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Egads, its so adorable.

Help I can feel the cute killing me...

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Really like it

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Chapter 5 is missing a link to the next chapter

Edit: Also Ch7 leads back to ch 1

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This one's name rivals preciseness and descriptiveness of some Mira's masterpieces.

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This is just really wholesome.

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I knew that little lamb was in for it went she went back to the heroine's love nest.

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I always wanted to see a mixer with two girls falling for each other.

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bus driver yuri gets a hell yeah from me.

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Holy shit this is adorable <3

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Loving it already.

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I love this

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I know this manga was made to be something simple and lovey-dovey without all the drama and bitterness but I personally do not fancy the way the story goes; it feels like it doesn't have an actual weight to it. The progress between their relationship goes way too fast, it's simply not fair for the development. Contemplating on the premise, the college girl seemed to avoid getting 'taken back to their place right away' but she broke it just because it's a pretty girl who took her and moreover, somehow they decided to date each other on the same night. Well, it's not Bright and Cheery Amnesia kind of simple. So yeah, just a thoughts from a pure-fag. Take this as a pure-fag rant.

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Why is this so wholesome xDD

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This is cute :3

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So cute

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With this, I'm now certain that Yuri Ichigo are my new gods, thanks a lot for yor work <3

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I also kinda go 'should she REALLY have taken the drunken heroine home with her?' Tho I don't THINK she actually took advantage.

Very cute tho.

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simple and good

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Bus driver yuri is not something I knew I needed until now.

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Bus driver gap moe

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Rika has an older, short haired lady strongly pulling the moves on her
She's living the dream

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Oh my. That was cute, light and romantic. More please.

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With this, I'm now certain that Yuri Ichigo are my new gods, thanks a lot for yor work <3

Same!! Thanks Yuri Ichigo!!!!!

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