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this was very wholesome

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bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbanger right here

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I love it

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Great! Also
@Esnet , what is your pp source, please? (I know its sailor venus, just would like to find full art)

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Aww. Cute.

I fully support this sort of pairing and pray for more of it.

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The title has a typo

"I'm Not Cut Out to Be a Princess, so I'll Elope with the Villianess."

Villianess => Villainess

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Thanks for the heads up! I corrected it :')

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this is pretty

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I love that this premise is just an entire genre now.

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There is not enough Isekai yuri.

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The true duty of the every isekai princess. Hand over your daughter, Pops.

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The otome game genre will be soon more related to yuri than the straight romances, ahaha

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idk i feel like something is missing

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Damn, what an asshole. “You aren’t my daughter or anything, but this prince said he wanted to marry you so I decided that was what you wanted by proxy. Now do your duty as a woman that has no relation to me.” Glad they were able to run away from that mess.

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Ahhhhh, this was so good? The art's fucking amazing (love the chonky teeth), the characters make such a good impression in a few dozen pages (they designated Monet a villainess because she had too much drip and was too gay for the class system to contain) and the author really gets how to write a good relationship dynamic, the essence of which is that all parties get to be equally cool and cute and pull their weight. The Yuri Villainess subgenre in general is one that's really grown on me, because while I'm not really a fan of the otome-game, generic medieval rich-bland-white-people European setting most of them have (and also because the first work in the subgenre I read was IFTV, which I found to be extremely mid), every consecutive Yuri Villainess story I've read has somehow managed to be better than the last. It's actually insane how they consistently keep exceeding my expectations even as they heighten, with this one easily making its way to the top so far. Hope to see more from the artist as well, because damn, they've got style.

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I loved it!! is it related in any way to this anthology?

The themes are extremely similar, and page 2 especially seems familiar to me.

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I loved it!! is it related in any way to this anthology?

The themes are extremely similar, and page 2 especially seems familiar to me.

The title page says that its part of a different villainess anthology

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I’m so happy that this particular genre became a big thing in yuri now.

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mildly twitching because I don't know if they took enough money with them to hole up in another country and get some cats or whatever

yes I know that's not the point

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the artwork was gorgeous!

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Wtf this was super cute. The art is beautiful yet super adorable, definitely gonna follow the artist lol. Hope someday they do an actual full manga yuri

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Some Yuri Isekai concepts I am working on:
*Reincarnated villianess from a novel spends time seducing her maids instead of taking part in evil plans.
*Girls gets thrown into another world where she becomes a slave dealer and acquires a harem of girls and they live happily ever after.
*Girl spurned by man get truck'd into another world where she decides to find a wife.
*Woman wakes up as a noblewoman and declares lesbianism to be the law of the land.

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This was very cute and wholesome. Are the other works in this anthology also yuri, or is it just this one?

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Wow this is beautiful

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