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Coincidentally, Calli was drinking/streaming for almost 4 hours today :thonk

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^ does it? She's always being boing boing.

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Hell yeah! More Metal Slug!

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"Dorothea was the person whom Petra loved the most"
Now that's some good friendship right here.


Arknights! 13 Jun 04:57
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No joke, I rolled 2 6*s in one bag...all dupes! Shining and Saria. Couldn't ONE be Eunectes ffs!? OOF
Guess that's all the rolls I'll be doing until the next limited banner or if there's a Surtr rate up maybe.

M3d Murdock's Bonk and Jackie's S2.

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The audio gets completely distorted...nah, more like completely destroyed and very loud. Its happening less but it was unbearable a couple of days ago. The subtitles also don't go away after the NP is done.
It doesn't persist after battle.
It started happening after the newest update iirc.

I forgot to mention Morgan and her fairy knights! They look sweet! I like Tristan because she looks like Elizabeth.

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I'm sure we all got a mini heart attack with Haachama's announcement, Kanata assured us she's ok and WILL come back sooner or later. I think I had enough time to digest everything by now. I'm ok and will keep supporting Kaichou's future plans, Vtuber or not.

Anyway, Uh ... Meme review with Ame reached yabai levels I never thought imaginable....
Calli pretty much did a watchalong while streaming:

Pikamee x Ina collab was blessed.

Korone playing SA1 hit me with some good memories... except she's almost done in one sitting.

Nijisanji Amogus worldwide was fun too! Sukoya seem out of practice haha. Pomu went full simp mode when she got murdered by her LOL. Hana's exaggerated accent had me wheezing too.

Ironmouse 400k subs on YT celebration with Spanglish lol

Mana concert again:
Will be members only archive tomorrow, so go watch it if you didn't catch it live.


Yuri in HoloGra!

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The owl is definitely real! It seems to be active early morning? I still haven't been able to see it, only hear it.
Pokemon Moon x Lillie

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her roommate is being harassed by antis(allegedly) and she's not taking it well, looks like she's having mental breakdowns like Aloe before her. That's why her schedule is so inconsistent lately Delu = Deluta∆ = Aloe. I did say this stuff is all cross contaminated, they seem to be friends. I just hope she doesn't end up being a bad influence for her.

FBK plays Henry stickmin translated:
Rushia (click bait)
LamyBotan NoeFlare horror date live: we'll probably get clips tomorrow.
KanaCoco Minecraft date on their channels.

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Just noticed this. 4k+ already? What freaking chads y'all are! That's a calliope reference for those who don't get it btw. gotta love joke explaining

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Same! 4 tickets was enough, thank Matsuri!
I'll definitely stop here. I must roll for cute grills not dudes!

Anyone else getting a horrible audio bug sometimes before/after an NP?

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Genshin Impact! 10 Jun 04:35
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I'll be on mobile for a while so it's a bit of a pain to fight the world bosses with my new team lol
I didn't touch the event or teapot today so I'll visit someone tomorrow.

*Another point against Jean's skin: THE FUCKING SKIRT IS LITERALLY A PNG! WTF IT LOOKS AWFUL AND SHE ALSO HAS SOME LAZY CLIPPING ON HER LEGS OOF. MHY seriously didn't want our money in 1.6 did they?

I'll definitely use the Barbruh skin for the bare thighs whenever I use her since she's already collecting dust for me. It's almost like not actually having her at all.
Actually........I might start using her since I don't have Jean/Qiqi for Xiao's sustain.

it's like Rob Liefeld with his POUCHES EVERYWHERE and looks similarly dumb

Surprised you didn't mention modern Square Enix and belts.

why are you such a huggable dork Fischl (っ´ω`c)

She also now laughs at the end of her auto attacks if you're using the JP voices. Precious!

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I forgot to mention the PSA. Avoid Twitter or any website talking that focuses on talking about this stuff(and definitely avoid the usual cesspools), because there's a shit load of conspiracies going around. Try to avoid YouTube comments somewhat as well, I spotted at least one asshole that was spreading bullshit around the time of Aloe's announcement. Holo sub reddit and Vtubers sub seem 100% good right now, good on the mods.
Remember the 2 important things we know:
1) Fubuki said she would retire immediately if Cover/HLL did something shitty.
2) Pikamee said: some people say things as if it's a fact but the truth is, they don't know! They don't know shit!
There's absolutely no way these random idiots on the internet would have access to private company information no matter how much they like to pretend they do.

I did go check some info about something unrelated but it ended being cross contaminated by this stuff. At least I started following a new Vtuber who's really cute and ahem...has interesting fantasies about her female friends, I might share when she properly debuts.
Some related stuff you might not want to read: there's a lot of BS about other members but there is one thing that seems legit, it's about Shion. She seems to be ok? I hope she gets whatever help she needs.
Delu got really angry after Coco's announcement and posted something negative (not the first time, she has mental issues) then deleted it, the problem got shared and translated everywhere...any chance of her returning is probably very low now, the same story would repeat if she were to come back. I...don't think I can deal with her anymore tbh, I don't need this kind of negativity in my life anymore...I like her a lot and it seems she is working on it but...I just don't trust her, she is a freaking yoyo, even if her album does come out and she goes public again, she might just break down again.
Mods, check if there's anything inappropriate and delete if needed as usual.

