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Good grief. The cops will be on their way....

Best Mangaka Rohan
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I kinda like this one. Will I be in trouble for it?

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Feels like one of those that will get us all on another list. :P I like the silliness and that roommate is HNNNNNG.

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Oh I thought it was not going to be shared here... This is just too silly to be taken seriously, I like it as comedy mostly because is yuri too and because of that bite at the end.
I just hope the people who were complaining about yuzumori don't end up here... Maybe they've learned to ignore the lolicon tag by now?

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This. I've been waiting for this since Yuzumori-san left a hole in my heart. Thanks, I can now go back to my state of loliness.

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Get that kid away from that woman right now

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What does a kid's but-..? siren sounds

GendoIkari Uploader
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Finally, the raws got posted here a while back and the wait was too long.
That said it was worth it, this is great.

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Chaos + cute girls + lolis

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This is like the anti yuzumori.san

GendoIkari Uploader
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Multi-onee loli

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It's like Happy Suger Life but less depressing and traumatising

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This might be the most pedo yuri I've read so far. I think I'll ship senpai x loli. Minori is a bit too much. e.e

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Damn this gave me vibes from Happy Sugar life! every page i was thinking some dead body is going to appear! good read though.

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I really like age gap + lolicon but this is... How can I say? A little bit... Weird? A 29 years old perverted woman with a 6 year old innocent little girl is enough for me lol. At least if the woman wasn't perverted at all I would be okey with this manga. This is out of my list e.e !

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MagiMaki posted:

This might be the most pedo yuri I've read so far. I think I'll ship senpai x loli. Minori is a bit too much. e.e

Maybe senpai will cure Minori's loliconess ... or not, but they might end up together!

GendoIkari Uploader
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Maybe senpai will join in on her loliconess, and the mom too (`・ω・)

Parnifia the Bastard
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This falls somewhere between Yuzumori-san and Tsubakuma. And I hear if you stray too far towards Tsubakuma you can never come back.

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You see this girl? This is probably Mimika if she didn't restrained herself when she sees Yuzumori...

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I think I see a peculiar increment of loli-yuri-age manga in the last few years. I'm not particularly into these but I can't complain, this first chapter was a lot of fun.

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her loli complex is pretty extreme, she reminds me a lot of this person
one of the best female lolicon in anime history XD

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Good lord its here XD looks like Mimika has got some competition for top pedo!

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Yeaaaaaaah... This is a little bit too much for me....

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Yes I was hoping this would be translated!!

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