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Helllo! I dont know if anybody also have the same issues but i can't read any release (in general, I only can open forum and dynasty home screen/tags, but when I click to any released doujin/manga/etc the picture won't be shown, or at least until 10 minutes. I had to wait 10 minutes in order to read the first page of the doujin, which takes roughly 3 hours to open and read 24 page doujin) I had this issues for over a week now, which really bothers me because I often read here :') I tried vpn, and it actually works, so I feel like my provider/ip Adress was blocked for some reason? My friend who had the same provider but tdifferent IP Adress can open it freeely though, so I dont know what happen with my ip Adress? Or maybe the server acknowledge my IP Adress as spam etc? I dont know where to ask, so if someone read this, kindly help me please, thankyou so much ಥ_ಥ

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anyone know the artist of the saintess has a showdown?

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Last year I was talking about Yuri in Asobi Asobase thanks to 2 really interesting characters
My comments last year:

GUESS WHAT! Asobi Asobase ended, with lots of chapters with them... BUT .... THEY GOT THEIR OWN MANGA NOW!

You can legally read Asobi Asobase for extra context in english at 2 more chapters and it will be completely translated btw

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I had a strange dream where Orange Pekoe from Girls und Panzer was giving a lecture or strategy meeting on tanks, then In the middle of it she started talking about yuri then moved to talking about Dynasty-scans.
Guess reading GuP doujins before going to bed made my brain mix things up.

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So... More yuri in Mortal Kombat. Mileena again, she has a thing with Tanya now. Idk, they don't elaborate much, but it's a thing. Kinda cute interactions.

Anyway, I finally started playing the re4's probably the worst remake I've ever played. Easily the worst one of the REmakes. Feels very rushed and they made some really stupid decisions when designing minor things like idk... EVERYTHING! Everything feels sluggish and terrible. Leon moves like a drunk person and aims worse than one. The amount of rng is insane, I had freaking 10 spider plagas spawn in the wrecking ball room, THAT'S 10 ON TOP OF THE ONES THAT SPAWN NORMALLY! I should've recorded this shit! It's was like a comedy movie with those feckers at mach 5 while I attempt to get a spot to throw a flash grenade or something. Since Capcom said I should play on hardcore because I played the original, I'm going to stick with it because I hate myself.
Also, Leon hates Ada now for some reason. Great game, I love how we have to pay extra for separate ways too. Also love the fucking gacha in the game and the pay to win tickets, great design. I love how this game has both aim sway and reticle bloom AND the bullets just fly wherever they want sometimes because it's more challenging that way, right?

Yeah, I'm salty af. I've been torturing myself with this for whatever reason lol. Anything that distracts me from college, I guess? Chem labs are taking 5-9 hours now heh.

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New Yuri game with anime retro style and magic!!!! IS AWESOME

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Did y'all see the new absolute art at D4DJ Halloween event?
No straight explanation for that one.
Check the skill name too.

I don't remember if I mentioned Esperia here, I think I did don't feel like checking. Anyway, just beat chapter 12 after taking a break from it cuz ch 11 is kinda crap. Spoiler! Diana goes Mordred and she straight up does Clarent Blood Arthur like Fate's Mordy lol. Kinda hot ngl. I got her A support with her lady knight, not sure if they'll end up together or not. The writing is definitely inconsistent, but salvageable. Then again, I play FE and clones for the gameplay...and for lesbians now.

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Helllo! I dont know if anybody also have the same issues

@MarisaKirasame: You'll probably have a better chance of getting this sorted out over in this thread link

but that being said, I have trouble loading things on DS too, but your slowdown seems abnormal.

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Update on Esperia ~ Uprising of the scarlet witch
There's yuri, there's also more women than men even counting secret characters.
I'll summarize the endings I got, the game is really short and supports must be grinded FE6 style besides the first 4 characters you get, there's simply not enough time to get them normally.
Anyway: Diana and Ursula, they fuck for sure. the ending itself is fucking weird, the writing is awkward probably because she's the main lord? Idk. They get together to feel no regrets like their siblings, who were in love, but Ursula's sis dies. They have a classic arrangement with a gay noble to save face? There's a line about popping a child but I have no idea what it's supposed to imply... adoption? One time sex? Sister popping a child? Weird writing for sure

Astrid and Sally: maybe??? It's a strange ending, their A support Astrid comes into Sally while drunk and Sally says she isn't into women. They discuss a few things, but act like a married couple? The ending itself implies they stay together forever but doesn't elaborate at all. Also, Astrid is really slutty with both sexes lol

Het- Silvie and Alex: Weird ending, casual sex until she gets pregnant, then they get together for real. I also got a bug and Silvie ALSO had her A ending with Elphin...odd, they apparently had 5 kids,'s super awkward lmao Silvie has a bit of a harem, which includes Diana, I'll check it later.