Anyway, enough of that! There's a lot of Coco clips from every clipper/translator in the community, so here's some other stuff instead:

Lamy clip
Thirsty Pomu:
Marine's sub nautica translations:
Calli simping for Kiara!?
Wholesome Zentreya clips:
Part of the Marine x Rushia date translated:
Miki short cuz I miss her:

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^ LOL I like that. Mind over body, right???

Theres so many power outages going on this week. I really hope they don't interrupt the important meeting I have soon. My dad wasn't able to work at all yesterday because of that shit...
Hololive Kanata x Coco

Genshin Impact! 09 Jun 05:50
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Congrats! I thought you went leviathan mode when I saw Klee, then I remembered you saved for her haha.

This banner is terrible for me so skip, weapon banner is even worse. Don't really care for Kazuha but I dig the Beiguang memes about Beidou adopting him as a family with Ningguang lol but idk if he'll be coming with one of the others that got announced.
Everyone simping hard for the new Amber hahaha...pain bunny.

There's a new achievement for riding on a friend's ship. I'll be annoying one of you tomorrow lol. Don't worry, I'll PM first, and again feel free to PM me anytime.

Hey, is anyone in the American servers willing to let me join their teapot to purchase from the traveling salesman so I could complete round 3 of the adeptal mirror? It would be greatly appreciated

Mine is in page one and teapot open.

Edit: bleh I need to work harder on the teapot but the time locked building kills my motivation.
The new mechanic is REALLY good! I loved the Mona dialogue in the teapot lol! She's so precious <3

Edit 2: I assume no one here will buy the Jean skin? $25, no unique animations, ugly pants. Nice thighs are not enough for me, actually...I don't even know if I'll ever roll Jean either, why bother? Seriously! the more I think about it, after playing Arknights, it's not unreasonable to ask for a copy of Jean if they're also asking us to buy the $30 pack for it. Meh, Im still salty with MHY tbh

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Arknights! 09 Jun 05:38
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I just finished M2ing my Murdock S2. E2d Vermeil, Magallan, Jackie. Working on Jaye, Meteor, Gummy, Gravel and maybe Ambriel or Spectre too. I had over 10M LMD RIP all of it lol
I love Jackie so much! She might take my second place after Utage...sorry Angie...
I haven't even touched the permanent CC map because of how much I hate the gimmick.

Maybe a few months from now, she'll be in the shop so perhaps save up for that?

I guess. I have enough for Blaze and Mostima for whenever the heck Yostar decides to put them in shop.

Is Ambriel worth E2'ing? I was farming sniper chips today but I still don't have one of her mats.

Go ahead if you got the mats, she's hilarious at e2.

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I'm heartbroken. I feel so lost once more. This will not only leave a huge gap in Hololive, but also in out hearts.
I think this explains Calli's odd behavior during their meme review.
Let's just try to enjoy the time we have left.

Kanata clip:
Otakmori did one too but, you know...YMMV with that guy.

Arknights! 06 Jun 05:45
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Pity(?) gave me another Hoshiguma. I hate this game. I'm never getting Bagpipe lol

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Sometimes 3*s are the most rare. Hope Asclepius is nice to me...
I'm on like chapter 3? Idk.

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^ somewhat related but Holobass(the guy that made the pop on rocks remix) did the thing and just deleted everything. That sucks, Ame didn't even want to sing it and she might feel guilty about it. Check the reddit post for more info because that shit is too messy to explain.

NoeFlare song! Also, they flirting a lot!

I refuse to watch the Cats movie but it's nice that at least Kiara enjoyed it. Poor Ina...

Ame, Ollie and Kiara showed up for Roboco's new outfit stream. This gives me hope for the eventual 3D Holomyth streams, Marine as the camerawoman hehehe.

Oh and Haachama is doing another FEET stream lol

Hope y'all didn't miss Elira's singing stream. She ikenai borderline'd us lol

Uto 500k and Hoshikawa is almost 500k too.

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How's everyone doing? Cafe's been pretty quiet lately. I'm doing doing well, but shitty neighbors are back at being shitty, just great!

I might have to start quiting some gacha games. I did start playing too many at the same time haha.

If you gotta be addicted to something, chocolate is the way to go.

Side effects include having to exercise more...
Vtubers Veibae x Melody x Silvervale

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Definitely one of Sui-chan's best ships. I need moar!

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^^ I love to imagine Kanagori giving Coco a german suplex every time Coco cheats. Like with Moona this week

Genshin Impact! 31 May 05:51
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I was busy all day and couldn't get the codes in time. Wtf is MHY thinking? That was like less than 10 hours.

Might roll for Klee if I get some more rolls but idk...I see that Ayaka and my primos are getting motivated.

My Mona and Rosaria are ready for full ascension but I need more mora. Almost done with Razor too, since I didn't get Eula.

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What a week! The whole HoloEN is at 1M now!
Fuck y'all Kiara haters! Last one or not, she got to 1m with her own creativity! I can't believe she still doubts herself...
I wish I could simp for A-chan

The Mario party 3-way was hilarious. Actually, all the collabs were awesome! Iofi vibin with Calli needs to be a gif.

Voms is recruiting. HoloEN is recruiting too! The era of Vtubers is not slowing down at all!

.... but so many of them had to take a break ...pain peko...

Polka karaoke:
Showing off her culture. Slayers and Shaman King!

Shigure Ui clips:

Crossick karaoke:

TakaMori animation I forgot to share here:

Flare being gay:

Uto x Nabi song cover: