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So... I was reading chapter 28 when suddenly... development? In my Sisterism? What madness is this?

joined Feb 28, 2013

So... I was reading chapter 28 when suddenly... development? In my Sisterism? What madness is this?

I know, right?

joined Jan 31, 2013

I about peed myself with joy when I saw a new chapter of sisterism and a really good chapter! :D

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YES!!! Developmental progress through confession. It's unbeatable.

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Well, sisterism actualy started going somewhere when we started getting all the new characters, and was no longer just seperate unrelated chapters- and we even got 2 girls who were dating as apposed to just 2 girls who fantasised about their crushes..

But THIS chapter actualy had real and significant development! and a wonderful one at that :)

Looking forward to more in future.

joined Jul 3, 2011

Yeah 2 - 3 more chapters anyway maybe 4

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Payapaya Scans
joined Jan 28, 2013

There are three more chapters.

Edit: Not counting 29, that is.

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joined Jan 11, 2013

I have been dying for a new chapter

drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

Oh my god the character development and ending of plotlines just keeps going.

The ending. I can FEEL it coming.

Only one romance left. Three chapters. Let's do this thing.

joined Jan 27, 2012

This series is ending? LIES, IT'S ALL LIES!!

joined Jan 30, 2013

I think it said on chapter 28 the chapters and ending....but if does end they're gonna add a bonus.

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It's almost finished, there's only two chapters and a bonus chapter left

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All that's left is Yoshiko and Haruka's realization

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come on!! even the young girls are together!! why can the other two just get together lol they r so stupid both of them. I feel like younger sisters are more mature than the older ones sheeesh XD!! lol

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Fully agreed, but I still find it hilarious that they're so dense... together.


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The main couple is so dense I'd be surprised if they could realize their true feelings in two chapters.

I'm pretty sure the manga might end with them realizing lol

Nezchan Moderator
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Just a guess, but I'm assuming next chapter will be the two of them realizing it, but not realizing the other knows (they're been almost to that point for ages, of course). Then the last chapter will be them admitting it and becoming a couple. But given they're both kinda boneheads, it'll be funny no matter how it happens.

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At first in chap.17 it looked like Sakura didn't believe girl couples were possible but now it looks like she's more into it than she realizes. Then again surrounding influence will do that to some people.
(at least when it comes to Mai anyway)

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...its makes me smile and laugh even though some people can't easily make me smile the way this manga do to me....nice work...

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A silly manga, one I throughly enjoyed one chapter after the next. Especially all the outragious and perverted things those 2 come up with to make up for not being able to do anything with each others sisters.

Nezchan Moderator
joined Jun 28, 2012

Re: Chapter 30


That is all.

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Sisterism ending...must reread..must experience the feels!

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And then chapter 30 killed me

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This manga really good. And It'll be end not longer anymore.. Gonna miss it >.<

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near the end then... i'm sad, but i'll wait for new series from this autor,
and no realization for the MCs at the end, i think...

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