Jan 6, 2017

I hope this won't have her falling for Haru, rather Haru's presence helps her get over her lingering feelings and she finds someone else.
And Haru can become her daughter

joined Sep 19, 2017

Wow. I’m in with this story. I cried for some reason, it’s a promising start. I hope the next chapter is good as this one.

joined Mar 20, 2017

Ok, the art style looks really really familiar, yet i can not remember when and where i saw them.

joined Jun 27, 2017

Those Japanese funerals always expose a bunch of shitty relatives ... ^^

But yeah; I agree. Good stuff so far.

joined Aug 23, 2018

I'm hoping the Yuri romance is the stuff set in the past with the Mother and the MC. And the stuff with the daughter is more about the MC beginning to opening herself up and forgetting the past. The age gap is a little to big and it could end up like Hitchcock's Vertigo lol with the MC wanting to project her past love onto the kid. But I like the first chapter a lot and it's a promising start.

joined Dec 28, 2018

This looks really promising

joined Feb 18, 2018

Im still curious about th next story of this one.. I'll be waiting for it

joined Sep 21, 2015

I have been reading this~ but this is one of the few Yuri that I feel like I want them to have a deep bond but not a romantic one, I mean, she's the daughter of the person she loved the most, so I wish their relationship would be that of family, parenting and stuff... Not Yuri.

Edit: ohhh I'm glad I'm not the only one!

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joined Jun 9, 2011

This almost made me cry. I really like this first chapter and hope to read more! I agree with everyone else that this dies seem like a promising start!

joined Jun 28, 2018

I am sure I read this somewhere long time ago. This is a new serie or re-post?

joined Sep 30, 2018

Oh My God, this is super lovely and looks super angsty. Hope this series gets updates regularly.

joined Feb 11, 2018

Those Japanese funerals always expose a bunch of shitty relatives ... ^^

It's nothing out of the ordinary in Japan. People don't generally adopt except when it's adult for business purposes, often not even their relatives kids.

If anything, it could be considered extraordinary that authorities would let a single woman adopt a kid who is not even related to her. Normal procedure is to throw the kid in an institution as was mentioned, and everyone washes their hands of the whole thing.

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