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Good thing that previous posters made it clear that there are good things about the heart being on the other side, like being immune to hokuto shinken. I hope Kenshiro didn't show up to bully her afterwards.

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short but nice

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How would they even know she has that condition

I might be reading this wrong, but the way I kinda read into it, it seemed almost like she was self-conscious about her condition from the get-go (which might have been the result of bullying, although that is never really made clear). This caused her to shut people off, thus making it easy for them to exclude/bully her.

I was thinking the same thing, but then i remember some schools in japan do physical Checks in their school, So they probably saw her then.

AFAIK mirrored organs don’t leave any sort of outward physical marks, so they would have to have looked at her medical records to find that out. It’s possible that she just let it slip to someone at one point, and the rumor just spread around. It’s also possible that they don’t know, and she’s simply getting picked on because she’s a bit more dour/loner-like than everyone else (partially due to her self-consciousness regarding her condition).

Schools in Japan will put any health problems on the transcript if the student has any, it's sort of similar to how parents will inform the teachers of the child's allergies. And since the teachers find this out they end up telling the students in the school so they know if something bad were to happen to her it could be caused by her organs being mirrored. Also, if any of you blame the teachers for the bullying since they told the students about her health condition, it's literally mandatory, if a student has any specific health conditions or problems the teachers have to tell the students. Meaning, it's not their fault but the students' fault since they're assholes for no reason.

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Damn, bullies suck. I remember when we found out a new kid at our admittedly small, boring school had this condition and he was basically treated like a minor celebrity for a while even though he was also a normal, nerdy kid. I'm glad this had a happy ending though I wouldn't have minded learning more about the new girl.

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I get that kids can bully anyone over the slightest of differences, but how would anyone know about something like that unless she told them about it.

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Does those bullies have X-ray eyes?

More likely that people gossip or talk behind your back. Probably a chatty school nurse offhandedly spoke about a "certain child's condition" to a parent of one of the students.

You know how some oba-chans talked. High School kids were still pretty much impressionable so they picked up on what adults knew and connected the dots. Then, BOOM, a girl in class who's a bit asocial became the target and sometimes "blind items" got it right. Then, bullying.

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People here really be talking like they've never been bullied before. It's a pretty deep seated issue in Japan but it's not like it's exclusive to them.

I've been on both sides and no I'm not proud of either, but kids can and will find the smallest stupidest shit to pick at and they will be absolutely ruthless in taking it apart.

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I think Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka had a chapter about a patient with reversed organs.

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I think Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka had a chapter about a patient with reversed organs.

I remember that chapter. Tezuka was the first to put a character like that in his stories. The reversed organs thing has appeared in many manga since then.

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Insecure people don't need a reason to bully. Some people are just assholes. I know it said angst but fuck I wasn't expecting self harm. That was a tad bit triggering. Wish this was longer. I love a deep emotional meaning behind sex. It's just hotter that way.

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In my opinion, bullying is mostly if not solely the fault of the adults more than the children. I mean their kids, how could they have known any better? Even if you say oh they're in highschool, they should know some stuff. No, they literally don't. Teenagers are arguably stupider than kids coz not only do they not know anything, what makes them really stupid is they feel and think they know everything. I know because I remember being like that too, and looking back at it now I was so dumb thinking i know so much about life and stuff.

Bullying can be easily stamped out and removed if a.) parents and guardians teach their children to be a kind and respectful human being and b.) school teachers and staff actively help children who get bullied and talk to the bullies' and their parents properly to start changing their actions. But nope, it's so weird why adults always think it's not their problem, that it's something normal and that kids have to deal with it all on their own. Seriously why would kids be able to handle it on their own, their fcking kids. Also why bother being a parent when you won't teach your child how to act properly, if you can't balance your career and other stuff with raising a child then maybe don't? Also why become a teacher or apply to a school if you don't give a crap about children, that's literally what schools are for, to take care of children and help them learn and grow. Honestly the ever absence of responsible adults in a child's life can is prolly is always the root of any issues of the attitudes and actions a misbehaving child shows and does. Stop blaming the kids, they're just kids.

