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Every time I read that I hear it in Michael Jackson's voice and it's kind of distracting,

Weird kink but I don't judge. o3o

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Sweet baby jesus this manga is going to kill me some day. This is better than any smut I've ever read dear lawd the sensuality and love and feelings hnnnngggg

The Raws are out to chapter 8 ),: I can’t waittt till it’s up here!

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never wheat shredded eat
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absolutely adorable

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That was sweet enough I have to go brush my teeth now.

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Aaa, I wasn't prepared for that...!

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This is the sweetest, most wholesome story out there right now, and they need to stop foreshadowing some future conflict because if anything wipes the smile off these two ladies I am going to scream.

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Ohhh so much fluff! I might get diabetes from this.

Side note - Word of the the day:

Inveigle - to entice / persuade (someone) to do something by means of deception or flattery.

Of course I googled it.

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god i wish that were me

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There’s been a hell of a lot of world-class cuteness posted on Dynasty over the years, but this . . . I am awestruck by the level of the cuteness this achieves.

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My heart exploded. How is it so cute!?

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I have reactions of ecstatic Joy when i see a new chapter of this is posted.

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This is more cute than it has any right to be, but this chapter by far.... my gawd, the sweetness

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Here I am, smiling like the little idiot that I am

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I have nothing to complain about. Even the simple snake form doodle is glorious when this author draws it.

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Author -san

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i'm beyond satisfied

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I can't help but remember Barbara Streisand's "Some Good Things Never Last".

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Big boobs

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Boobs big

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So big boobs

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This is by far my favorite manga right now, maybe the art is simply but at the same time is gorgeous and delicate just like a lily flower, my gosh!
Ps:big bobs

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oh well; if someone like that asked me that way to become their doctor how could i refuse

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