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Genshin Impact! 11 Aug 00:49
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I don't know if I want to roll. I want to and I'm close but I seriously have no idea if I'll be able to save enough for a guaranteed Baal.
I don't have my desktop so, archers kinda meh. Still Yoimiya is awesome and Sayu too...hmm..

I don't think has been posted yet. AyaLumi love song


Edit: As for the Banner I got C2 Xinyan, C2 Diona, C0 Sayu, and C0 Jean. Not Qiqi which I was hoping for. Does this mean I need to start gearing up Lisa so I can complete the ship? I'm going to save my guaranteed pull for Baal (likely).

Well, Jean is POG. 2nd best standard banner character imo.

Arknights! 11 Aug 00:42
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I don't even know if I'll have time to finish the EX stages or R6 collab for that matter. I've done a bit of auto farm at least, almost clear shop.

Saga can spook anyday which I hope happens to you!

X (Doubt)
Still no Bagpipe, Saria is always my only spook.

Still gj! At least it was worth it!

Yeah, I can't e2 Dusk yet but I like her. Worth.

Probably cause they remind of a pair of dragon vtubers who are also siblings and have that similar bickering lol.

Gotta love it LOL

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My rolls were kinda bad? Ok? Not sure.
Jinako spook instead of Bunny. Np3 Melt and NP 5 Okita, which is the exact opposite of what I wanted. Everything else was CEs.
Did a couple of rolls on the other 2 banners, all trash.
Time to save for space Ishtar then all for Castoria.

I'm so excited about all the new ways to strengthen Shuten in two years.

Yeah, it'll be a lot of work but you're supposed to put all your resources on your favourite unit. I have no idea who I'll 120, I didn't np5 lancer Melt and she was the one I planned to 120 :/

So. Regretfully I decided to come back, but I'm not taking FGO seriously at all. Will probably try to max NP my favorites, since I barely care about any new servants.

Hey Nev! I literally just unfriended you like a week ago to make some room. Go ahead and re add!

Edit: I got her today along with NP3 Mary and N2 Suzuka Gozen. I have too many good servants that need leveling so it looks like no rolling for a while.

There you go! Watch out for her stun.

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Don't stop spreading our love for Vtubers here just because I won't be here for a while, ok? Vtubers being gae is just as important as our regular 2d girls.

They're talking about hand holding, right?

Coco: yyyeeeeaaahhh...

TakaMori reading of some Bloom Into You:

Dang it! I knew I missed an important stream!

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Hey everyone! I made it in one piece, it's been a busy week. I'm at a relative's house atm. I'm 99% Dynasty is blocked by at college, so I'll won't be able to chat here or share cute 2d girls anymore for a while. rip hentai too
I had to make a new Discord account after all [snipped by OrangePekoe] Suisei pfp(duh) I'm going to bed and play Genshin Edit: mods, please remove it in a day or too, thanks. Get it while it's hot! I think I'll have like no privacy, so please don't send me lewds, even if I appreciate them, because I might get in trouble. I'm a good family friendly piece of bread after all.

Like everything nowadays pretty much. Quality doesn't matter anymore. Only how many copies they can shove down our throat.

Yep. These new ones seem fine so far, I just hope they last a little longer.

Going abroad for college is great, so many amazing experiences :) Never been to the US personally, probably a very prejudiced opinion, but I'm a bit scared of the country

Haha. I'm only worried about having a roommate tbh, it'll be fine but still, a sleeping next to a stranger yabai. Everyone has been very nice and polite so far. I haven't found a Karen or anything like that just yet... it'll happen sooner or later lol

Hey, congrats! That sounds awesome. Math was easier for me the second time around tbh, sometimes a break and some distance can be really good for your head.

Thanks! I'm not bad at math but ya know, I am kinda dum. I almost embarrassed myself already and it hasn't been a week.
Btw, why are American showers so freaking strange????

That's pretty poggers ngl

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Arknights! 03 Aug 07:30
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Forgot to post my rolls. They were absolute garbage! What a surprise.
I was so freaking salty I almost uninstalled, then I decided to check the cert shop and was like eh...what the hell. You can actually get a lot of rolls with enough yellow certificates, which I did have.
Fast forward to my final 10-roll FINALLY 6* BAG WOOOO- TWO IN ONE?! and it was a double Dusk...dang it! It was close. I'm probably not getting homgry doggo but I like Dusk too.
Also rip me buying Mostima in shop? Unless...

CN event has even more nice swimsuits OOF. I can't buy skins until those come out to have enough for everything.

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^ grats! I'm still usually borrowing Waver/Skadi/Memelins with Mona/Bella Lisa, so I haven't tried them yet outside story battles because I need more QP!

Freaking Tamamo alter is broken as hell in JP LOL SHE'S ENABLES BUSTER LOOPS IM FREAKING DONE HAHAHA.

Im still saving for Melt solo rate up. Staying strong!!

Genshin Impact! 03 Aug 07:16
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You have to beat part 4 of the event 11 times to clear shop and get the Beidou UGH

My Ayaka is almost done: max'd out Blackcliff longsword, 16+ Blizzard strayer, bond 4. Been trying her with Barbruh, Mona, and Xingqiu, and I don't have a preference between them. Xing gives great uptime and synergy+heal+damage reduction, Barbs gives me bigger heals and boost from book, Mona is Mona.

Finally unlocked Inazuma commisions! Haven't cleared the story either but Ayaka's chapter is definitely a date.

New abyss looks slightly more painful because of how thicc the Inazuma enemies are ugh.

My Lumine is legally married to Ayaka now.

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Shion is finally back! Towa is doing more collabs! Sniff I'm so freaking happy!
No idea what's with the cube and error but yay new projects!

Selen's RE4 is amazing. Probably my second favourite re4 LP after TGMs.

OkaKoro being gae IRL
TakaMori parenting = NanoFate?
Suisei x Toko

Uh. Nijisanji broke 50 in their first year alone. They've scaled way back lately, but

Yeah, I meant nowadays. They still go pretty fast compared to other companies.

I'm a fan of Pikamee, but every time I've watched her streams in the last five months or so, it has had the unfortunate side effect of subtly reinforcing a persistent sadness that's been weighing me down. The other day, however, I watched a stream that felt like it began to heal that pain. If you've been having a similar problem, then you may well find that this channel has just the remedy you're looking for.

I see. Speaking of things like this, the pizza girl with a roommate came back to streaming regularly, she's actually still saying good morning MFs on twitter lol. I missed her voice. She's getting a new model soon™.

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I'm going to college next week and will travel to the US this week as an international student. This took a lot of trying and it wasn't my first option but stills pretty great haha. I have lived alone before and I'm not nervous tbh, I'm only a little worried about going back to school after so long....don't kill me, Math/Chemistry!
I'll probably still have free time but I'll definitely have to play less gacha hahaha.

Oh, that sucks...I recently lost the screw on the frame on one side. Can't get anything to properly fit in there (even if it is the right screw. Maybe the old one was magical?). It's a real nightmare...

I swear newer glasses are just made worse so we buy new ones every year. I had to go and buy new ones after all, they were supposed to be ready yesterday, we called and it's going to take longer because it had some kind of defect...fml.
My old glasses give me headaches.
Fate Nobu x Okita

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NijisanjiEN cannot be stopped!
Guess Pomu wants to go all out before her surgery. Hi Pikamee!

a) they're not going to have full control over their schedules

Possible but we don't actually know if this is similar to other companies. I've heard some really shitty stories about a couple of """"indie groups""""" so I could definitely believe this.

b) that the initial contracts are for one year.

I've heard some rumors about this one. Apparently it might not be uncommon? Supposedly, 1st year contract then swaps to a permanent/flexible contract. Who knows? I don't think any of the people saying this actually know a thing.

Also there's that bit about debuting over fifty new vtubers.

This! There's a reason why Holo/Niji filter and only hire 3-5 at a time. This seems "throw crap at the wall and see what's sticks" kind of deal imo.

I think this means that they've been given a time limit to produce results if they don't want the project to get cancelled and the expected debut schedule puts them at 50-60 by that point. ...I really doubt that they're being given 5 years, so this is going to be pretty rushed

Also possible! There's was a similar case like a year ago with an """"indie group""""". Yeah I'm still angry about it

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Huh, I'm surprised it took this long for this to be uploaded here.

I thought this was already here.

Arknights! 25 Jul 06:22
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An hour left...I think I'll skip today....too tired and I don't like this map. Edit: ran out of time and now got insomnia lol

Yea, but it's only 3 sec and have insane redeploy time. I'm using Suzuran S3 multiple times and it was still tight.

Besides Shamare, the only other debuff option I got is an underleveled Pramanix, take it or leave it shrug
I'm leveling Shamare's S1 as well and might try her out instead, idk if I'll be successful but we'll see.

Anyway, part nobody cares about.

