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joined Jul 2, 2018

Shit it's the ichiban kawaii author? I'll be honest that series fucked me up a bit, couldn't stop thinking about some of that fucked up stuff for a while, but I only actually left when social awkwardness got added in. Well, I'll stick with this series, does look like it's going to be interesting

joined Oct 12, 2021

Read the author's previous work, so going in head first, fully expecting the absolute worst, but still excited.

joined Mar 20, 2015

In this house we let Manio cook.

joined Jan 23, 2022

Bocchi the rock if Kita didn't meet Ryo in high school

joined May 6, 2019

Certified Manio Banger LETS GOOOOOOOOO

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joined Aug 1, 2022

I wish we had a pathetic girl tag. I eat it up every time. I've not read the authors other work so im a bit terrified but I'm not getting off this ride. Im following my problematic fave till the end!

joined Apr 16, 2020

The gf could be that 'jealous online gf' since Tsukasa's a neet gamer (reference to streamers and their gfs). It's still cheating but this is hilarious so far.

joined Oct 9, 2022

More fucked up shit? Welp! Sign me up!

joined Dec 18, 2020

Yessss this looks like the perfect trainwreck. I expect the "depressing as fuck" tag come up pretty soon. Love this author.

joined Jun 1, 2020

I am not particularly excited, and quite honestly fairly terrified. I might check up on this every once in a while, considering the first chapter was, uhh... lighter in tone, I guess. Though I guess I can also just as easily see this ending with some murder-suicide shit. I dunno.

joined Feb 6, 2013

Cute main girl, stressful scenario, could either be a comic riot or a tragedy in motion. Either way, nice art!

joined Nov 15, 2017

Let's take bets now on who's dead by the end.

joined Jul 14, 2021

bit messed up innit

joined Sep 11, 2019

Why not just git on with both the main girl and the side girl?

joined May 8, 2017

This mangaka needs to sit down with a therapist

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joined Oct 28, 2021

title reminds me of that one song that goes "love me like you do" or soemthing like that LOL

joined Feb 21, 2019

This is the most “could happen to a girl I know” yuri manga I’ve read in a while lol

joined Feb 10, 2022

Just by knowing how this author's previous work ended, I have a bad feeling about this. That woman's dead eyes are not a good sign. Not gonna be surprised if this goes like the other manga

joined Feb 15, 2022

i can't resist the cute art......

joined Mar 4, 2018

I see enough vapid people irl; I don't think I need art reflecting life any further.

joined Dec 16, 2014

Here we go

joined Oct 15, 2021

haha never read manio's other work, im scared

joined Apr 16, 2018

Nana… value yourself a bit more.

joined Jan 15, 2020

Can't get out my head on how she greatly resembles ryo from BTR, except she's a cheater here.

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