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Okay but can we talk about the butt plug lamp on page 3?


how creative

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Oh it didn't end badly. N i c e

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I thought the implication was that she blamed her condition for being excluded whereas the real case is that she has a hard time socializing with her class

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Thinking about it does creep me out. then again right now the human body in general is creeping me out. Ugh life is weird how even exists as it does it's weird.

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what? that's it? this just seemed like the set up to me wtf. oh well, it was still nice

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...since when was this considered a myth?? The heart is positioned asymmetrically, with only about a third of it being actually behind the sternum. Two thirds are on the left side.

Yeah, no.

Web MD:

"The heart is a muscular organ about the size of a fist, located just behind and slightly left of the breastbone. The heart pumps blood through the network of arteries and veins called the cardiovascular system."

University of Michigan:

"Located between the lungs in the middle of the chest, the heart pumps blood through the network of arteries and veins known as the cardiovascular system. It pushes blood to the body’s organs, tissues and cells. "

Quora answer from a cardiologist:

"The question is correct that most of the heart lies in the center of the chest. Only a variable sized portion protrudes to the left.

So if most of the heart is in the center, then why isn’t the hearbeat felt in the center of the chest?

There are two reason you don’t (typically) feel a heart beat in the center of the chest:

  1. The sternum is a thick bony structure that decreases the transmission of force of the heart beating. (There actually is vibration there - it is just too small typically to feel. You can hear the vibrations with a stethoscope however.)

  2. The Right Ventricle pumps less blood. The Right Ventricle is under the sternum and (typically) in the center of the chest beats less vigorously than the Left Ventricle because it is only pumping blood through the lungs as opposed to the entire body.

The reason you feel the heart beat to the left is that a portion of the left ventricle lies against the skin between the rib cage on the left side - and effectively “bounces” contraction waves against that soft area. The result is a “PMI” - point of maximal impulse where the heart beat can most be felt. As the heart enlarges, the PMI moves further and further laterally, away from the center. The PMI can sometimes be used to diagnose abnormal heart enlargement."

Youtube video explainer:

Which is pretty much the same thing. The heart is asymmetric, not directly in the center of the body, with more of it on the left and the left ventricle does more of the "hard work" than the right. In a person with mirrored organs, this would be reversed, with what would normally be the "left" ventricle being on the right side of the chest instead of the left and, thus, the heartbeat would be felt over the right side.

As for how the classmates would find out, others have mentioned that they have physical exams in Japanese schools and I'm sure those include the standard things like using a stethoscope to listen to your breathing and heartbeat. When the nurse puts the stethoscope to her left side and hears nothing, then looks confused, the girl would have to explain that she had the condition. Or it would be in her information and the nurse would put the stethoscope on her right side and the kids around her who are smart enough to notice the difference might point it out.

However, the more likely explanation is that she was self-conscious about her condition and had low self-esteem because she 'always hated her own body'. This could be an analogy, of sorts, to body dysphoria with trans individuals... maybe... People with low self-esteem who isolate themselves are frequently the people who are targeted by bullies because bullies don't go after hard targets. They aim for 'low hanging fruit', so to speak. So there's no guarantee that the people bullying her had any idea about her medical condition. Just that she was a loner that kept to herself.

(Not that being a loner who kept to herself and then started dating the new girl who was a lesbian was going to change anything about the bullying other than giving her someone who would be a buffer between her and the bullies and might not put up with their crap.)

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so what is the problem with the heart in the right? people would find out and hate her for that? I mean..... it's not even a case

... You're not from Japan are you? I've been bullied for having a mole under the lips for 3 whole years just because there wasn't anyone around us with a more visible difference.

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I don't wanna alarm you, but there is a person in this very forum with inverted organs right now!!!

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My grandmother had her heart on the "wrong" side and was blissfully unaware of it for decades. When she eventually did find out, she broke the news to my grandfather, who, as it turned out, had known about it for years but hadn't said anything because he "didn't want to worry her."

She reached the age of 90, by the way, so it's not as though there was really that much to worry about.

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