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I kinda like this

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i'll stick around and see where this goes

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I got a S H A F T feeling from this style of paneling and art direction, it was weird and I don't really like the jumping around I guess.

schuyguy Uploader
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I enjoy everything I've read from this author. This feels somewhat different, but it looks interesting.

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I guess a Shaft-style manga isn't a very good idea. Feels like it's all over the place.

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I don't see Yuna in the credit

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kinda weird with the jumping, but it sorts itself out well enough.

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this felt nice and also SHAFT-like, but knowing this author tragedy will hit at any minute.

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Remember kids, don't drug yourselves with Monogatari before drawing your lesbian mangos.

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woah woah woah yui7's doing a series?
After reading: that got lewd real fast lol

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La Aoi Beau Chico
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I didn't get it... I mean, this is just my theory... Is the title related to Nonoka not knowing how to describe the feeling she feels with Akane-ne, or.... ya that's my only perspective atm.. tsk

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You know, I've never seen a SHAFT-styled manga before. I kind of like it, but it's not really a good direction for a mangaka already prone to incoherence

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it's like reading bits and pieces of chat logs of people we're already supposed to know without it really feeling like anything's coming together at all
it's not bad just, very confusing and weird
the first chapter felt like bits of conversations of 6 chapters and every conversation bit felt like it came straight out of something Akiyuki Shinbo directed

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Hopefully it becomes easier to follow as the series continues and we all get used to its style of storytelling.

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Wow she is totally me I literaly went thru everything she did in college from just giving up to going out alone and pushing people away dam I hope she finds herslef faster then me (still hasnt)

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I didn't get it... I mean, this is just my theory... Is the title related to Nonoka not knowing how to describe the feeling she feels with Akane-ne, or.... ya that's my only perspective atm.. tsk

Ididnt get it either. it was a completely waste of time, on top of that Ididn't even emotionally invested yet in all these characters. why would I care? dang it, Ihate this kind of story. we can't just go straight into the meat, first of we'll need build up into that dude *sigh

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Double check for angst and tragedy tags
Hmm that went better than I expected

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Why is shaft writing a Yuri manga

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First of all very nice job. I liked how the passage of time was done with Oomori going from going to "person you met at a park bench" to "person you visit a love hotel with". The sex scene was also well done.

Second, and other people have pointed this out also, this reads like it was made by Shaft. I didn't think it could ever work for manga because of all their crazy visual effects but it actually works well.

Definitely looking forward to more.

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I’m conflicted. I don’t know why, but I’m having mixed feelings with this one, especially that dark-haired character with long bangs during the sex scene. Everything moved so fast than what I’m used to and I feel like the only character beside the MC that I didn’t have problems with was Shou. The other two seems like they’re plotting something with the way everything’s progresssing.... please tell me it isn’t just me that’s feeling this way

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Most of the "jumping" seems to be only in imagery - when she says "I play the guitar" there's a picture of her playing the guitar instead of a picture of her saying "I play the guitar", and so on. It gives a feeling of disconnection. The sex scene feels the most "present", where the drawings very clearly show what is going on at that moment with a clear perspective. I wonder if that was for literary effect, or just because the author wanted nice-looking sex.

Other than that, the story moves straight forward from one scene to another. Maybe there are fewer between scene transitions, but the structure is linear without any major skips or backtracks. I don't think it's difficult to follow, just somewhat stylized.

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It's pretty interesting to see how divisive the style has been among readers so far. I kind of get it, there were a few points where I had to pause and puzzle over the timeline of events, but I sort of agree with schuy here in the sense that the line between figurative and literal imagery is clear enough to not significantly disrupt the flow of events, at least in my opinion.

One of the reasons I really wanted to translate this was the sex scene, because I liked the immediacy of it. I felt that the complexity of emotions at play gave it an interesting feeling, with Nonoka having an experience with the one thing that is supposed to give her all the answers to her questions about love, friendship, and intimacy, realizing that she learns nothing from it even if it wasn't in itself a negative or unenjoyable experience. There's also something unique about the way Yui7 draws sex in her comics, with character models, linework etc. warping and distorting to signify physical pleasure.

The story around it seems pretty interesting too. I feel like Nonoka's life as an isolated, listless underachiever is pretty relatable, and I think there are a lot of compelling character dynamics at play. I poked around Yui7's Twitter and there are a couple of posts from June where she describes the characters. Nonoka's a "protagonist who doesn't smile", Akane's a "rich-kid senpai who is the type to spontaneously ask if someone's a virgin" and whose true motives are currently unknown, Aoi is "currently" Nonoka's friend, and is a "ps*cho b*tch" whose least favorite thing is men. Shou-chan suffers from a "lack of presence" and it's currently a secret that she's ********.

Well, I'll jump right on it whenever Yui releases another chapter, and we'll see if this story breaks the Yui7 curse of bad ends to great stories...

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Funny how even before reading the comments here, I thought "this kinda reminds me of Monogatari".

The first 4 panels of this page were so Hachikuji & Araragi like.

"Shitsure... kamimashita..."

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Jeez, there's being inspired by a style, and then there's literally putting speech in blank cutaway panels, having a character jokingly stutter by repeating syllables in a person's name, and sticking random monochrome pictures of food in at unexpected places. Even the meandering, off-beat rhythm of the dialogue is the same. I don't know how I feel about this. I guess it kinda helps if I think of it as basically being a Monogatari doujin, except instead of using existing characters and story elements, it uses existing jokes and styles, but... Eh.

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