Het- The cavs: kinda amusing, nothing special. It's Lysannas only A rank ending at the moment.

I didn't have time to grind at all, I wanted to get Rosanna and Aliz. Aliz is definitely gay, she only has A support with women.
I'll most likely get A rank with the sisters since they aren't blood related next run. Both lords or ladies in this case, have a couple same sex A rank supports including each other, so I'll farm them out for fun.

I recommend the game with a huge asterisk. The writing is all over the place, just like fire emblem lol. There's a real gratuitous S.A. scene around half way through the game, thankfully it's foiled, but it's way too descriptive even without CGI...not to mention the victim is a minor.
I mentioned the pacing, the game is very short with some extra chapters and characters, may be a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask. It's really hard to get support and weapon levels without really slowing down.
Uh... Arthurian legend references all over the place if you're into that. The main lord promotes at chapter 12, not super late but she's unusable for a couple maps, anyway her sprite looks like Artoria straight up, I mentioned Clarent above but she also gets Excalibur and her range crit animation is just Artoria's NP lol
Morgana is mentioned all the time and has a cameo in a flashback/cg, but it's a completely unfinished plot point She's also really hot
If you're interested, the game is cheap and it's getting at least one big update in the future. Current build is really buggy, a hard reset(close the app) should fix those.
Tips: They give you good ol' cock wizard for the final chapter with a warp staff, just use it and don't bother with the enemies. You save save at any point, so it's basically a save state.

Second game recommendation for late Halloween:
Echoes of the living
The demo is on steam. If you like classic RE, play this. It's still early build, but the environments are amazing! They feel like REmake, a huge compliment....but the animation are really lacking right now. Laurel has a lot of weird looking jiggle physics for some reason? The zombies are definitely unpolished.
I still recommend trying the demo just because it feels great to play, it's hard to explain, just try it! Definitely RE1+RE outbreak+RE3 feels.

Edit: how the feck did I forget to mention the biggest Halloween game this year? Serenata mentioned it above, but it's Little goody two shoes published by square, it's yuri as well. Straight up a key feature from the steam page:

Get struck by Cupid’s arrow and fall in love with the charming bachelorettes of Kieferberg. In this all-female cast of romanceable characters, unlock dreamy date scenes and storylines for each of them.

Yeah it's gay. I'll definitely check it out later, since I'm trying to demolish my backlog little by little at the moment.
I'm trying out Walk with the living. It's completely free on steam with a sequel that's cheap in a bundle with Esperia and Grey heritage, all three being decent fire emblem clones.
Anyway, I'm digging it. It's charming with a silly cast and a western art style. There's also lesbians in this one!

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Yo! I was looking for raws of the Outsider Paradise girls and found and entirely new yuri work! here's the official raws

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hey! im just here to just vent a little. i hope some people can agree on me with this one, even if its just one person.

everytime i have something i like, it gets criticized. i watched Lycoris Recoil, and honestly in my opinion, it was one of the best things ive ever watched. but it got criticized. a whole lot, actually. this happens way too often. so naturally, i cant get rid of the feeling that maybe i just have shit taste after all!

i honestly just watch anime and read manga without thinking too much about it. i feel as if its the best way to enjoy it, for me atleast. i dont like when people call one of my favorite animes the shittiest anime ever, it just feels wrong.

and i probably sound irrational, but i dont like people who criticize stuff when its not really their job. i mean, i dont really care if they do, it just bothers me a little when they say stuff like, "The Digital Circus is absolute fucking dogshit! its like blah blah blah blah," and all that random stuff. it just doesnt feel right to me. but i never make a big deal about it.
well, im probably too dumb to comprehend this kind of stuff anyway. thanks for listening to my dumb rant, i just needed to get this out of my chest. i do hope some people can side with me, but its fine if not. i dont really mind after all, life kinda sucks when you let people get the best of you after all.

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It sounds like you were talking with contrarians, people who hate popular stuff or are just bitter in general, Lycoris was very loved around here (well, most of us) and even today we keep getting doujins and eagerly waiting the s2.

Digital Circus is super fun, but as always if something gets very popular, haters are born naturally somehow, like they can't stand people happily talking about it

But hear me out, deep down they actually enjoy this stuff but they're so bitter and desperate for attention (for whatever reason, maybe they're depressed or self centered) that they would attack anything if it gives them any short of human interaction, I'll give you a simple example, manga like My hero Academia or well Citrus right here, I love MHA and I keep reading it, but I don't love the former anymore so I stopped reading and commenting entirely, that's the normal thing to do, but if I check the comments of MHA there will be people who claim to hate the protagonist, the story, the enemy, even the panels and the fights but they'll be the first to comment next week in the next chapter, how do you explain that? who would willingly expose themselves to things they truly hate?