What are you talking about? I always click on everyone's links! Say "almost no one cares about" at the very least.

I still do want the KFC skins tho maybe they can remove the KFC logo like what Azur Lane EN did for the Pizza Hut skins.

Not impossible but still X

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Haachama! You are as beautiful as the day we lost you :'^)
Haato, Amelia, Kiara and Kanata definitely took to heart Coco's "you're next!". I have no idea what Haachama was doing but it seems like she's not going anywhere. The university rumor is still just a rumor btw.
She's struggling a bit with the memes but I'm sure she'll improve little by little. Coco actually did struggle on the first few episodes even though she's American, so I think she'll be just fine.

Yuri. Nyanners' new 3d model looks so fluffy!

I forgot to share the Gura x Vergil clips silly shark you can't escape the storm

I'm on TV btw! I made it to a game at Risa's Amogus stream. Didn't do shit but it was a fun couple of games haha.

Sony opened auditions for a large-scale vtuber project. Be interesting to see how it goes, and I hope they don't damage the market too badly

Slightly old news but I didn't feel like sharing. I do not trust Sony with anything these days. I'll still give their talents a shot but I'm worried about them tbh, I hope they get treated well at least.

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I just freaking popped my glasses hinge out of the frame 2 weeks before something very important...fuck! Classic me! Now, new glasses or repair? I accidentally scratched the lens on my pool literally the weekend I got them so they're kinda super busted now :/
LWA Akko x Diana

Arknights! 23 Jul 04:37
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Time to promote a a smaller channel:
You want to see actual low star clears no BS? Yep, there you go. Very impressive clears, even a risk 18 on perma map.

How the hell did you manage to do it with that squad? Did you pick any mudrock&bob/golem risks? Either way, wow great job!

Max golem buffs and let doctor eat them. No buffs on the thicc duo. Suzuran S2 actually gives you plenty of time to slowly tickle enemies. THRM EX also inflicts fragile.

I tried stalling with Weedy once when I was figuring out different strategies. It was pretty fun, have to admit.

I had to try it for the week 2 challenges, failed a few times before I figured out the proper way to reset.

Honestly I can kill golems, the issue is Bob and Mudrock. In order to kill them at the same time, I can't let golems destroy last rubble, so I need to kill them near their spawn point, since that's only place where I can use Ifrit to cut their resistance, but I don't have enough time to redeploy Specter and Ifrit to then deal with Bob and Mudrock at the same time. And if do it like on screenshot, the cooldowns won't recharge before Bob comes. Honestly if the title under Eyja wasn't banned, it'd be much easier and my strat would probably work. Unless I have a breakthrough and figure different setup, that's the highest I can go with my current operators on first week. Now I'll try seeing what risks I can add from second week, but I'm not really expecting much.

Is it even possible to defeat both buffed golems and the thicc duo without Surtr/Weedy stall for hours? My brain hurts from trying to risk 25

Anyway BIG NEWS! R6S collab confirmed and it's supposed to be Mid-August. With Dusk + Saga announced for July 30... that means back to back limited banners! Goodluck to us all... Do note that Ash in the R6S banner is guaranteed in 120 rolls.

I'm fecked. No rolls, no money, no sanity :'^)
I have to at least try to get screaming doggo, so I might just have to skip on R6 fml.

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Genshin Impact! 23 Jul 04:16
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MHY just dropped a nuke on us!
Aloy from Horizon: zero dawn is coming and she's free??? ....for PS players, I already had made an account on my PS4 and had to make a separate one to link it. I think I can unlink it on MHYs website.
Anyways, she's coming with her personal bow BUT it becomes a paperweight outside of PS4/5, I don't know why Sony is always so dumb but eh, I think I would just need to log in and receive both.

I wonder if this means we might get a Link in the future? Is that way the switch version is still not out? Maybe a DMC crossover too????

ALSO BAAL CONFIRMED FOR 2.1! I'm so freaking sorry, Yoimiya! I really want you and you're adorable as hell but I have to wait for a rerun now.

Ayaka came on the 1st 10-roll, not surprising, I was this close to messing up then. Yanfei took me a few more...aka all my extra fates. No c1 either. Bought a blackcliff for Ayaka and Yanfei will use Klee's book for now. Currently farming both bosses, I have enough mora and exp for both. Foolishness Lumine, foolishness

@Norainhere: yeah, I thought Lumine was about to get lucky but we got something better instead LOL
The traveler does NOT want to get involved in a rebellion.

