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This is just sooooo cuteeee *fan girl mode activated *

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With a title like that, I was expecting more angst.

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So cute! I don't really get it, but nngh! Cute!

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So much diabeetus, and I'm not even referring to the chocolate!

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It can, by the way.

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Welp I am already hooked

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This is promising. I like the reptilian pupils on the delinquent girl, but I'm not sure it's just a trick the artist is using by having some strands of hair hover over her eyes.

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is that it?
this isn't one-shot right?
cuz, I wanna see more.

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I can't point out why, but the face that the dark haired girl makes when she talks about her face cramp here:

might be my favorite expression in a long while now.

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I read the first two chapters at Danbooru, but the other three weren't translated... since then I was (still am, actually) waiting for someone for translate this, I'm really grateful, thank you very much Fellowship of Freelancers!!
First the Citrus anime announcement and now this, I can die happy now! But, wait, I'm already dead! yohoho~ (I'm so happy that I'm even making Brook's jokes, I'm a happy Shogun right now).

is that it?
this isn't one-shot right?
cuz, I wanna see more.

Don't worry there's at least 4 more chapters (─‿─).

well thats going to be in my nightmares.

Why?? This is the most adorably creepy head tilt that I ever saw (ᗒᗨᗕ).

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Delinquent yuri is best yuri.

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Ooh I'm liking this already. They're already cute together and the black haired girl is adorable. It's like somebody went and took my list of perfect traits and gave them all to her.

We need more tsundere+kuudere, esp delinquent tsun.

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Delinquent yuri is best yuri.

I know right! I love it! One of my favorite tags. Though I don't like how all of them think school is a pain. We get it they're a delinquent don't have to beat a dead horse.

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You know, this part is true - scientists are studying whether mealworms are a viable option for reducing pollution due to them being able to eat Styrofoam, which I honestly do find fascinating.

On to the main topic though, I'm glad to see this here - like Ghost Shogun said, I have read the first two chapters on danbooru and am waiting for the translations for the last three (I actually uploaded those three lol), so seeing how this has gotten more attention makes me hope to see rest soon. Thank you for the translations!

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Love is in the aiir~~~ (⌐■_■)b

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well thats going to be in my nightmares.

i thought it was cute lol

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Aaaah I really like these characters!! I got hooked right away and it's just chapter 1!!

This quote 'Therefore they can't stand her' LOL xD

The entomophagy part that's what I was just talking about yesterday with a friend, it's very common to eat insects where I come from they're very healthy and nutritious but still kinda icky to eat for me but I do believe they're somehow a possibility to stop world hunger though, guess I should give'em a try... sometime :B

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This is cute. I wonder if stories like this should be tagged as a mismatch couple. Two character types you wouldn't expect to be together. I like it. ^.^

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Aww man, too short :(

Need more!!!!

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Tsundre tag! Tsundre tag!

Ahhh, it's so refreshing, and definitely cute!

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Reminded me of

nice to see delinquent yuri since that series!

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flips posted:

Reminded me of

That was exactly my thought. A light-haired delinquent who's not actually so bad and a dark-haired and rather quirky girl who usually comes off as emotionless and who manages to worm her way into the delinquent girl's heart. Not that that's at all bad or anything. Seems like it'll be an interesting, if slightly disjointed, series and it has rather nice art.

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This series is so great! Now I just need to see a dandereXkuudere manga and I can die happy!

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