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I get the feeling that the translation quality was a bit low in some of these, especially chapter two...

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No offense to bfrost, but they seem to have trouble keeping the characters' names straight

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they seem to have trouble keeping the characters' names straight

Well, it's yuri after all. Badum-tsh.

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Geez I hate threesomes -.-

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whoever translated this did a bad job

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they seem to have trouble keeping the characters' names straight

Well, it's yuri after all. Badum-tsh.

I couldn't keep a straight face when I read this =))))

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I enjoyed the read, even though some of the translated dialogue was a bit awkward. The art was good though, IMO.

they seem to have trouble keeping the characters' names straight

Somehow I didn't notice that at all?

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They said that Koume was in a relationship with herself.

Made me think of Facebook.

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I wonder is an icecube in the ass considered as a toy? =D
At this point they are kinda MadoHomu like

The right timing for invitation. why isnt it "lets COME together ... to the beach" in different ways

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It bugs me so much to see grammar like this and it ruins my initiative to continue reading the manga...
What a shame, it was pretty well drawn as well TT.TT

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It continues!? YES!!!

Last episode

Aw man ;_;

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These girls have too much stamina

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These girls have too much stamina

Gosh I know right? I can only masturbate twice and im exhausted -_-

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That was pretty hot, especially the threesome. :D And the plot wasn't also bad for a hentai manga because they really liked each other and it wasn't just some fanservice shit. :)

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at ch. 4 there's an illustration of the author of prism !

it made me think how much i want to read somenthing from her/him,

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Gotta say, it was getting quite charming... Until the threesome (or just when the 3rd character was introduced) happened, kinda broke the charm I was getting from this. Even so it is OK I gues.

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this is so wrong.
that double side d..
that threesome..
from romance to just porn.
i really like how the story

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"Your butthole is soaking wet" huh... I don't know man, i'm not sure that's how it's supposed to work

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This is a new raw of Les Chuu Life, this appears to be an expanded second edition of the tank for the first three chapters, but there are new scenes at the end of chapters 2 and 3 that are definitely worth a look.

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I didn't mind threesome that much (and I hate cheating with all my heart), because they clearly got carried away (horny teenagers, go figure) and it was all consented. Author even addressed it (instead of hand waving it as most hentais do) and shown that at least Natsu felt that what they did was wrong. I also agree that I prefer when there is some sort of story and character development than just straight porn.

One more thing in defense of threesome. They are teenagers who just discovered sex and because they are lesbians, they can't tell anyone they are together. So when one of their classmates not only learned the truth, but is interested in lesbian sex as well, I can totally understand them going with it, without thinking and regretting later (look Natsu). If anything I'm happy that this experiment didn't ruin their relationship.

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I am super glad even if it had a threesome the main couple stuck together and one of them got jealous awww

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These girls have too much stamina

You're underestimating the power of people. :>

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Ok first of all, tongues are not cool. They're warm, body temperature so no. Second of all, if it hurts that means her hymen isn't stretched out enough yet. So just begin with one finger and then work your way up gahd.

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I actually thought the dialogue was pretty good. The writing really made their relationship real. I didn't notice any huge issues with the translation, other than not translating all of the author's comments because I love to get that glimpse into the mind of different people. Still, pretty good overall, I give it 7.5/10.

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