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Pretty cute.

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Great series.

Separate bedrooms though?

(apparently that's also more of a japan thing)

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This is a great short story. My only complaint would be either leaving Hotei's feelings more ambiguous to match that of Ebisu, or making things a bit clearer at the end on Ebisu's side. But it's a minor complaint, one I can debunk myself by just saying how the difference is just playing along with the type of characters they are.

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Aight so maybe we never quite got that honeymoon ending but who cares, it was still a lovely story start to finish. Who am I kidding, why is it over, I was hooked, why did it have to end! I haven't been so captivated reading anything in such a while.

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Come back to this one all the time, I think for most yuri serieses I'd be disappointed at the lack of "payoff" but this feels really natural and pleasant. I love how it ends.

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My first OL yuri manga, definitely a good read :)

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I hate this kind of manga where they show us the road to their relationship but not the relationship itself after this road. I just want to see a whole chapter at least for them together after everything has been settled ~(>_<。)\

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i kinda hate the ambiguous approach, kinda just feels like the “they aren’t lesbians it’s just a deep soul connection” pre gay rights kinda thing

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Every time I see this I think her name is "Hotel-san"

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Wish what happened to Hotei could happen to me IRL.

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any series similar to this?

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