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We could make a religion out of this...

No, don't

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Something ominous about this chapter.

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That was quite desolate. But I suppose the punchline will be that time is no longer absolute and Shimeji returns after what she thinks was twenty minutes.

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I really enjoyed catching up, though I'm still as confused as I was in the first chapters lol. It's probably not the kind of story that can be summed up in a single point, though.
The 2 themes that I see throughout the story are the following :

1) Humans use their will to gain increased freedom from restrictions (through science for instance), but they find themselves in new situations of restrictions : the limits of imagination, the chaos of a world where nothing is tangible and susceptible to being changed when left alone, the inability to change yourself as easily as you can change the external world, the constraints that result from living with other humans (or other beings, as chapter 46 shows an example of how even a Goddess cannot prevent war).
Some actively seek the increase in freedom (Shijima's sister), some resist it (the gardener), others don't really care (Shijima) but no one seems to be able the affect the direction of that change - the same way that no single human currently can decide to just stop collective technological progress for instance.

2) The mysterious nature of reality : is the universe a story, a dream, a song, a dance, a material observable thing external to us, a simulation ? What does it mean to exist ? To be separate from someone else ? All the characters have different perspectives on the matter, and different ways of relating to the absurd world they are in, but it seems that no matter what their answers are, the main characters ultimately long for human connection at the end of the day (not super certain that this is really the trend, it's just that ch44 p08 seemed quite important to me : "The stories that began as legends are gradually shifting towards anthropocentric themes").

Looking forward to how it will end.

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Yeah I have no idea what's going on in terms of dream / reality but maybe that's the point. But looks like Shijima is finally leaving her shell in order to connect with others.

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Humanity is transitory. But trains are eternal.

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find your woman shimeji

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That was surprisingly lovely, even with the separation, especially considering what Shimeji was dreaming of when it came to Majime. Just this page alone warms my heart like nothing else.

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Its like, I understand, but also have no fucking clue what is going on anymore.

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She better reunite with Majime

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we trailblazing now

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Feels like we're approaching the endgame since Shijima is opening herself more to other people. I guess her whole arc is a deep desire to connect but being utterly confused as to how to do it and being afraid of what it entails. Total isolation from others and the breakdown of boundaries seem to be the 2 extremes that this story has oscillated between, but now Shijima seeks connection on her own terms, rather than being forced to do so because of various conditions in the world or other people.

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Feels like we're approaching the endgame

The last page quite literally says the next one is the finale, yes.

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It's been one Hell of a ride.

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So happy we get to see Chito Yuuri one more time

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Feels like we're approaching the endgame

The last page quite literally says the next one is the finale, yes.

Oh I never read these messages on the side, thanks. Excited to see how it will end.

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I like how with such a trippy story and setting, the main drama was a result of a plain human reaction to getting segz rejected. Nice contrast between the transcendental and the mundane.

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This goes so hard

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Yeah boy we trippin'
Odd end but i never expected to be a "conventional" one xd

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Now when it's done, I can say that I still don't know what's going on XD

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On heaven everything is fine~

You got your things~

And I got mine~

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I'm positively surprised that ended on a relatively positive note.

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I'm not exactly sure what was going on in the end there but they ended up together and that's all that matters to me. I'm happily confused with this ending. Thanks translators, these introspectives must be especially hard to translate but you guys did awesome.

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