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<3 love the blushing and stuff :3

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No, she won't report him right ahead, instead she will play the role of the creep.
If she does make out while she's 13, won't it be a first, in a romantic, serious, non-porno manga ?
I'll pray the goddess of lolicon lesbian sex. Amen.

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This was really nice.

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Timeskip and back to Japan?

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Man, this timeskip feels like watching chairem anime

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Knew it

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This and My Ignorance of a World Yet Unknown back to back is numbing. They go on these long hiatuses then come back with these "zinger" chapters that just change everything instantaneously after we've lost all that momentum from the hiatus. I honestly don't know how to feel. My Ignorance makes me want to feel sad or upset, and this feels melancholic but happy, yet I'm just kinda eh about both. Like, why should I care? I lost all that emotional attachment. Maybe I should just reread, but the chapters don't feel satisfying. My Ignorance just makes me angry 'cause it's a Hans-level plot-hole, and this is just synthetic tension that leads nowhere. What's next, is Prism suddenly gonna come lurching from the abyss? (I know that was cancelled, but you know what I'm saying)

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Terrible end.

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Yes of course. The timeskip plot twist, definitely my favorite

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so thats it? i was hopping for more but oh well.

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That ending was underwhelming...

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Abrupt end? It's not bad. I wish there was an indication. How Manny years did pas. Ow wel a good happy end

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The timeskip was a bit sudden, but I liked that the parents actually did something to get the girl out of the abusive household. Even if it might be seen as a bit extreme.

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Hum... so it's the end ? I still have many questions that need answers about this chapter (ending ?).

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lmao is this really it? 14 chapter of build up just to completely drop it by solving all the problems off screen and a time skip 10 years into the future? come on

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This story had so much potential and deserved better than a rushed end

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I was gonna say that I like it, but after all this comments it's better if I enter the bunker x'D

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So beautiful.

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What a nice, calming ending. I would’ve liked it to be longer so we could see more of them as a couple, but this is satisfying too. Yeah it was rushed and solved the problem it laid out for 14 chapters in a few pages; however, it doesn’t feel like anything’s missing. This is one of my favorite student x teacher manga

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Looks like the mangaka got maybe one or two chapters of warning that her series was getting the axe. All in all not too bad an ending for such a massive rush job. I like that the teacher went the mature route and reported the abuse rather than shacking up with a middle schooler.

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Humm, so more than time skip it felt like time travel, SO FAST, but ok, even so,I'll accept it.

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Well, that was quick

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What just happened? I feel like I just took the up-town express when I meant to grab the cross-town local. Not confused, but it sure left my head spinning.

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It seems like a cop out to me when in age gap, the girl just disappears and suddenly grows up in a couple of pages so you can hook them up at the end all nice and easy.

But I did like the story over all.

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