But yeah, do not engage, they're pitiful and most of them don't really meant what they say... I just hope those harmful comments don't come from friends.

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I think part of the reason why popular works also get a lot of hate is precisely because they are popular. And not only in the sense that more people get exposed to them, but also because the popularity of a work can increase people's expectations, thus leading to greater disappointment if it's not to their taste.

Also, don't you ever get frustrated when something you think is mediocre at best gets a lot of praise? It somehow feeds your need to rant about it, and the more popular it is, the more you find yourself wanting to point out all of the things that are wrong with it. Or maybe that's just me... Though usually, I try not to spread it on the internet for no reason and spoil the fun for everyone else, I just rant to my friends (who have no idea what I'm talking about lol).

For the record, I did enjoy Lycoris Recoil, even if it wouldn't be a favorite of mine.

In the end, no matter what you like, there will inevitably be people who dislike it. Unfortunately, there will also be people who rudely proclaim that everything they don't like is complete trash. It doesn't really say anything about your taste. If anything, it shows that these people are quite disrespectful towards the creators of the work and don't deserve your time or consideration.

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All too often, people treat their personal preferences or biases like they're objective truth. These kinds of people don't truly understand the meaning of opinion because their whole identity is built around beliefs. There's no point in listening to them.

As RAO says, I enjoyed LycoReco but it didn't make it on my list of all-time favorites. But that's just personal taste. I'm glad that the show gets the love it does and that you became so fond of it. My own tastes tend to run outside the mainstream, so I try to be cognizant of where I gush about them. It's great when you have people who share your tastes, but sometimes it takes effort to find them, and that can feel a bit lonely. It's one reason I value the community here on Dynasty. I may not know these people, but it's a place I can share my thoughts with those whose tastes at least overlap with mine.

The absolute best is when you find people who can appreciate your enthusiasm even when they don't necessarily have the same tastes. Those folks are worth their weight in platinum.

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thank you guys for sharing your opinions about my post, i felt really happy when reading your replies.

@Serenata i feel as if thats quite a cruel way to go about it, yet i want to believe it. i never engage with the people i was formerly talking about, since i think thats the best for me so as to not create more conflict. i agree with you.

@RadiosAreObsolete thank you for sharing your opinion. i get that feeling of needing to rant about popular, mediocre works. although i dont see why i should feed that feeling any further. it would be kinda hypocritical of me to act on that feeling, when i just ranted about why i dislike those same people lmao. but i agree with you, especially at the end. again, thank you for taking the time to respond.

@Yuki Kitsune i felt really damn happy reading this one, since you took some words i didnt know i wanted to say out of my mouth. even though i dont engage with the dynasty community all too much, i can relate. everyone just needs a community that they can relate with, a community they feel they can create connections with. as such, i like yuri and the works that reside on this website, so i often find myself here time and time again. your statements are beautiful to me.

thank you guys for taking the time out of your lives to respond to my (supposedly) dumb rant. i didnt think people would reply in that sort of way. i relate to all of your statements in one way or another.

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No idea if this has been shared here and I don't feel like checking, but indie game Blade sight is interesting. It's a really weird game, it's a 2d souls/fighting(?) game that's super gay.
It's still super early build, but it's definitely playable and very brutal...AND CUTE HOLY SHIT MC CAN ASK HER GF TO HOLD HER CLOSE AND YOU JUST CHILL THERE AND IT'S SO CUTE AAAAAAH! You can also ask her to kill you, yeah it's a weird game.
Here's the official free link:
Definitely read the description or you will struggle. I didn't realize the heart mechanic of the game until after closing the game after dying like 15 times oops.

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PSA: the newish Atelier gacha game is REALLY fucking gay. The gacha summoning animation is the only gacha animation I will never skip. It's explicitly romantic and there's 2 versions too, it's SO CUTE.
I doubt there'll be any kisses and stuff, but I like what I see so far. Definitely Ryza influenced on the design, as in Resna could totally pass as her sister lol.

My party rn is the Sophie harem, I'm just missing Corneria and Firis if you count her, had to reroll for a bit for Sophie+Plachta, worth it since rerolling take less than a minute. It's kinda neat to see the more obscure games that never came out of jp getting instant representation, unlike Feh.

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Heya gang o/

I was feeling a tad nostalgic so I swung by here again. I'm glad this thread is still around!

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Welcome back! I! is good to take breaks or vacations from the internet or just websites from time to time, helps to break the routine and find new things

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