Ayaka and Yoimiya seem to be quite close. Ayaka also supposedly has a line about her too.

From the bit I got so far and the new years art Ayaka seems to be interested in Lumine? OT3? Maybe add Noelle in there too

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She's cute. I kinda like Perceval a bit more tbh,

I take it back. I only saw her other np animation and though "eh" BUT SHES A FREAKING ACCEL SYNCHRO??? AND SHE LOOKS LIKE DARK REBELLION ON TOP OF THAT GKMABDIWLAVKFDM clear mind is still the most hype anime song ever, change my mind.

Edit: FREAKING Achilles spook while rolling with tickets for XX wtf!? I did get XX almost right after, thankfully. Kind off in need of QP and Rider exp/gems. Finally a foreigner yaaay

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Nijisanji Finana x Elira
NSFW. Reference to a Miitopia stream.

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Genshin Impact! 20 Jul 07:10
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^ hmm maybe you're right. But since she's always so sweet to named characters, that's the image my brain immediately defaults to.

Update downloaded, fates ready, storm approaching.

I was this close to rolling on weapon banner for Ayaka because I figured we're getting a bunch of primos but I can't do it after looking up Baal art lol. Also, weapon banner is still garbo and would probably give me the spear or a non rate up.

I just got Yanfei from the standard gacha. :) She was the main reason I was planning on rolling on Ayaka's banner but since I got her I don't know.

You should try to get that C1 unless you just don't want to roll on the banner at all. I really hope she drops early for me so I don't have to keep rolling after getting Ayaka.

Edit: didn't gold medal 2 of the challenges, that event was terrible. Why did they make the final archipelago event so bad?

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Arknights! 20 Jul 07:00
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I didn't actually skip the dum wind stage and cleared it with overkill. I remembered the Ifrit line and Mudrock's resistance and figured it would be pretty brain-dead to have her on one side and Hellagur+a defender on the other. Overkill because I dropped SA and Skadi on the stragglers because I thought I needed more DPS. Didn't feel like trying higher risk because I don't like the map.

Thank you but I caved and let the golems go. Timing the sleep was really hard. Of my many attempts, 2 hours was the longest I got maintaining the sync before ultimately failing

I don't blame you, I would lose my IRL sanity if I had to keep micromanaging the map like that for hours. Nice work either way and I hope you had a snack because your brain probably needed it after that.

Iris' sleep was only crucial once which was when the 2nd golem arrived.

Had a similar experience on my first clear but used Kafka.

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Nijisanji still speed running members and announced new JP group and a CN group. Selen is happy to be a senpai RTA

Anyone got an abridged version of Kiara's Sims 4 stream? I haven't watched the whole thing yet but I know dad said hi during the wedding? lmao

And if you don't want people to know what you're talking about, why bother at all?

It's more because of excitement, I guess? I feel like a parent seen their child achieve something bigger and feel proud or something idk. I really do like to keep Vtuber etiquette wherever I go, this site is no exception.

thank Pikamee

Better send a "tskr" her way.

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My 2 cents on Punishing gray raven global: game is fun, don't even think about spending a dime until everything is addressed and equalised between servers, enjoy the EN version because it's probably won't last long.
Game is very good! It's easily a step up from MHY and I'm even getting full green bar connection. Lots of pretty girls so we might get some yuri art soon?

Anyways, I got visited by one of these guys except it wasn't cute. Played dead and I got worried because I thought it got stuck on some wires...then I remembered they do that.
Genshin impact Baal x Unknown Tuna

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I forgot to mention the OkaKoro costumes!! They are so cute!!!!!
Watame reached 1M and sung weather hackers :'^)

Rosemi is 100% that one Vtuber I mentioned a few posts ago.

What you're saying still isn't enough information for someone who's not actively into indie EN vtubing to go off of. Her known languages make me think she's Miki, though?

I didn't want to name drop lol yes, Miki 100%. She was also in a smaller group and graduated from that a while ago, not name dropping that one because I had no idea until recently (thx YT algorithm). I did mention Miki being fluent in Japanese and French as well, definitely enough. To be fair, I've only mentioned Pomu and Rosemi's previous identity graduations, it should be super obvious if you check my posts haha.

The other 2 are pretty cute too. I heard one of them is also a revived Vtuber but idk.

Would have to be Selen, Petra mentioned that she hasn't streamed before

Maybe? Her voice is very unique, so it'll be spread around quickly if it's true.

Image Comments 18 Jul 02:23
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YukiLisa is pretty great.