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I feel like I'm gonna hate this, but I'm gonna read it anyway

Edit: W e l l. I've always liked Hachi's artstyle. If only they drew things I could like

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The pedoness is far too real, fbi knocking on my door

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the absolute mad lad, so this is what happens when itou hachi goes berserk mode

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Welp this is one thats going get us on Operation Hydrant books.

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wth this is nowhere near cute

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Itou is such a goddess! Great piece of work

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I'm doing illegal work here.....but my heart still into it .......but ma mind cannot stop thinking it's bad and good.....ahhhhh

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"See you soon Hinata." Yeah not sure about that teach...

"Age is just a number." Teacher-san in court January 2022.

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"Age is just a number." Teacher-san in court January 2022.


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It's always a good day for Itou Hachi and the loli tag. The other tags I'm a little o.o about. But let's see where it goes, I have high hopes because Hachi never disappoints with loli stories.

Edit: That was... an interesting concept.

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Classic Itou.

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based itou as always

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Super hot. Woot.

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oh shit,i'm slowly going to illegal route...

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I'm sure this manga is illegal in some parts of the world and just reading it would land you in jail.

The art is too good for the theme.

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Why is it that the first thing I read in the morning is this? And why is it so good, Hachi gotta stop luring people in with that art. (Or not)

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Godbless Itou Hachi-sensei

Itou just keeps making these lolis younger and younger.

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She did it. The Madlass did it

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wtf who leaves a 4th grader alone at home?? You should treat your girlfriend better than that

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Completely my pleasure as well.

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Completely my pleasure as well.

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Holy sht I can't find my gallon of holy water.

Found it. Fck it's empty.

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