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Its cute that Banryuu not only picked Hikui but also remembers her name. Love that.

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Rin is such a romantic, passionate little tsundere. She basically has forced Itsumi into a situation where she must win to prove her love.

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I honestly have no idea where things are going to go. It looks like Rin and Itsumi are going to be a couple from here on out, but it's difficult to say for sure.

Well, whatever happens I'll be here for the ride.

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I like how this went from a gag manga to half gag/half romance, it's great.

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I'm feeling dissapointed by the latest developments in these chapters: I didn't get my loli yandere imouto, there was an entire chapter dedicated to a character I don't care about, Yamatsuka and Toudo don't seem interested in each other anymore, and there hasn't been as many funny moments. Rin and Toudou are cute, but I miss Toudou getting punched for the stupid shit she did.

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It will break my heart if Toudou does something stupid or there is a misunderstanding that makes rin cry, they look so good together and it feels like they are genuinely in love

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did ghost girl have a danny phantom moment why is she white

oh i did not even notice her having white hair in chapter 26

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You know, she did always woo Rin without any help.

Our girl is really really into Yuri.

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I think Rin and Toudou are going to become the main couple it seems but man, I feel sorry for Kurohime who, other than Rin, seems to have fallen hard for our protagonist as well. I either wish that Kuro maybe gets into a poly ship with the two or at least gets together with another girl who gives her all the attention she needs. I just dont want her to become lonely again T_T

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Jeez Kagaya Hana is very sneaky! I wonder if she knows how Arare feels for her big sister!?!?

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chap 25 :
question : are the censorship really there in the original source ? or is it the TL that did it ? because this doesn't really seem consistant with the other chapters , like literally the last one and even the one before that and so on ...

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The censorship is there in the original, the digital publication of volume 5, and the physical release.

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Finally had some time to catch up.
Chapter 28: Tsubasa did always strike me as a late bloomer, but it is rare to see the tomboy sport-brain archetype to be the one with a overinflated sex drive. On the other hand it was not the least bit surprising that she never masturbated before. Love potions seem to have the strangest varying effects. That school nurse was really just waiting for any excuse to do that, hm?

Chapter 29: Unbelievable to see someone who is even more scummy than Toudou herself, but leave it to a family member to surpass her high standards. It was glossed over a little, but to think that her miserable family life was orchestrated by her little sister, it was rather heartbreaking. Of course this does not acquit her parents from their actions as they are adults who should know better. Still, Toudou herself is/was an undeniable scumbag, so I suppose there is some level of karmic balance maintained. Good on her for having absolutely zero attraction to the little evil empress, but this breaks every law of probability for a Mocchi work! No incest even with so much set-up. What a shock.

Aphrodisiac being used as some sort of truth serum is a new one, but I suppose Mocchi has decided to hard railroad Toudou on the Rin route after all. I did not expect it to be this aggressive to be frank. I assumed at first that she was simply so horny that she confused desire with love, but the punchline never came.

Chapter 30: Honestly, just a very humorous chapter all around and it really had a strong flow. I know the contest in Volume 4 was controversial, but I believe dodgdeball will be a rather different kind of competition to that madness. I noticed that Yanagi is on Prez's team, so I am interested to see her return, especially because she doesn't even come to school. Prez and Banryuu have a great dynamic as usual. If Mocchi truly decides to shift away from a harem ending, then I suppose these two might get together as Sachie is giving huge bottom signals for Prez.

The excuse to have Rin involved again felt somewhat forced this time around, but at this point I should not be surprised. It will be somewhat interesting to see all of Toudou's alleged harem members/sexual partners in the same team this time (aside from Kamisada). Prez, Kuroshiro, Rin, Iwagaki and Yanagi would create some interesting tension.

Mocchi really has been giving the extras from the class a lot of focus lately which is nice. Vice-prez in particular needs more love. I cannot fathom what the mask girl and the ghost/alien one are about or why we suddenly see them interact like old friends we should be familiar with, but I trust the plan.

No matter which side wins this contest, it only seems like a tropical vacation would be done with the entire class. Perhaps no matter who wins, the winner will be gracious to invite the rest too. If it is Prez I can well imagine her dragging Sachie with her as a personal maid.

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Kagaya Hana… that was the same name as the youngest sister from Kagaya Inn. Coincidence? Maybe.

(Edit) for all I know they’re spelled differently in JP

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ch. 31 so many information and a face reveal :D

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Guys i’m starting to think she actually IS into yuri

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I know we are a chapter behind, but man oh man oh man peeking at ch 32!

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Well I read a few times and I am pretty sure now we have another face reveal in chapter 32!

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what happened ? where's chap 31 it stops at 30

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I wonder why this translator fell so behind, I hope they haven't dropped it.

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None of these poor girls are into yuri! It turns out the evil Dynasty Reader business empire has a potions division!

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scanlator what happened to the chapters ?

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is, uh... is this dropped?

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A temporary group has released chapter 31 on Mangadex. Wow, I had to reread some pages because I didn't catch on Kagaya Hana pulling down her mask until she started talking about love.

Character sheets were in chapter 30, pages 20-21, by the way.

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I’m disappointed in myself for forgettin this series existed until seeing that chapter 29 was featured. It’s sad that this hasn’t been updated on here for months. To mangadex it is ig

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