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joined Oct 16, 2016

So, uh.

They ded?

joined Sep 24, 2015

I'm confused

joined Mar 14, 2016

Saw it coming from the title. Then the first page confirms it. Happy freakin' birthday Kanan. :/

joined Apr 27, 2013

Huh. That was odd

joined Aug 24, 2015

so, i have a theory that kanan drown herself and mari waited for her till she was so old and wrinkly(you can see it from her hand) and then she died by the beach, the fact that kanan's voice was heard and mari could meet her just confirm her death by the seaside.
but kanan's death is kinda...sombering since well, she loves the ocean and she died because she loves it too much?

joined Aug 29, 2017

Painful to read this on my best girl's birthday ;-;

joined Jul 30, 2015

Why it is so cute?! I can't Q.Q So cute!

joined Nov 20, 2016

somber...... but nice? in a sad nice way...
Tragic enough to be sweet.

joined Mar 7, 2017

Pretty sure they both ded

joined Nov 19, 2017

they prolly high or somethin' , i dunno

joined Jul 23, 2015

So bittersweet aaa

joined Sep 18, 2014

02.10 is Kanan's birthday.

So why the sad story? :(

joined Dec 14, 2014

Kanan x Mari Kanan x Sea Love triangle?

joined May 14, 2017

I'm 20 yo, and i cried over this

joined Feb 14, 2014

Should there be a suicide tag for things like these? Maybe just to warn anyone it might trigger? Idk. Otherwise it was a good story. But hella angsty lol

joined Mar 27, 2015

I'm confused

joined Mar 7, 2017

Whyyy! TwT my heart... First it was cute then sad then cute again and heartwarming... until you realize the meaning behind it.

Still a good read.

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joined Sep 30, 2017

So, Kanan killed herself in the Sea. Mari aged waiting until she died (or killed herself at Sea Just like Kanan did) and the last panels portrait both of them in the afterlife finally together.

Thank you for the eletric knife coated in poison right into my heart. I appreciate It.

I still really liked the story even though it's FUCKING DEPRESSING!

At least they're by each other's side now...

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Tragedy tag? Or is that spoiling?

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I feel like there's some symbolism here that I don't get. I mean, loving the sea so much you drown in it? It's too ridiculous to be taken literally

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well this was bittersweet

Marion Diabolito
joined Jan 5, 2015

"Hey, Mari, you won't mind the part where we get absorbed by Dagon and regrown as fish beings, right? If you're worried, just stare into the blue light for a few hours."

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Love the art ^^

joined Dec 27, 2014

I feel like there's some symbolism here that I don't get. I mean, loving the sea so much you drown in it? It's too ridiculous to be taken literally

Yeah I'm breaking my head over it but just can't seem to figure it out...

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