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Het… no thank you

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Sorry Ushio, your posting privileges have been revoked for a short time. Please revisit the prior warnings or consider reading the rules before posting next time. Thank you, take care.

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10 years age gap, aunt-in-law, and living under her roof
if the 'het' tag actually shakes out and they end up together it'll be absolutely rancid

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quite a long read but it felt strangely short
kinda interested to see how it pans out, they both clearly have a lot of problems and nobody to take them out on

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I thought this website exclusively contains Japanese Yuri manga only. Or Two women as very close friends (Futari Escape)
If a manga that is not Yuri, but rather a Josei, Seinen or Shoujo (such as this one), won't that mean anyone can upload the complete set of the Lol eromanga by Higashiyama Shou? Here we have his 3 non H manga: Prism (Canceled due to copy rights tracing), Stretch (not a Yuri in the strictest sense), and Vampeerz?
So, where is the redline for uploading? Also, your Yuri can be someone else' H; Someone else Yuri can be your Lol Ero.

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Kinda cute...

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Each day passing almost every website is becoming like a twittar.... Idk what happen to yall when growing up to be this ignorant ┐( ˘_˘)┌
Nice story and art though

I see the program I had installed that makes people automatically click on het manga regardless of if they want to read it is working. Only explanation for this thread.(dr.pepper.2017)

Now i know why

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I like this so far and I'm glad it was uploaded here when it was so I could come across it.

Shimanami Tasogare is another amazing series that wasn't predominantly Yuri that I'm super glad I stumbled upon on here.

Thanks for the upload!

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So umm, I'm happy to see that there are a few people genuinely interested by this story. It's indeed not yuri at all, and it's not attempting to bait anyone (except maybe age-gap fans like me), the tag was clearly set by the uploader. I work on both het and yuri stuff, so it's by extension that this series I'm also working on ends up here. I work on and have worked on other titles that wouldn't get posted here. It all depends on the overall theme & feel I guess.

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Man y'all real upset about seeing some het. It's fine just ignore it lmao, I'll be reading it it's cute.

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The art is too good to be wasted on pseudo-incest pedophilia nonsense

If the het tag keeps getting good stuff like that, there's no point in me getting stressed about anything

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As a reader of all genres, this is a nice change of pace where the adult one isn't a male and the "high schooler" one isn't a girl. So far I want them to have a son-mother relationship but it might change. Just realized it was pseudo-incest lol

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For those who don't know, you can black list het series and images by editing your profile. They'll still show up on searches if they share a tag that fits your search, but they won't appear on the front page.

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not sure if i want the pair to be a mom son relationship or a ship

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Dang this has more comments than the other new series uploaded today.

A cute start though, I love the art style. The plot is yet to be seen, I hope it remains more wholesome and doesn't burn me like Bunny Drop did.

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Man y'all real upset about seeing some het. It's fine just ignore it lmao, I'll be reading it it's cute.

don't really think it's the het part that people don't like, cause there are other het manga on this site, but that this is one involving a 16 year old kid and a 30+ adult.

And if this goes into any sort of romance or something, well that is a huge freaking yikes especially when there's the whole pseudo-incest thing on top of the age gap minor stuff

it's honestly dissapointing how some manga can't have an adult and minor in a story, and just have the adult genuinely care for this kid's feelings and well being without wanting to jump them. Or how the kid can only ever see the adult in a romantic way -_-

and it's usually a male kid and an adult woman cause of the self-insert aspects of these stories, which just makes it worse :/

but I digress, this story might avoid all that shit and end up being a genuine story of caring, family and such. Let's hope it stays as a mother-son type relationship

Y'know there are highschool girls dating older girls manga on the very same website and they don't get trashed right? They're also usually pretty clear on chapter 1 it's a story about them dating or having feelings for each other. Could go any direction with this one.

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This is really cute. It's rare to come across a story about an older woman and a young boy other than in hentai

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I feel like he already cross a line when he lick her tear off on her cheek 0_0”

Reminds me of Cartman, from South Park, doing the same thing to the kid who ate his parents. That was a funny episode… this manga comes across as a little weird. I’m skipping this.

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This is pretty cute, art is good, story is nothing I haven't seen a million times in works with the age gap tag on dynasty. I'll give it a few more chapters to decide if I want to read it until the end, but so far it's pretty inoffensive, relative to other stuff like it on the site.

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"wah wah het is being posted on a doujin site wah wah"

there's plenty of yuri on the site, sort out het tags, easy, get on with your life.

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I don't see why people are complaining.
The story is good.
I love yuri, but I like this too.
I want to know that kid circumstances.
Also, OL's coworkers can f right off.

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Kinda dissapointed, let's just ignore this and moving on
Imma pretend this never existed

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This post answers all the relevant questions regarding Dynasty's uploading policies and how Dynasty "promotes" itself in terms of being a yuri site. Perhaps moving this aspect of the discussion over into that thread would be best.

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why is het in my yuri salald! xD na no problm, the art is pretty but i won´t read it. I havent seen Het alone here i think(?)

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