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Well, that was... something...

Also, that "I think it's friendly". :D

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Basically 11 panels amounting to a Bonk go to horny jail joke. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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I like how Tara is both super hot and a big idiot who is constantly making dumb faces.

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Female Breast Inspector....

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Idk what i have just read

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This Halloween special just made my day, a true treasure!

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This feels like an odd one to upload here, it's neither translated nor restricted to view, it's all on the author's twitter. What's the point of reposting it here (potentially taking away from the OG post's number aside)?

the mod has already answered this question but i'll just quietly add that if you don't have a twitter account, you can max look around for like two minutes before it forces you to make an account or login

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Quite cute, but would have been better if it was the setting to their honeymoon.

And now for RiderFan's completely biased fashion corner!

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Oh hey, a Valkyrie Drive reference :P


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I just had to come back and read this again because it's so much fun. Just looking at the expressions on Tara's face and checking where she was looking (usually boobies!) cracked me up.

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I mean, one cannot deny they are making a persuasive sales pitch.

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her(?)… She(?)

Nortuet is a cis dude. He seems pretty cool tho.

Oh, that explains some... choices.

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dorks!! HAHA

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I always find it interesting that Tara's imagination of Beverly is way more reserved and she always writes her in a tone that makes it sound like she's this close to leaving her, then in reality it seems Beverly is more than willing and actually more likely to be the instigator of Tara's horny fantasies.

It's probably completely unintentional, and I'm probably overanalyzing it to an outrageous degree, but it feels like Tara is self conscious of all the things she thinks are flaws and understands Beverly is there to keep her in check, which is likely true to some extent, but it doesn't feel like she's doing so reluctantly. I just find it heartwarming that Tara found someone who doesn't just meet her halfway but is also allowing her to be herself, while also keeping her sane.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Damn, I never thought about it quite like that. Beverly said something along those lines when she and Tara first had sex, but reexamining their subsequent adventures through that lens is both enlightening and heartwarming.

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and Tara is still wanting Bev to sit on her face lol

Well, that was... something...

Also, that "I think it's friendly". :D

gotta love her "logic" at times XD

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That Halloween special was the funniest shit I've ever seen

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Personally not a fan of sitting on a leather couch in the nude. After a bit it gets annoyingly uncomfortable.

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Begone, textile prison!

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They're adorable.

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Ropes >>> Tits out

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Gotta love how Tara is only doing her normal face every 5 panels or so. The dumb expressions she can make...

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Begone, textile prison!


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