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The Pixiv account does seem to have several more chapters, so it's definitely not the end quite yet.

Still though, wow that was a gut punch for such a fluffy read up until now.

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That final line in Chapter 8 is almost like an 'ending.' Let's hope the fluffiness keeps the Drama and Angst tags away...

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Whoa, drama.

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I recognize that the whole Japanese laws thing has hopefully run its course, but there’s always That One Guy who tries to resurrect it because they didn’t sufficiently get their say. And to That One Guy, I say:


Leave it rest, to save me the trouble of deleting further posts on the topic. Thanks in advance.

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The Pixiv account does seem to have several more chapters, so it's definitely not the end quite yet.

Still though, wow that was a gut punch for such a fluffy read up until now.

Yeah, it really was, especially after the last couple of chapters. But we've known that something like this was in the cards ever since the first chapter, when Minami first came to stay at Iori's house after being hospitalized because of violence at home.

Iori's response that Minami going home "should be a good thing" was pretty lame, and the "I didn't hear anything after that" line tells us that she didn't take immediate action even after recovering from the initial shock.

Time to step up, adult-san.

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Happy 1,000 posts Blastaar.

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Well, that was a pretty big shift. And again, as I said before, I think this would be hugely improved if it were in chapters of 20-30 pages. Ideally, each segment of a story will tell a small story of its own, and some space is required to tell a decent story. I guess I can go on pixiv and just read a bunch of them in a row, but I still feel this story suffers from the author having split them up into 3 page chunks in the first place.

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Now to the part where Iori goes on a yandere quest of murdering every family member that ever abused Minami ...

Omae wa mou shindeirou!

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It's a mother. I BET.

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Happy 1,000 posts Blastaar.

Aww, shucks, thanks. Most of them have been pretty happy, too. At least for me. xD

To bring it on topic (and only touching on the legal thing in the context of the story, Nez, I swear):

If Minami really is 18 as she claimed, the issue for her age would not be sexual consent but financial independence. Although the law in Japan is slated to change in 2022, I believe that right now you need to be 20 years old to sign leases, contracts, etc. (even for cell phones or to buy a car) without parental permission.

This would limit Iori's options for any kind of official intervention on Minami's behalf (short of an actual child abuse charge). I can just see her steeling herself to find Minami only to have the (horrible) parents tell her to get lost.

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Oh no, my yuri.

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How could you do us like that ;_;

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we've been played

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Is... is this the end?

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Oh no, my yuri.

Oh no, my stomach...

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Oh no, my yuri.

Oh no, my stomach...

Oh no MY stomach.
This end is some BULLSHIT. checks manga page oh thank god, it’s still marked as “ongoing”.

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What the hell is this ending?! ;-;
Also, I kinda wish this had a mangaupdates entry so I could keep track of where I am, but I don't know if they would accept it so I didn't try creating one.

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She is Yakuza or something similar

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Woah what the fuck, that was so sudden it was almost funny.

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At first I was like "well, it seems drama-chan is making a move again, with the 'previous girlfriend' card"

Then I was "oh, I didn't expect that. To much fluffiness made me forget that minami was beaten up in the first chapter by her family"

Then I read the "I didn't hear form her again" and I was like "what?, no!. You can't end it like this!"

And then I saw the "ongoing" and I was relieved.

Too many emotions for just 4 pages... Nice

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she die? good ending? bad ending? i gona comit suicide today? IDK

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Well, fuck man...shit.

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Status: Completed

Still a better ending than most.

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Please make that salarywoman some kind of killing machine

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