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Marion Diabolito
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For many mangakas, NTR happens situationally for drama. A Mira character normally doesn't have commitment/issues, but if they do, they'd only have NTR 'to make the sex hotter.' She comes from a sexier universe than we live in.

I think no actual polyamorous 'bians were harmed making the doujin: The school drama - it's all role-play "to make the sex hotter."

"Maho, you BITCH!"


"I'mm .... "

"Me too!"

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Not What I usually expected but the story was great

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Mira knows how to cherish a lesbian's heart, as always I'm grateful :)

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Cute. I wasn't really feeling the sex scenes in this one, but I liked the story.

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I check Dynasty everyday but how could I miss this in the front page lol. Anyway, that's a pretty good one. Idk if I would like to see an alternate ending where Hikari and Maho ends up together but I'm quite satisfied with Hakari x Ai.

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Yeah I think this actually would be much better without the sex scenes, they got in the way.... Not gonna lie Hikari's still kinda a bitch, she literally outed her best friend, but she's flawed and I like that too.
Two unrequited-love best friends get over their crushes that won't work out and date each other instead.... I really like the dialogue between Miyako and Ai at the end too. Thanks Mira-sensei as always :)

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Liked how pushy Ai was, drama and angst is the best with a happy ending.

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Oh wow, everyone is terrible. Everyone is either a bitch or an ass and the only character that i like is Ai, the story is kind of a mess. The good thing is its more story focus and not all sex and romance focus I expected from mira. My least like mira's work or possibly the worst mira work? In my opinion atleast. *sigh, i shouldnt criticise a manga where the main thing is sex.

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Wow! For some reason I love the story..Hesitated at first because of the Love Triangle tag but that went better than expected..Especially with what Ai said at the end that if Hikari tell her Let's break up even as a joke she would lash on her since I thought she was just using her but I guess she really falls inlove with her..

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Dead Meme

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Hikari doesn't deserve Ai or Maho. Miyako is a pure soul that just wanted to be gay in peace probs. And I'm still a sucker for Mira works.

(Also I couldn't stop thinking "Maki" everytime Ai appeared.)

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am i the only one who liked hikari's characters? i feel bad for her. of course she did mistakes but it was because she has difficulties dealing with unrequited love, at that age that's normal she reacts like this she was suffering and spending time with the one she loved without being able to confess didn't make things better. she couldn't let go and that's why ai was kinda pushy. some way to tell hikari "just let go". for someone who only tried to get hikari out of maho and miyako's way ai really cared about hikari and was more compassionate than anyone in this story (even more than this idiot maho who don't see anything even if it's right in front of her nose and this miyako b*tch just telling hikari couldn't be honnest with her feellings and was pathetic! well if you weren't there hikari would have confessed you b*tchlus she don't have a word to say because she was just a coward who gave up on her first love because she feared her mother she don't even know what is urequited love so how could she say such things about hikari when she don't even know what she's going through! in contrarise ai knew how it felt because of what happened with miyako) hikari could have tried to break their relationship but she never thought about it once! all she needed was to move on.

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Hikari is the best character.
I will always defend characters that are bitches/do bad things out of desperation.

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Really liked this one, was expecting at the end that Ai and Miyako were in a cahoots to break up a friendship by just getting with Hikari and Maho for a bet or something.But it ended up on a happy note, maybe a end of a friendship as Hikari is probably copped on that Maho is a bit of a dunce. All the characters are flawed, Maho is a bit of a dumbass and probably a heartless one as Ai says,and Ai probably suits Hikari better anyway. Also like that Ai and Miyako both dislike each others partners.

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Don't leave MIra open during a zoom call, you are sure to have an oh-shit-what-did-they-just-ask-me moment no matter how briefly your attention is (totally) captured.

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