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Honestly, this whole thing just made me repeatedly ask "why the hell would anyone write this"... But those last 3 pages were REALLY well done.

That ending especially was genuinely badass! I can see why all the exposition was needed to make that moment hit properly (honestly, it really feels like the entire story was just in service of that moment, so I'm happy with it ending on that powerful declaration!)

Still have no idea why they wrote an omegaverse Yuri manga at all, though.

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Mods don't bother to check tag suggestions anymore?
The first part is from Galette Vol. 5 and the last part is from Galette Vol. 6.

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So, a beta person couldn’t get pregnant? In terms of pairings both betas are only meant to be paired? The only main details here only alphas and omegas, betas are unimportant to the story.

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omg again with alpha and omega bs i don't get it

what do ppl find appealing in this sort if stuff

Just because omegaverse isn’t your thing doesn’t make it “bs”.

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i usually see a whole lotta smut when it comes to omegaverse but this.. was surprisingly wholesome--



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So, a beta person couldn’t get pregnant? In terms of pairings both betas are only meant to be paired? The only main details here only alphas and omegas, betas are unimportant to the story.

betas as said, are just average people and they could make their own families. alphas x betas can still breed but omega x beta cannot, but i think i've read an omega x beta and alpha x beta fics before. so yeah, betas can still go into heat just like a normal horny person but i don't think they could release such pheromones like omegas could that would attract alphas nor would get attracted.

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This looks good, would’ve made an interesting story with a few more chapters, as long as the protagonist wasn’t ditched by her gf for her sister.
Oh well.. Maybe next time we’ll get a complete ABO.

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I laughed so hard at those last pages. What a great ending.

But now I want to see more, not because I want Omegar girl to succumb to her desire (though it could still be fun), but because her dealing with her biological attraction to Prez's sister, particularly if Prez discovers her gf and her sister are "soulmates", would be a great trainwreck to watch.

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If I ever had the rug pulled from under my feet, this would be it. Absolutely didn't expect that twist. But also, I liked the way she spat on fate/destiny's face at that last panel. I'm good with how it ended with that but there's a part of me that would have liked to see how it all unravels, be it through angst (though I would be upset if she ended up with the older sister, and it'd be really shitty if it did) or some kind of crack story where she very literally and physically fights against that true soulmate pull. Or even better when she breaks that "soulmate pull" by actively choosing the president instead.

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Typical Takeiya sensei. She never explains (from the characters of her manga) why the character(s) is or are lesbian(s). There was never any explaination for not being heterosexual. No "Who lured you into homosexuality" (our dreams at dusk), or are confused. Usually her characters were already well aware of their homosexuality, or in the process of accepting that fact. ...Also, like a lot of her characters, the heroine is always the younger one, just like this one....just like Hinanon in Itoshi koishi.

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Omega girl is physically attracted to her biological soulmate, but is emotionally attracted to the defected alpha. As an ABO character, they’re mainly instinctive creatures, 90% physical vs 10% emotional. She wants to stay with the defect she loves, and puts up a good fight against her instincts. By denying her physical attraction to Alphas and her soulmate, and falling deeper for the defect, over time, her body learns to repel against them, and eventually becomes repulsed as the attraction only brings consequences that would betray her beloved. Eventually, her instincts run 90% on emotions and 10% on physical attraction. She lives happily ever after with her lover like a normal human being.

This is canon.
The end.

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I read the first 10 pages and when the president says "maybe it's because I'm not an alpha" I remembered this was takemiya jin and it's gonna get dark. then I read the rest and am really depressed now lol

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NTR ABO would set this thread on fire LOL

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NTR ABO would set this thread on fire LOL

I know, right? The ambiguous ending is a masterstroke, particularly because either option (the MC successfully resisting or succumbing to her base desires) would be interesting in its own right.

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Oh hell yeah. Didnt expect this but that twist was fantastic!

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When reading the last pages I couldn't stop thinking "yeeeeah, Takemiya and her story about how a sister stole her sisters' girlfriend, never fails".

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