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Yeah more form this author

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Inui Ayu = Wholesome

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Wow, this girl is the floppiest gay mess I've ever seen.
She's like a disheveled pile of gay panic mixed with a large fluffy dog that doesn't know what to do with itself and it's sog goddamn adorable!

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I love all manga from Ayu~san

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Very sweet. Complimented very well by the art style.

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She's becoming my favorite author. All of her stories are so fluffy and wholesome.

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this author's art is so snuggly. i love it.

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wholesome indeed

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This author's works are even more sweet than the combined sweetness of all candy, chocolate and cakes I'd consume in an entire year. Which, even in the years before my diet, would almost certainly be less than the average person from the global north.

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Y’all, please see your dentist regularly. Then you won’t end up like Maki and her cavities. Then it won’t be the last time you see the cute receptionist.

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Inui-sensei sure likes these ultra-shy characters.

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Lesbians be like “I’m in love with the receptionist I’ve spoken with for a total of five minutes”

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The manga was great, and the credits page even better...

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Now I wish real-life meeting lesbians would be that easy.
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How can I get to meet such a cute receptionist in real life? So far all those who I have met were cocky and annoying.

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Hnng! My this is too much sugar for my system! So freaking cute! Best kind of manga to wake up on my birthday to!

As someone who has to take anti-anxiety medications before my dentist appointments and still ends up crying in the chair, I can relate to Maki's fears on a personal level.

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Inui Ayu = Wholesome


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Lesbians be like “I’m in love with the receptionist I’ve spoken with for a total of five minutes”

lol at first part of me was like "Really? Love? Already?" But then I was like "Yeah no actually that checks out"

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Awesome read, credits page made it 10x better :)

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Inui Ayu cures depression
Warning: Might cause cavities, consume in moderation

Credit page is so on point xDDDDDDDDD Thank you very much for this treasure and I'm normally wary with one shots (I always want more and then get sad) but I'm glad I picked this one, considering the chads picked it up.

and I thought the recepcionist would be like "I'm just treating you the same way as my sister" but actually their feelings were mutual, that's so sweeeeeeeet!!!

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This is insufferable, there are shy people. But this is way too much, this is like a toddler speaking and I can't take it seriously

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More of inui ayu’s wholesome works I love it. I love the fluff

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Inui Ayu's manga gives me the ultimate grade type 3 diabetes mellitus and hypersatisfaction!

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Someday i'll have a heart attack because of Inui Ayu's works. So goddamn wholesome (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

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The fangly dentist was pretty cute too.

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